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Goodbye to 2016

It’s the last day of the year – has been an amazing year actually.  

There has been a bunch of social media stuff saying “worst year ever”. 

Yes – it’s been sad to say goodbye to so many celebrities – notably, David Bowie, Prince, George Micheal and Carrie Fisher.   And – yes, the year of BREXIT and TRUMP – it will be curious to see what changes happen in 2017.

For me, personally, 2016 has been a BIG year – starting out as my own sole operator, initially as a contractor (and sub-contractor), and then more freelance work.

I’ve managed a full year solo – and I’m doing rather well, IMHO.

Anyways – it’s time for a 12-month wrap-up and look back at the year that was.

I’ve been doing this for a while now – check out the same wrap-ups for 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

It’s hard to know where to begin, with a BIG year of activity.  

I ended up looking at the calendar, and photos on FaceBook and Instagram.    It’s a lot of ‘family’ and ‘bikes’ and ‘music’ – that’s life these days !


As our boys grow in age, we can do more and more amazing activities with them – as well as a variety of school related fun (and friends) – as well as sport – basketball and karate.

Donna is (as always), the lynchpin in the household – we couldn’t do it without her.

Here’s a quick memory list of some fun we’ve had through the year :

  • Took the family for some kayakking fun at Lysterfield Lake
  • Liam won a pancake parlour voucher – nice to go with him for a ‘dessert’ treat
  • Invited to a 40th party in Wodonga, took the whole family for an overnight road trip (Anthony Cheesman’s house)
  • Donna completed her course in Education Support – lots of study and reading/writing – and then placement, graduation, and starting work soon (early 2017)
  • Had a camping trip to Inverloch with the Lowes – Big4 caravan park, with swimming pool, and close to the beach
  • Another voucher, had me out on roller skates with Charlie
  • Went to a school information night about China, for Cameron (!) – but ended up that it clashed with our family holiday – will be other opportunities in high school
  • Easter time fun, took the boys to a tree top maze in Red Hill
  • Had fun with ex-OBS people at Andy’s 40th
  • Many (MANY) games nights with Thompson’s + Stella’s
  • Friends night out to a Trivia night, in Ringwood (Church fund-raiser)
  • Fancy-Schmancy-Dressy-Uppy dinner in Brighton
  • Great evening with the ‘mums group’ friends at Nicky’s 40th
  • Chris & Flip’s boy Aiden had his Christening – and recently 1st birthday
  • Family fun with a casino night at Martin’s 40th
  • Great house party to celebrate Sarah’s 18th – eldest daughter of my buddy I’ve known since high school – we were 11 when we met !
  • Did a high school tour at Highvale – Cameron will be in high school in 2018
  • Coached Liam’s basketball team – 2nd season – and then handed the reins to another Dad – helping, at arm’s length (assistant only)
  • “Tried” to complete the survey on Census night – along with all other Australians – as an IT person, I was embarrassed and angry at such a stuff-up
  • We got a new car !    Goodbye to Holden Commodore after 11 years, and a 3-yo Kia Sorrento – Donna is very happy, and sometimes lets ME drive !
  • BIG family holiday to Queensland – 4 days in Surfers, and went to Theme Parks – MovieWorld, SeaWorld, Wet-N-Wild, and then four days in Noosa, with some friend visits to Mark, and Sarah.   And – I managed to go MTB’ing in Noosa, dodged a magpie – and – grew a beard !
  • Home in time for Grand Final day at Nathan & Tracy’s – great win for the Bulldogs !
  • Bought ourselves a Table Tennis Table for Christmas – has been getting lots of use on the back patio – summer arvo’s + evenings
  • New Star Wars movie !    Rogue One – went to see it in Gold Class, and the again with the whole family – greeaat movie…
  • Cameron had a basketball Grand Final – and won !

The year was not without some sadness – we said goodbye to my sister Kath’s cancer (thankfully), but poor Uncle John fought it too – and lost.  

My Dad’s brother John, who he was very close to – it’s been a tough few months – and then, arranging funeral, and house auction, and all the paperwork, etc.   It’s been tough for Dad – I think Christmas was hard for him – I need to keep in touch with him to see that he’s OK.

For 2017 : enjoy the wonderful fun & games that our growing boys can bring, support Cameron through grade 6, and prepare him for high school.   Assist the household where I can, while Donna is doing more work – and needs more help at home.   Re-commence basketball coaching, and help Charlie with his first season !


With my new business venture taking off, I had assumed (and allowed) myself to take the focus off cycling, after a massive 2015 – with 6,000km.   A lot of this was via commuting km’s – and the uncertainty of work placements would mean less consistency.    I was super bike-fit earlier in the year, but that waned off after mid-year – with winter time, and no regular work placement (bike parking/showers).

Also, I skipped a few MTB events, knowing that I was less practised – some months were less than 100km – as opposed to 100km a week…  

As a brief-run, here’s some highlights :

  • Had a split frame in my mountain bike, and needed a new rear triangle.   So, had a lot of work done – fully rebuilt suspension, and running gear – like a new MTB !
  • Went to a Specialized Demo Day at Lysterfield – Enduro, Epic + 6Fattie
  • Went to watch the National Road Race with Dad in Ballarat, was a regular event for my Uncle John, but he was too sick to go.   I’ll go again with Dad in early Jan 2017.
  • Did an ‘after work’ ride to Sky High with Dave Biggs, during summer, after realising we were both working close by
  • Stopped off in town to watch the opening section of the HeraldSun tour
  • Cameron turned 11 – and we got him a MTB !    Trek 27.5 hardtail
  • During April/May, was riding to work lots – BEST parking area ever, at Kiandra…
  • You Yangs MTB race – did 136km in 6 hours – felt great, best MTB race ever
  • The following weekend, did the Otway Classic 205km – tough conditions, and support vehicle (Dad) had to take a few riders who had DNF’ed
  • Did the Vic Enduro Series race at Lysterfield – met up with John Lazzara from High School days – now a regular riding buddy, better friends than 20 years ago
  • Watched the MTB DH – LIVE from Cairns
  • Rode MTB’s at Wombat State Forest – cold !
  • After not much riding, took a ticket for Ol’ Dirty in Marysville.   I’d needed a bike adventure, and suffered+sweated+swore, but regained a piece of joy – after not much riding.   Was a GREAT day out, in hindsight !
  • My buddy Jimmy & Christian both got new MTB’s – we have a good crew of riders, as well as Jake, Haider, Lawrence, and others – good to have a chat group using WhatsApp
  • Plans booked for a Rotorua MTB weekend’er in January – will be great to go back to NZ
  • I got a new bike – S-Works !    I’d promised myself a ‘carbon road bike’ as a present to myself, for starting my own business – and had a good deal with a friend who works for Specialized – thanks Matt !   
  • Rode the “Around The Bay” 135km from Geelong – and had baaad headwinds !    Great day with Jimmy & Dan – but hard work…
  • Melbourne Cup Day, did an MTB ride day at YouYangs
  • LDTR club ride at Plenty Gorge
  • Also, went MTB’ing at RedHill – first time riding there – short trails, but good fun
  • Has been great to ride Lysterfield on a regular basis – looking forward to more ‘crew rides’ in 2017 (Gentlemen Of Lyster Dirt – GOLD !)
  • Cameron did his first MTB race at Lysty – Friday Fun Lazy Loops
  • Santa got me a new Garmin for Xmas
  • Went for a Dandenongs ride with Bianca, Denis and Ben – after Christmas

For 2017:  I need to shape-up a little, and do MORE riding – make sure to get fit again, and ride the Otway Classic again – as well as enjoy riding in NZ.   And – there’s a Otway Odyssey in March – which will be a great camping weekend, but some hard hills and MTB trails.   And – I’d like to re-hit some of the VES 6-hr races.

I need to get outta bed earlier, do some local laps, and keep doing YOGA (had done a one-month trial in Glen Wav – and now found a better/closer group in Scoresby).


Like my cycling in 2016, my exposure and attention to music has taken a back seat.   Rather than listening to music at work (a lot), I would often go a week or two without any ‘metal’ in my ears.

I still managed to get to a few gigs, and enjoy some new artists/albums.

  • No SoundWave – it was weird to NOT have a big event to prepare for, with Spotify setlists, and excitement on the day – it was a noticable omission in the calendar !
  • Went to see Fear Factory – as well as a pre-show backstage pass !    Very cool to chat to Burton and Dino – and get photos
  • Got a ticket to see COG – although my other friends missed out – doh !   I enjoyed the show on my own, and loved the support band/s.
  • Shihad – happened to be a few days after COG – I took my bro-in-law Mark as a birthday present
  • SleepMakesWaves – I went to see them in a headline show, after the support for COG
  • Baroness – one of the best shows all year – at a small venue
  • New album for Metallica, after 7 years – some good, some bad
  • Also – new album for Gojira – can’t wait to see them again

I’ve decided to NOT go see the big GUNS N ROSES show in February – I saw them back in 1993 – and keen to keep the old memory.   Also – it’s Cameron’s birthday !

For 2017 : Make sure to still enjoy some music, and metal – I’ll be getting some NURA headphones in April, which will change my listening – I’m already thinking of some bands/albums to try.   Also – WACKEN !!    I’ve already been loving the discovery of bands, and tunes – and will travel to Germany with friends, in August, for a four day camping trip – awesome !

Other personal stuff

On reflection, there’s been a heap of stuff that I’ve done – in/around the busy household schedule and work activities.   Sometimes, I dunno how I’ve managed the time – when you see a list like this :

  • Been to a HEAP of movies with Luke – we loved the Revenant, Jason Bourne, The Accountant, DeadPool, Independence Day, Captain America – and a whole stack that I can’t even remember
  • Attended the JetBack Coaches meeting – did a 2nd season of coaching for Liam’s team – but taking a break over the current summer season
  • New Lego Millenium Falcon, and Boba Fett Slave 1 – and a new display cabinet – I still need to get some new lamps for the display
  • Went to see Kevin Bloody Wilson with some buddies – an evening of severe wrongness and political incorrectness – but damn funny.  
  • Helped a few friends get a new job – with Mark from Freedom looking for a new Mortgage Broker, and I suggested Sean.   As well as George, to hire Matt Y (PAN).
  • Tried a session of Cross-Fit, but suffered for about 10 days afterwards, and realised that gym-training is beyond me (at the moment) – I’ll stick to Cycling, and Yoga for now.
  • Got some new glasses – thanks to SpecSavers, to get prescription glasses, and new prescription sunnies – and then my OLD sunnies got yellow lenses for riding.
  • Test drove some cars – Skoda Octavia VRS, and then later, VW Passat 206
  • Did a River Rafting trip with Matt Y – was a gift voucher from coaching basketball – and went on the Yarra River – great fun !

Video Games

Last Christmas, Santa got us an XBox One, and so I’ve been able to play a heap of great video games – as well as the kids playing lots of new ones.

Here’s a list of the highlights for me – and the TOP games I’ve enjoyed :

  • Rise Of The Tomb Raider – one of the main reasons I wanted to get an XBox One – amazing storyline, and graphics
  • Unravel – small indie game, platformer
  • Inside – sequel to Limbo, dark & brooding, challenging puzzles, and a big WTF ending
  • Quantum Break
  • Star Wars Battlefront
  • Doom
  • Halo Master Chief Collection – great old-school FPS fun
  • Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 – the kids have gotten into this one – as multi-player – and they’re all better than me !
  • Forza Horizon 3 – amazing car racing game – set in Australia

For 2017: I’d like to finish off a few games – including Quantum Break, and then get back to play The Last Of Us, on the PlayStation 3.   Beyond that, perhaps get the re-mastered BioShock collection – and try out Deus Ex (loaner from my buddy Mark)


WOW – this has been the big stand out for 2016.   I’ve worked on my own with different projects/clients in the past, but now it’s entirely “all me”.   Including invoicing, payroll, and motiviation and feedback and so forth.

I’ve had a few moments of “holy crap” – and needed to prop myself up again – but it’s all gone fairly well.

I’ll write up a KACHIHRO blog post for 2016 – suffice to say – it’s been big, and “all good”.

For 2017 : Keep the magic alive, and don’t stress the small stuff.   Continue to delight customers, and enjoy some days to train, or attend a conference.   PauseFest and the SIY – two that I’ve earmarked for the new year.


With some train travel to/from town, I had a few books that I chugged through – some were work related, as well as biographies – which is my favourite these days.

Also – on holidays in Queensland – I took a few books – but didn’t read as much as I thought, I was tried most nights, and crashed out asleep !

If you don’t use GOOD READS, you should – here’s some links to a few of my faves through the year…

Also – I’ve finally got the ‘hang’ of using PodCasts – I’d tried a few times in the past – but never made it part of my routine.   And now, I listen in the car a LOT – and on the train to work.  


For 2017 : Get through a few more books – I’ve got a biography of Springsteen, as well as some other business related books.    And – the Masters Of Doom, about the creators of ID, Doom, Quake, etc.

Close out on 2016

So – there you have it.  

Was a damn GOOD year for me !     Aside from the loss of my dear Uncle John.  

And – I’m (sadly) preparing myself for some heartbreak again in 2017 – with our aging Chloe likely to find doggie heaven before long – she’s almost 14.5.    I don’t want to think anymore on that, not yet.

As for “good stuff” – I have a trip to NZ for mountain biking, and then Germany for a heavy metal festival – that’s a damn GOOD year ahead already !

It will be good to determine some funds/budgets and work out plans for a house extension – and perhaps consider a new car for ME – as a company car.

For YOU :

Hope you had a great year in 2016 – some ups and downs – that’s the way of it – but hopefully more UPS than DOWNS.

All the best for a wonderful start to 2017.  

Happy New Year – friends, family and everyone.



Liam turned 9 !

Firstly to Liam – Happy BELATED Birthday !

We actually *DID* celebrate his birthday on the day – October 25th – and I normally try to do a blogpost with photos, shortly after.

Suffice to say, we’re a busy household – and time has gotten away – and this is the ‘latest’ blogpost ever – only taken me six weeks to get to it – LOL (sorry) !    

Hopefully, it was worth the wait.


Here’s the posts from his 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th birthdays…


Liam is really getting BIG now – we measured him for his birthday, and he’s actually the same height as Cameron was at age 10 (Liam is a full year ahead) !

He’s into grade 3 this year (2016) and his teacher is Mrs.S (she had a big long surname – and so she’s just known as Mrs.S !)

I asked Liam about his ‘crew’ at school – and he reeled off a big list of names – Alex, Jason, Alex (there’s Alex L and Alex P) – and then Daniel, Dylan, Jarrod, Jayden, Tim, Steven, Chris and Josh !   

They all play “6-square” at school – he’s in a really good ‘place’ with his group of friends – he’s such a nice boy – even the girls want to be friends with him.   His ‘girlmate’ at the moment is Mia – he told me with a blush.

On weekends – he & Alex always connect via Skype, and play MineCraft.

One of the highlights of the school year was the 3-day school camp – at “Camp WeekAway” – which I joked should be “Camp ThreeDaysAway”…

They did some awesome activities, including canoeing, bushwalking, flying fox, hut building – and slept in cabins – and came home exhausted – but happy.

Grade3, Knox Gardens Primary School


Off to school with his brothers – in Grade 5, 3 and 1.


School excursion to Melbourne Museum


School sports day – go Lawson !


Sleepover at school – with a minion – and next to Alex


Fun Activities

Liam has really gotten involved with all manner of video games – the main one is still MineCraft – but this is now on the PC-version, and he plays online – in EggWars, and Hypixel, and Roblox – and he connects to Skype on his old iPhone – to chat to friends.

He also follows along with Cameron, in the YouTube world – to see what other people are doing with MineCraft.

They also play the XBox – we’ve recently started playing Halo with four-player (Dad, Liam, Cameron & Charlie) – but they’re all too good for me !   

It’s great fun to hear them laugh as they shoot me with a rocket launcher, or drive OVER me !   (thanks Liam).

Aside from video games, he plays outside with his basketball (more in a sec) – and his love of soft toys remains strong.   He got a few new toys when we visited Queensland (MovieWorld) – with a Patrick from SpongeBob SquarePants, and a Sylvester cat – and recently got a Torchick Pokemon soft toy.

We love that he’s still such a soft-natured boy (no pun intended) – he must have over 50 soft toys now – we find him in bed with an army of felt monsters – LOL !

And – he’s hugely into POKEMON…    



IMG_1997 IMG_1999

LEGO is still big in our house – Liam helped me build the Boba Fett Slave 1


Zooming on his bike at the skate ramps, Avoca on Christmas Day


Great to see kids having fun on bikes – Liam loves it


Movies + TV

We go to see a bunch of movies as a family – and has been a few over the last year or so.   The Good Dinosaur, Pete’s Dragon, Pets, TMNT2 (which he nagged about for ages !), Kobo and The Two Strings – and there must be a few more I can’t recall.

He watches TV shows on Netflix, or recorded from TV – including AdventureTime, and Teen Titans – as his favourites.

He also still loves Minions (how can you NOT) – and into the Marvel arena – with Thor, Guardians Of The Galaxy, IronMan, Captain America, Avengers – and we recently watched the first 1989 Batman movie – which he loved.

He’s seen the first four of the Harry Potter movies, and really loving it – following in the footsteps of his HP-addict brother Cameron.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 – with Cam, Matt and Luke (Thompson)



Liam swapped from KARATE to play basketball, and is now in his third season.   I was the team coach for his first two seasons, which was great for both of us.

We have a concrete patch in the backyard, and Liam practices a lot – and takes his ball to school.   He recently scored 14 points in a game – and was leading the point scoring for his grade/division.

When he first started, the whole team was learning some techniques – such as my standard 3-choice : dribble, pass, shoot.   The ability and skill grows FAST in young kids – and Liam was soon doing full-court lay-ups.

And – it helps that he’s TALL – the tallest in the team – and still has another season in U/10 !

He really enjoys basketball – it’s so great to watch him play – and to have some fun at training together – and in the backyard.

First ever game of basketball – with Dad as coach


After their first win – took a few months, and then they were firing !


End of season with the team – great set of kids


On the way to basketball – Charlie is excited too !


New season – some different team mates – still with Dad as coach


We didn’t make the finals, but they learnt a lot, and had fun



We had a wonderful family holiday in the September school holidays.  Liam was keen to try out the roller coasters, and loved the first “Scooby Doo” coaster – more than his big brother – and so I took him on the “Superman” ride.  

He’s tall enough, but was the youngest in the long line – and I kept checking to see “are you sure !?!”    This coaster goes to 120kmh in 2 seconds – it’s Formula 1 fast – and he loved it !   I was screaming in delight, and forgot he was next to me – but he was hooked !

We went on the Green Lantern – and then the Arkham Asylum (the old Lethal Weapon) – that was the limit – he’d had enough by then !   

He loved the shops there (MovieWorld) – and bought a Sylvester stuffed toy.  When it was time for the parade at the end of the day, he was amazed+excited when the Sylvester character pointed to him, and then at himself (“that’s me !!”).   He also got a “Patrick” from SpongeBob SquarePants – to add to his soft toy collection.

One morning, I was wanting to go for a beach walk (6am) and Liam and strolled along and chatted – and splashed in the water – he’s a nice walking companion.

We had a few other great days together – at SeaWorld, and Wet-N-Wild – and then went to Noosa.

When we got to Noosa, Liam and I took off one morning while everyone else was still lazing in bed – and we walked through the National Park headland – just the two of us.   We saw some WHALES off the coast – amazing…!    It was nice to share that with him.

Morning walk in Surfers Paradise


Waiting for the parade at MovieWorld


Tired but elated after a big day at MovieWorld – dinner at Hog’s Breath (Surfers)


Checking out the view from the balcony in Surfers Paradise


Screaming in delight on the “Flume Ride” at SeaWorld – Charlie looks scared too !


Hanging out with Dora The Explorer (SeaWorld)


3D movie at SeaWorld – SpongeBob SquarePants


Caught by the giant squid – great faces !


Bushwalk in the hills, on the way to Noosa (Take a photo, Dad !)


Ready to go to the pool – and patiently (!) waiting for everyone else


He built a stone tower, on the walk at the Noosa National Park


Whales – in the distance – amazing to see them !


Loving the swimming pool – the kids swam for at least 3-4 hours a day


Our last day of the Queensland holiday – dinner in the RACV resort



Being the ‘middle child’ can be hard sometimes – Liam has a few run-ins with Cameron from time-to-time – often when a game has started out well, but it always “ends in tears”.

He’s still much closer to Charlie – they share a bedroom, and they often play similar games.   Cameron is getting close to high school age – and the ‘gap’ seems larger sometimes.

Liam is lucky to have a great friend with Charlie – they’re good pals.

In this next photo, I’d ordered McD’s for Cameron & Liam (and me) – and gone with Charlie to get KFC.   I came back with Charlie, and Liam had “set up” my Macca’s into the burger lid – ready to go – thanks buddy !


Hanging out in the hammock at Auntie Kath’s – very comfortable !


Easter Egg hunt with Charlie


Crazy fun in the mirrors at Pancake Parlour


On the way to pick up our new car, Liam was teary to say goodbye to the Commodore


Walking with Nanna in Castlemaine, he went walking with Rachel, and Jem also


Goofy selfie faces, while waiting for the movie to start – LOL !



Date With Dad

Liam had a voucher for Pancake Parlour, for a free double-stack – and so we headed there after dinner one evening for a special dessert – we were both sooo full afterwards…!

IMG_8870 IMG_8872IMG_8873 IMG_8874


Liam is the same age as Jasmine (Jazzie) – they’re best of friends – and always playing together when we get the families together.

I think he secretly would have liked a sister – and she’s ‘close enough’ to that.

Playing table tennis – we’re getting a new TT table for Christmas !


Acting out a Star Wars play – Luke, ObiWan, Chewie and Han Solo


Goofy Fun

Liam is the FIRST to put his head in a cut-out, for a photo – whether it’s Angry Birds, or some other movie character, or these ones at the adventure park in Red Hill.

He always (usually) having a good laugh at himself, or a funny situation.

IMG_9457 IMG_1663

Springing into action at The Good Guys Superhero Games Day


And of course – cake – yum !


Some other photos of our “lovely Liam”

Cool dude – all dressed up for an outing + cool glasses, buddy !

IMG_0420 IMG_8007

Ice cream !

IMG_1047  IMG_8843

Christmas presents – happy indeed !

IMG_7383 IMG_7379

Aaaand – Christmas eating – yum…

IMG_8548 IMG_7575

Holding little Aiden + happy with new onesie – made by Donna !

IMG_8755 IMG_2104

Happy Birthday

Thanks for being such an amazingly fun & caring little guy – we love your goofy outlook on life, you certainly know how to have fun, and wear your heart on your sleeve.

And you love your friends, and basketball – and soft toys !

Happy Birthday once again, love from Mum & Dad.   X



Charlie’s 7th Birthday

As with previous years, I’m almost a MONTH late for a blogpost for Charlie’s birthday – LOL !!         His birthday was June 28th.

June/July is always a tricky time of year – end of financial year, with added work pressures now that I’m a sole operator, as well as family sadness, with Uncle John’s passing, and funeral.

But – this is a happy blogpost – HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLIE !! 

Charlie has some blog posts for his previous birthdays, check them out here : ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE and SIX.

Amazing to see how much he’s changed – even in a year – after just looking at his “SIX” birthday blog post…


Great gang of friends for his birthday party !



Charlie is in grade 1 this year – with the lovely Mrs.Loonstra – she was Liam’s teacher in grade 2 (last year).   She has been so great for Charlie – and a big factor in him “coming out of his shell”.  He has new found confidence in the classroom, among friends, and around the house/family in general.

He won a ‘student-of-the-week’ award a few weeks back – and stood in front of the whole school assembly – his certificate said that the award was for “Improving his confidence when speaking in front of his peers”.

His favourite is sport, but he also loves maths, and reading – his daily readers are getting better – wonderful vocabulary, and he’s kicking butt at spelling.

But – it’s his maths calculations that make us go “wow” – including when we were asking him by 12’s – eg. what is 3×12, and then 4×12 – and he thought, processed in his head – and got the answer right – all the way up to 120.   Not bad for a 6 yo…!

I just asked him “who are your best’est friends at school” – and he answered Jenny, Tristan, Neeko and Ashely.    They all came to his birthday party at the end of June.

School photos 2016


Fathers day brekky – September (in Prep Room)



School activity night – with his best friend Ashley



School sports day – go LAWSON !


Off to school with his brothers


Charlie & Dad, at parent games night at school



Charlie loves playing video games, like his brothers (no surprise) – he’s just gotten hooked in PokemonGo – but also loves the Lego Star Wars Force Awakens game.   He’s great at Doodle Jump, and MineCraft – although he had a recent hissy fit in a game of MineCraft (“everyone was killing me !”) and he threw the controller on the ground !   

It’s got a broken hand grip now – and has a “Charlie” sticker on it – to remind him whenever he plays – LOL !

He has one of our old iPhones, and chose a THOR cover, and plays a few games on it, whenever he can.   And – he was asking me to get his own Spotify account – so he can now have a playlist of his own.   He got some new headphones for his birthday too – nice !

LEGO – Charlie is probably the king of Lego in our house, after the obsession from Liam & Cameron has pegged back a little.   He will often be found in his room – putting together some creation – sometimes in the total nude !    (after starting to get into PJ’s, and getting distracted – ha ha !)

Charlie and I spent a wonderful day together a few months back – and built the LEGO Millenium Falcon that I’d gotten for MY birthday.   We even put Star Wars on the the TV, so that we could listen while we built.  

Just Charlie and me for the day – was a nice time together…

He’s into the new NEXO KNIGHTS theme – and had a birthday cake designed by Donna.

Nexo Knights Birthday Cake


His choice for birthday treat – he wanted to make Lego, and watch Star Wars


The day after his party – straight from bed, to the Lego table


With some help from big brother Liam


More Fun Activities

When Cameron had a birthday recent, he went to the TunzaFun indoor climbing centre, and we were surprised to see how well Charlie took to it !    Just fearless, and keen to succeed – he was the only one of the kids to make it up this tricky one.


We had a fun day out with Auntie Kath to the “Enchanted Garden” tree climbing and ropes course – she and Charlie went on the ‘low ropes’ – he just loved it !

I can’t wait to take him for some more rock climbing – perhaps the ‘Hard Rock’ climbing centre in Nunawading…




Goofy fun in the gardens area afterwards



Charlie is continuing with Karate – the other boys are doing basketball – but he’s still enjoying it – and has had a few gradings, and new belts.



Family fun

Over the last year, we’ve had some great times together – including a holiday in Avoca, and re-building the bike track, and a day out to The Grampians, boating fun at Lysterfield, as well as many movie outings as a family – Star Wars, Zootopia, The BFG and many others.

He’s lucky to have to big brothers, who encourage, and challenge him with new outlooks on activities, as well as frustrate & upset him sometimes…

He has a wonderful giggly laugh, and a constant source of fun in our house !

Lookout from the top of The Grampians


Super Charlie, king of the world


Avoca : “Geronimo Swing Dipper” track, before trail maintenance



Family picnic, and boating fun at Lysterfield Lake – cool sunnies !


Charlie having an OARsome time


“Paddle Faster, Dad !”


Family outing – headed off for Christmas Carols.  

When Charlie saw our trolley with chairs, esky, and bags – he asked “Are we camping here overnight !!?!?”   LOL !


Christmas morning in Avoca – making sure Santa + Reindeer could find us


Visiting Santa – always great fun…


Fun with cousins – this was a Star Wars play – Charlie was CHEWBACCA (LOL !)


Fun with his brothers, at the SuperHero show



Bike ride with Dad+brothers, for an ice cream at Jells Park


Bunk bed for THREE !    He was excited to have a window right beside his bed.


Ice cream – yesss !


Hammock shenanigans – ha ha !     (love Cameron’s expression)


Out for a hot chocolate with Dad + Liam


Happy #3

Despite sometimes getting lost in the shadow of his big brothers, Charlie is forging his own path, and being his own boss – when he can.   

As the third kid, he often has to stand his ground, to be heard, or have some control – and we face his stubborn streak a few times, but you gotta admire that, somehow.

But usually, he’s just a big barrel of awesome – such a dude – he makes us laugh a LOT.

Water park play fun – no, I’m NOT cold !!!


Table tennis crazy fun – he was wild with the bat !


I opened the door after getting home, to face Boba Fett with a light saber – for someone who says “I love you, Dad”, he sure tries to kill me a lot…  


Lost his first tooth !   And a certificate from the tooth fairy.


Roller skating – took him a few tries, but he loved it…


Hair to match his icy pole – LOL !


Rockin’ the cool sunnies at the dentist


Happy Birthday little dude !

Thanks Charlie for your amazing happy face, and wonderful spirit – it’s amazing to see you grown into a SEVEN year old – growing up so fast !

Love always,

Mum & Dad.    x



Turned up to ELEVEN – Cameron, that is…

Well, as usual, I’m late with my annual ‘birthday blog’ posts – was a very busy weekend for Cameron’s 11th birthday – and then we were off to Wodonga for a 40th the following weekend.   Anyway – here we go !

You can see Cameron’s previous blog posts : 10th, 9th, 8th, 7th, 6th, 5th, 4th, and 3rd birthdays (not for his 1st or 2nd – doh !).

It’s sometimes amazing to remember back to when Cameron was first born – we were looking at birth photos – 11 years ago – he’s been with us for 1/4 of our lives (Donna and I).   


He’s now into Grade 5 – we’re realising that it won’t be long until we have to look at HIGH schools – most likely to be planning on sending him to HighVale, in Glen Waverley – but that’s only a hunch, we need to check out a few schools.

This year, he chose to run for sporting vice-captain, and did a class speech – but was convinced he would get thrashed, and didn’t want to go ahead with the speech.  We worked on it together – and he enjoyed it – but still got beaten.

He also missed out on environmental monitor – but ended up as being PA-assistant, helping to set up for school assembly and such.   He’ll enjoy this – technical ‘roadie’ job – but doesn’t need to get up and do speeches, etc.

We hear a lot about school – often troubles, and his bad-days – but he really does love school – and doing great at maths !    And his reading too.

Last year (grade 4) he had some wonderful help from a school chaplain, after some friendship troubles and arguing, and coping with his concerns about his Auntie Kath (who had cancer during 2015 – more in a sec).

One of the biggest highlights for the year was his “Camp Wurrabinda” – which was a few days away in a bush retreat.  They did nature walks, and fire making, and camp cooking, and flying fox – we heard soooo much about it in the 2-3 weeks after.  It was a great experience for him – the best for the year, for sure.

He had another school camp to Philip Island, with the entire class (Wurrabinda was a smaller group, and kids from other schools).   He enjoyed the 2nd camp also, but with different friends, and more fun+play, than learning+experiences.

Starting Grade 5 (2016)


School concert


Off to School Camp


Crazy Hat Day


School sports day




Selfie with a buddy on camp



Cameron is progressing well at basketball – he’s into U12D – and is a great team member.  Very keen at training, and works hard – and also practice+shooting in the backyard at home.   He’s able to get amongst the crowd, and plays some basketball at school too.  

It’s funny, I found an only basketball pennant from my first season – in U12D as well – in 1985.

Scored a GATORADE for the basketball final (I ended up buying one for the whole team in the end – when they made the Grand Final)


Runners-up – was an awesome achievement to make the Grand Final !


Action shots from the game





Lachlan R, Lachlan J, Hayden, Sebastian, Gavin, Cameron & Daniel


Bike Riding

He loves riding his bike – it’s the normal mode for school each morning now – and especially since he got a cool new MTB for his 11th birthday.   I’ve taken him out to Lysterfield once already – when he had his BMX – and he loved it.  We’ll go out there on his MTB in the next few weeks (hopefully !)

For his new MTB, I even signed him up to Strava – it won’t be long before he’s as fast as me (or faster !) – and we can go riding LOTS together.

Off to school, BMX’ing


First ever ride at Lysterfield – we only did about 8km


On the skate park in Avoca – Christmas morning !




Park riding with the brothers


New mountain bike – first GEARS bike – Trek Marlin 5



If you asked Cameron what he MOST wants to do, it would be video games.   He just loves his TERRARIA and MINECRAFT games, and can lose hours upon hours.   And even when NOT playing, he’ll be talking about it – or doing games on the trampoline about something related.

He’s gotten into PLANTS vs ZOMBIES GARDEN WARFARE too – and then only the bigger action games like CALL OF DUTY and has even started playing through TOMB RAIDER.    We recently got an XBoxOne, and so he’s enjoyed some action with STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT.

Suffice to say – he’s a gamer – and loves it !

Another great passion is HARRY POTTER.   Passion is probably not enough – it’s more of an obsession – LOL !

He can now recite sections of the movies – and has seen all EIGHT films a number of times through.   He has some great costumes, and makes wands out of sticks.

I sat and watched the last three movies with him recently, after much pestering, he’d actually seen them, but wanted ME to see them (with him).

For his birthday, he had a ‘Deathly Hallows’ theme – and opened a present with a necklace of the triangle symbol – and just said “oh, I love you” to Donna.   AND – he got an elder wand too !

Dressed up as Harry Potter – disco night, Halloween, ANY occasion !



Used a ‘temporary tattoo’ from SPECIALIZED as a lightning bolt – LOL !


With regard to other movies, he was very excited to go see “Jurassic World” with me (Dad), and sat on the edge of his seat for most of the movie.   We got to the end, and his ice cream had melted, he forgot to eat it !!

But – nothing was as great as taking him to see the new STAR WARS movie in December – we had a special Gold Class surprise, along with his friend Matt.   It was all a big secret – which made it even more amazing.

We went as the whole family not long after – but was a great “special treat” for him.



We had some good and bad times over 2015 – the worst of which was his Auntie Kath having cancer.   It was hard to tell the kids about her – I even had a pamphlet entitled “talking to kids about cancer”.

The simple message was (which was the truth) that “she’s had an operation, and now chemo for six months”.   Cameron was worried at first, mainly unsure of what it all meant – and his words of “I’m worried about you Dad, as she’s your sister, and I’d be worried if it was my brother”…    (that was amazing to hear).

We spoke to her lots, and the kids drew her letters & cards – and Kath sent photos from chemo, and we saw her a few times too.   In the end, he was OK with it all, but spoke with a counsellor, just to avoid any further upsetting times.

Otherwise, we had a great year as a family – including some camping trips, and a great getaway to Avoca, and hiking in The Grampians.

He loves it at Avoca – and asked if he might be able to take his kids there one day.   We have open fires, and dig + ride bikes – and just enjoy the peace & quiet.

Grubby but happy – making food parcels for the fire


Grampians – Cameron sprained his ankle, but kept going



Top of “The Pinnacles”



Back in Avoca – chess alfresco


Doing laps – Geronimo SwingDipper or Express – counting laps !


Ice cream with Dad (beer for Dad – after a day of digging)


A few months later – Christmas time in Avoca


Other trips + family outings/activities

Hanging Rock


Cold walk in Warburton – warm hugs from Mum


Thumbs up with Dad…


And – a peace symbol too…


Go-karting – excited, much !?!


Superhero day (Rowville)


New reading glasses, during 2015


Ice cream with Dad – after a bike ride


Ice cream with Charlie too !


Goofy Camo

We always end up with some wild/crazy pictures – when he’s not driving us loopy, he’s making us laugh – loads of fun !

And – this is only 1/2 the ones – and not forgetting the video clips – and some wacky SMS messages I get from time to time.

Say CHEESE !   With the penguins, at the penguins


Too cool for photos – crazy smile


Riding a seal at the zoo – WTF !?!


Goofy selfie – in the car (?)


Clapping along at the basketball (NBL)


Found this selfie on my iPhone – nice one !


Zombie ??    I dunno WHAT this is – LOL !


Looking ahead

It’s going to be a tough year I’m sure, with hormonal changes, and clashes with Mum, and brothers (and Dad !), but Cameron is on a good path – just testing the edges, and working it out.

We have all realised that he suffers from “the hangries” (hungry+angry) – and we need to make sure he’s well fed, or risk the wrath/angst…

He had a great birthday party – with his good friends Cooper, Matt and Emma – we took them indoor rock climbing (TunzaFun), and then home for MineCraft, and Pizza – that was his choice for a party !

Happy Birthday Cameron – we love you SO much – never forget that – we’ll help you get through this crazy time (together).

Love from Mum+Dad.    X

Family portraits


Such a cool dude


What an awesome little guy…   



Seven Days of Music

After seeing a whole lot of CRAP on FaceBook recently (Be Like Bill !?), I was thinking back to when I’d done the “7 songs in 7 days” post series – just before Christmas.

I really enjoyed thinking back to my favourite songs, bands, and which ones to “limit myself” – only SEVEN ?

As it turns out, I hadn’t realised I’d done day #3 – so it’s actually EIGHT posts – oops !    I could have gone for TEN, or maybe more…     LOL !

I wanted to capture them here – easier than trawling back through FB !


Day 1

Thanks Andy Neumann for the nomination in the "7 songs in 7 days challenge".

I listen to a LOT of music – varying from ‘Sinatra’ to ‘Slayer’.

My main genre is METAL – and I guess the defining band for me, from teenage days would have to be METALLICA.

I remember getting a C-90 cassette in high school, with "Kill Em All" on one side, and "Ride The Lightning" on the other. And I was hooked.

And then "Master Of Puppets" – and "Justice For All" – all of the above in the space of a few months.

I remember going to BRASHS (!) to get the new BLACK album the day it was released – having to ask for it, and they opened a box to hand me the first copy – Brandon Park, 1991.

My favourite song by Metallica would have to be FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS – I love the rollicking riff, and percussive hits from Lars – and who can forget lyrics like "take a look to the sky just before you die, it’s the last time you WILL !"

The classic line-up too – James, Lars, Kirk and CLIFF BURTON.


** Nomination to Ben Sartori – who I first saw Metallica with in 1993 – on the floor at Rod Laver – we were 2 people from the barrier – and could hear Jason Newstead yelling at us "cmon MF’ers !!"



Day 2 of "7 songs in 7 days".

I’m treating this challenge as more of "7 BANDS" in 7 days – and want to call out MOTLEY CRÜE.

The year was 1989 – high school, year 12 – and I was discovered many MANY bands.

LA glam rock was the flavour of the time – pre-grunge – and it was MOTLEY CRÜE who started it all.

Then came trashy bands like Poison & Warrant – who I saw live in 89/90 – as well as Ugly Kid Joe, Skid Row – some amazing live shows.

By far – the best live show – was Motley Crüe. The lights & pyro – and Tommy Lee’s drum kit.

This was their "heyday" – excesses of sex, drugs & rock-n-roll – pretty amazing to an 18 year old.


I’ve since read the biographies from Nikki Sixx (brilliant) and Vince Neil (meh).

Laugh at the LA glam scene, if you must, but from early 80’s until early 90’s, it was fantastic – a pivotal scene in heavy metal’s evolution.

Hard to pick a best song by THE CRÜE – another option was "Kickstart My Heart"…



Day 3 of the 7-day music challenge

It’s time to talk about HELMET.  

A band that is hard to tag in a genre – neither metal, or grunge or punk – and not really New York hardcore.

PAGE HAMILTON’s voice is very unique, and I love Helmet’s chunk/chug riffs.

I first discovered the album MEANTIME – and classics such as "Unsung", "In The Meantime" and "Ironhead".

And then the amazing BETTY album – with strange samples & distortions – love the songs "Milquetoast" (was in THE CROW movie too) – and "Wilma’s Rainbow".

I saw them live a few times – recent tour was just Page Hamilton + band – he stayed on stage after the show – and spoke to EVERYONE 1-to-1 – shaking hands, posing for photos – a genuine NICE BLOKE of rock.

Thanks HELMET….!



Day 3 of the 7 day music challenge

I’m going to lump FOUR specific bands together; today is about GRUNGE.

[oops – I’d already done Day #3 !]

The Seattle sound that exploded onto the world in the early 90’s was a dose of rock, metal and angst – perfect teenager/20-something fodder.
It was nihilistic, distorted, and great to sing loudly. Hardly refined, or musically creative, far from polished – but that was the point. And – I loved it.

Pearl Jam’s TEN, SoundGarden’s BADMOTORFINGER, Alice In Chains’ DIRT, and Nirvana’s NEVERMIND – all of them – classics, and fantastic.

Pearl Jam had more melody and soul/heart – so many great songs. Alive, Jeremy, Once, Even Flow – all stand outs. And the talent within this band is staggering – Eddie Vedder, Mike McCready, Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard – each are masters in their own right. Sadly, PJ are one band I’ve never seen live.

Alice In Chains had some fantastic fat riffs, DIRT had classics like Rooster, Them Bones, Angry Chair and the all time classic WOULD? And then some great acoustic tunes – I Stay Away from JAR OF FLIES is hauntingly beautiful – Layne Stayley’s unique voice has so much soul. I saw them live in late 93, just before moving to Cairns. I crowd surfed, and stage dived – with a gentle PUSH off stage by Layne. (LOL)

Nirvana became a huge obsession for me – I remember buying the NEVERMIND album having heard the buzz online, via chatroom and newsgroups at Uni. This was the early “internet” before WWW days.
I hadn’t even heard the track “Smells Like Teen Spirit”- the first time was when I played the album, bought at Brash’s Chadstone.

I bought BLEACH the following weekend – and was lucky enough to see them live in early 1992. Nirvana’s only Australian tour was booked before they even finished NEVERMIND, and the album hit #1 in the USA as they were arriving down under. It was the calm before the storm for the band, and they played THE PALACE in St.Kilda – a tiny club venue – totally chockers. They also played the first ever Big Day Out, which was a Sydney only event, in it’s first year (92).

I’m sure some of my music friends will have a giggle of derision at the talent of Kurt Cobain (haters gonna hate) – he may not have been a wonderful muso, and a bad druggie, and the band only made a few albums, but they’re all STILL fantastic today, 20 years later. Probably the BIGGEST grunge band – a household name in the genre. I really loved Nirvana, and still do.

But, in my mind, it was SoundGarden who were THE original grunge band – songs from BadMotorFinger like Rusty Cage, Outshined and Drawing Flies are brilliant – wonderful LIVE.
I really (REALLY) loved SUPERUNKNOWN when it came out – when I was living in CAIRNS. SpoonMan, Superunknown, Limo Wreck – fantastic – but I never really liked Black Hole Sun.

Anyway – I could go on-and-on about grunge, but I’ll leave you with one of my favourite songs from the genre. That fat groove sends chills down my spine – sheer bliss – even today.
And then the break-down towards the latter section of the song, those power chords are just wonderful.



Day 4 of the 7 day musical challenge.

PANTERA. This one word brings a smile to every fan of heavy metal.

I first grabbing the COWBOYS FROM HELL (CFH) album when I’d just finished university, it was just before the grunge era broke, and the CFH album scared the pants off me.

Coming from listening to LA style music – where GUNS N ROSES were "heavy" – PANTERA had amazingly fast drumming, and groove-laden riffing from Dimebag Darrell, and the snarly agressive tones from Phil Anselmo – it was something else, for sure !

Primal Concrete Sledge, Cemetary Gates, Domination, The Art Of Shredding – fantastic.

Then, the almighty VULGAR DISPLAY OF POWER (VDOP) came out – OMFG. This is a landmark heavy metal album, for the ages.

Quite possibly THE best metal album of the 90’s.

Mouth For War, A New Level, Walk, Hostile, This Love, Rise – the opening 6 tracks are ALL brilliant.

I was in America in early 1994 (a few weeks after Kurt Cobain died) and bought FAR BEYOND DRIVEN (FBD).

The opening song is flat-out speed instantly – incredible.

When I was in New Orleans, I had my wallet stolen, and I recall listening to FBD on repeat, and challenging my anger and frustration into my portable CD player.

Even today – PANTERA is a wonderful anger release for many people I know…!

"The releasing of anger can better any medecine under the sun…."

The next albums from PANTERA were not so appealing for me – I’d progressed to other bands like SEPULTURA, FEAR FACTORY and MACHINEHEAD.

"The Great Southern Trendkill" (GSTK) – I’ll have to listen to this some more, but I think the turmoil within the band was obvious. Vocals were recorded separately, etc.

The band split soon after, and then the guitarist DIMEBAG DARRELL was shot dead on stage in a show with his follow-up band (Damageplan). WTF !?

DIMEBAG entered folklore and legend, for all heavy metal fans – in the worst way possible.

But for now – let’s remember the glory days of PANTERA… (the song that saved me, in New Orleans ’94)



Day 5 of 7 days of music…

Today’s song is from one of my all time favourite bands – certainly the greatest metal band that *I* personally loooove.

My journey with MachineHead began back in 1995 when I bought the “BURN MY EYES” album – based on the cover. A classic set of power/groove-metal tracks, post-grunge, when metal was “on the nose”. Davidian, Old, A Thousand Lies – wonderful pinch-harmonics & riffs, and driving double-kick drumming. Awesome.

The next album “THE MORE THINGS CHANGE” had a few classics too – with Ten Ton Hammer, and Take My Scars.

The follow-up period for MachineHead was dire – with line-up changes, and the new rap-metal such as Korn and Limp Bizkit were on the rise. MachineHead’s album THE BURNING RED was ‘ok’, but the follow-up SUPERCHARGER was a little to much of the “trying to fit the new scene” – and a bit of a flop. The band was dumped from the label, and close to being finished.

Then, the amazing THROUGH THE ASHES OF EMPIRES – and then a true metal classic THE BLACKENING. This album won them many KERRANG awards, a Grammy nomination, included on Guitar Hero (!) , a tribute song to Dimebag (Aesthetics Of Hate), and they have been being hailed as “one of the pioneering bands in the New Wave of American Heavy Metal” (Wikipedia)

Another brilliant album to follow – UNTO THE LOCUST, and more band troubles with ADAM DUCE leaving, with lawsuits, and nasty lyrics about ‘this is a friendship broken’ on last year’s BLOODSTONE & DIAMONDS.

I’ve seen MachineHead live on 6-7 occasions – and they’re spectacular.

So – here’s one of the best ‘opening’ songs on a album, and live show – IMPERIUM.



Day 6 of 7 days of music, and I’m not ready to stop yet !

I love discovering a band by seeing them live, and then getting the CD or listening on Spotify, and then getting excited to see them live AGAIN…

I saw KYUSS as the support band for METALLICA in April 93 – excitedly waiting for the main band (first time seeing Metallica), and I couldn’t get over the down-tuned fat bass and grungey metal riffs.

It wasn’t metal, and wasn’t grunge – it was "stoner".

They are the standout pioneer band in this genre – most would say. Certainly, the most well known.

Around the same time, I was working at FoodPlus (LOL!) close to the end of University days, and the the JUKE magazine had a competition saying "who supported Metallica ?" and I won their CD…

BLUES FOR THE RED SUN (BFRS) is an epic album – Thumb, Green Machine, Allen’s Wrench – still classics.

I then went to find their prior album WRETCH – not their best work – but good to see them ‘growing’ into their sound.

The followup to BFRS was WELCOME TO SKY VALLEY – this was brilliant !

I loved the way they had a 10 song album, but only 3 tracks on the CD – to mess with people clicking ‘random’.

Demon Cleaner, Gardenia, Space Cadet and 100 degrees – I could imagine them in the middle of the desert at night, with an open air concert for friends, with beers, bourbon and weed a-plenty.

The next album AND THE CIRCUS LEAVES TOWN was their final album – only three months before they broke up, with great tracks such as One Inch Main, and Hurricane.

Only together as a band for 4-5 years, some members went on to form QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE – I liked their first few albums, but not so much lately.

I recently saw KYUSS again – and they were fantastic – such great songs.

One of my all time favourite bands – so many good songs to choose from.

I love the riff on this track – quick LOL at a drunk sounding dude as intro – and then a fat (FAT !) sludgy riff – turn it up LOUD…



Day 7 of 7 songs – last one !

When I was a big Metallica fanboi, part of the fanclub, and met Hetfield and Newstead, I thought I’d reached a peak of my ‘fandom’ in music. But, somewhere along the way, Metallica dropped the ball (ahem – Load, ReLoad, Lulu) – and I was disappointed, cancelled my fan club membership – and they were just "another band" in my rotation.

Around the same time (1999), I’d been listening to ALTERNATIVE music as well as metal. THis was the era of White Zombie, Korn, Limp Bizkit – and other surprises such as Slipknot. Metal was in a wierd place.

I’d been listening to other alt.bands like Filter, and Nine Inch Nails – who I’d seen in 1995 at Alternative Nation. I didn’t fully appreciate them back then – but I soon would.

I’d listened to THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL, and loved the heavier songs, and distortions and angry lyrics. But it was THE FRAGILE that really cemented my love of all things NIN and Trent.

A double album, with amazing production, and a bunch of stand out tracks – they were my new favourite band.

I saw them on the WITH TEETH tour, an album that I didn’t mind – but not as good as previous.

When it came time for YEAR ZERO, the band did one of the best viral marketing campaigns ever – I even did a workplace ‘public speaking’ session about it (see link below).

And then – May 2007 – I saw them twice at The Palace nightclub – still one of the greatest shows I’ve ever seen. (blog posts below)

The surreal GHOSTS album of just acoustic sounds was after that – some wonderful ‘thought voyages’ while listening to that.

And then – an album for free "this one is on me" – with THE SLIP. And the incredible "lights in the sky" tour. I have my name on the liner notes for the fan-produced "this one is on us" DVD recording.

The band split for a long term hiatus, after touring with Janes’Addiction – I was at TechEd on the Gold Coast in 2009, watching the live-tweets on their final show. *sigh*

Reznor then did some music soundtracks, and then a remarkable NEW album – HESTIATION MARKS.

I got to see them again, on the tour for that album – expecting that it might be the last time. Incredible light show, and I knew every single song… EVERY song.

I also have a NINE INCH NAILS *tattoo* – so yep, no surprises, that I’m posting a song from Nine Inch Nails.






That’s it !    Some awesome bands, and great memories of live shows….