Charlie is now 8 ! (and a 1/4)

In the increasing trend of LATE blog posts, it’s now mid-October, and Charlie turned EIGHT in late-June…    (!)

It’s been a busy few months, I’d worked my butt off on project work before ~3 weeks in Europe – and then busy after returning.  

And – a new car – and lots of work with plans for a new house extension – but…

We’re hear to talk about CHARLIE – Happy (belated) Birthday to you, buddy !!

Have a look here for some blog posts for his previous birthdays : ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE, SIX and SEVEN.


Charlie’s teacher is a wonderful supporter of our little guy – Mrs. Loonstra – had some great things to say about him at the parent-teacher interviews earlier this year.

In grade 2, he’s been loving his Maths, and lots of Reading – and he’s always writing too – little notes, or letters – or inventive stories.

She’s impressed with how he’s come out of his shell – and developed a wonderful personality – and a nice set of friends.

His main buddies are Ashlee (of course !) – and Tai, Aquila and Suha.

Mrs Loonstra, and Charlie – she even gives DONNA a hug when she sees her !


Off to school with his brothers


I always love his happy smile when they strut off to school


Getting an award at assembly : for…?


School sports day – GO LAWSON !



During the September school holiodays, we had a wonderful family holiday to Queensland, with some visits to theme parks, and then a few days in Noosa to splash & rest.    Charlie was too small for many of the big rides (at theme parks), but he still had an awesome time.

When we were leaving from home, he nicked out to the letterbox, and was sneaky/suspicious – he’d left a note in the letterbox for the whole family – to read when we got home, saying “I hope you had a great time in QLD” – just lovely, thanks Charlie !

The view from our balcony in Surfers – checking out the beach & morning sunshine


MovieWorld – getting away from Wile.E.Coyote


MovieWorld – waiting for the parade

Charlie had gotten wet on the flume ride, and so we got him a Batman T-Shirt – and he was wearing it as the parade went past – and the Batman character pointed at his chest and said (in a big deep Batman voice)…    “I LIKE YOUR SHIRT….”

Charlie was bursting with excitement – the highlight of his holiday, I think !


Road Runner 4D cinema


SeaWorld – flume ride – despite the look on his face, he loved the ride !!   (LOL)


He loved the penguins, we made a 2nd stop in to SeaWorld, as Charlie’s choice


SpongeBob Squarepants Roller Coaster, with Mr.12, happy to just do a ‘gentle’ ride


Being a tough Ninja Turtle – at SeaWorld


Enjoying the walk in the rainforest


Trying to lick his elbow (!)


Ready for the pool – goggle on from before-we-left-the-apartment (+ goon Cameron)


FaceTime video to his friend Ashee, to show her around our apartment


And – we were across the street from Thompson St !   (Ashee’s surname)


Great to spend time with Dad, while on holidays


And even got Mum in the swimming pool for some fun !


Charlie woulda swum all day if we let him – he just loved it with his pool noodle



As you can see, Charlie is a wonderful happy dude – he gets along great with both brothers – most of the time !   But, often the first one to get hurt – the others forget how little he is, sometimes !

We have a great time together – he’s always dealing out cuddles & hugs – and Mum gets 20+ kisses on the cheek when we tuck him into bed.  

There’s a few nicknames that he gets – usually Chaz – but I mix it up a bit with Magoo (Chazz-a-magoo), and MonkeyMan, and SuperDude – basically, any cool name – as he’s a cool little guy !

When I took off to Europe for a fortnight, I’d left a note for each boy – and I had a note under MY pillow when I got home – from Charlie.   Such a lovely thought – I’ve kept this letter, and use it as a bookmark.

Out for a movie with Mum


Playing Lego with Liam


Family day trip – fun to have a family selfie (felfie !)


Cracking up laughing at the goofy mirror outside Pancake Parlour


Family out for dinner – Dad’s birthday, this time


More hugs for Mum, always more…!


And a hug+chat with Nanna


Another movie day – selfie pic with Mum


Hugs with Dad this time – and cookies


Riding the new car – Charlie loves the back 3rd row – LOL !


Fathers Day evening with school chaplin (Church Group)


No dress-ups for Charlie – “that’s too silly, Dad”


The face says is all – Daaaad !


Getting down to work, gloves on, smashing the letterbox (!!)


Charlie enjoying the sledge hammer – a bit TOO much (LOL !)


Macca’s lunch with Dad


Checking out Liam’s game on the iPhone


Merry Christmas, Mum !!


And Merry Christmas to you too, Dad !!



Charlie has been amazing at Karate – the focus & determination when he’s training is wonderful to see.   This past 6 months, he’s be doing both karate AND basketball.

He’s started in U/10’s basketball – missed on U/8’s by only 3 days.   But, he has a great coach – ME !   And he was loving having DAD as coach since before the first game.

The team did great, almost making finals, but Charlie was so little on the team, he didn’t get much of the ball.   But – he scored his first goal, and was overjoyed (but I missed it – as I was overseas for a few weeks).

Soon – he’ll have to choose which sport to continue – I think he’s SET on basketball !

Karate grading


With his sensei Lindel – and Brett


His friend Ashee came to watch him get his belt


Ready to rock – look out !


First game – he had the same number as his brother Cameron – awesome !


Fun & Games

Again, like his brothers, Charlie loves playing video games – often he’ll play on his own, but lately, has been joining online games on the PC.

Usually MineCraft, or Roblox (he had that for a cake for his 8th birthday).

He loves the Lego Star Wars games, and was getting good at Halo – but they don’t play that so much anymore.

And, of course, Lego !    (and recently picked up Loom Bands again)

Outside, Charlie will be playing basketball, or on the trampoline – or having a nerf gun fight – or, bike riding, if he doesn’t crash (trying to keep up with the big kids !)

Pokemon !


Bike Ride with Dad – we went all the way to Knox (and back !)


Gravel road biking – near Nortons Park


BIG CRASH – he skidded on gravel, and lost the front wheel – we had to call Mum


Growing Up Fast

Sometimes, Charlie can come out with amazing words & insights, and he shows his awesome little brain for all to see.   Hearing him use a word like “phenomenal” always makes me smile – and often – perfect context.

When coming home in the new car, he had the rear heat seater on – and when we got home, he exclaimed “my butt feels phenomenal !”    (LOL)

Of course, part of growing up, is losing a few teeth – and a visit from the tooth fairy.

Charlie had BOTH front teeth loose, and wiggled, and got them both out, in less than an hour – it was an expensive visit from the Tooth Fairy that night !

Two wobbly front teeth


Both teeth gone !


Double $$ from the Tooth Fairy that night


Goofy Fun – aka, happy, lovely FUN

What would a birthday blog post be, without a few smiles & funny pics !!?!

He really does have a wonderful happy face – and smiling eyes…

Scoffing marshmallows


The shirt says it all !


Out the sunroof, in the new car – our Kia Sorento


Concentration – playing MineCraft or Roblox


Listening to some music – Black Sabbath !


Playing loom bands – with a YouTube lesson


Gotta love ice cream – it was mid-winter, and freezing cold that day !


Playing Guitar Hero – on a coffee table, of course !


Pokemon cards – spread out in 5 seconds – food court at Knox

IMG_1976 (2)

Cuddles with Dad, and our lovely dog Chloe (RIP)

IMG_1988 (2)

Sparklers for New Years Eve – he made it till almost 1am !


Ropes & climbing – he’s quick & agile – and fearless !


Trying out Dad’s new car – BEFORE we even got it home !




New T-Shirt for his 8th Birthday


Happy Birthday !!

Such a glowing, and happy, smiling boy – we love you so much Chaz !



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