End of 2009

Like the end of previous years, I like to do a wrap-up of the year just closing, and look ahead to thoughts & plans for the coming year.   (end of 2006, 2007, 2008)

My www.grumpywookie.com blog has been stacking up the cobwebs lately – not as many posts or bits & pieces as “normal” – only 56 posts in total (only 4 for my other blog) – previous years were over 200 !!   

Had a few ‘update” posts – July + October.

Previous wrap-up’s have covered my GOALS and SCOREBOARD for the categories of WORK, REST & PLAY – ie. career+nerding, family, house & self.

This time, I’m just going for a “splat” approach – what’s happened in the year, and some predictions & plans/thoughts for next year.

2009 – has been a tough year in retrospect.   If I could suggest a tag word for 2009 (like the largest word in a tag cloud), it would probably be the word “SURVIVAL”. 

Having three kids has been a lot harder than I’d thought it would be – was kinda easy with two kids – sorta like “one each” for Donna and I.  

With three, there’s always someone with “TWO” to deal with – usually me – as Donna would be feeding, or attending to the “new born”.

Charlie has had more than his fair share of troubles, and still not sleeping great – which means Donna has been very tired & run-down.  

But – has been some great joy as well – first smiles, first Christmas – and he’s now crawling (!) – but has been a juggling act for all of us – and the word “tired” has been the most-used-word for the last few months.

Some full-on stuff happening with work as well – big project coming to a close in November – with a few frayed ends of sanity showing through – with some “frustration” being observed by colleagues & customers alike (not good).

“Time” is precious – with small bursts of time to get stuff done, and then little time left over for stuff that *I* would like to do – and for Donna too (mostly).  

We’ve had to resort to email & phone call chats a few times – the lost art of communication !

So, here’s hoping that 2010 is a little ‘easier’ – but before delving into thoughts/plans for next year – here’s some bits & pieces of 2009.

Had a look through the blog posts I’ve done (was only 56 of them !) – and some TwitPic bits to get a feel for what the year has been :

Twitter (my main outlet these days – 140 chars is easier than a blog post)


Nine Inch Nails (lots and LOTS !)

Music / Bands



  • Mountain Biking – got new bike after doing a website for a buddy – try to get out a bit – mainly with Cameron in tow, not on my own much
  • Was on a health kick for a bit, walking from Richmond station to the city (1 2 3) – but have fallen off the wagon since – after having an “operation”.  
  • BUT – I did ride my bike to the city one day (only once so far) – from Mitcham to William St – in the pouring rain – was sopping wet – but great experience.
  • Dexter – was sooo looking forward to new season – and didn’t disappoint !
  • Got an iPhone – loving it actually
  • Lots of $$ shelled out this year
    • New oven
    • New pantry
    • New outdoor setting
    • Cubby house
    • TechEd
    • Planter boxes
    • Spa
    • Lego Death Star
    • New BBQ with hood – rotisserie roasts at Christmas !
    • …there’s nearly $12,000 right there !
    • Mortgage is doing OK though surprisingly.
  • September FTW ! 
    • MTB, WRC Rally, Nine Inch Nails, TechEd – oh my !
  • Lego Death Star for Christmas ! (will take a while I think)
  • 3D wookie !    Home made glasses for episode of CHUCK.


Other stuff (posts)

  • Windows 7 – was using the Beta, then RC, then RTM – probably installed it close to 10x during 2009 (1)
  • K2 book was launched – yep, that’s me on the cover !

*phew*    Has been a very full & busy year – fairly tough in parts – with some big highs, big challenges, and big lows – even Christmas was hard work.   Poor Donna was a wreck by the end – we’ve just been doing days of NOTHING in the last week.

Whoever said THREE kids is not much more difficult than TWO kids is a fool !

But – I wouldn’t have it any other way.  

Hearing Liam say “best Dad evaa” just melts me – or heading out for a bike ride with Cameron and he yells out “to infinity and beyond” when zooming downhill – jeez, he makes me laugh !

And to see little Charlie’s smile – it makes me forget the cries & yelling & sleepless nights.   And amazing that he’s crawling already – will be into LOTS of stuff soon.

And Cameron’s little art projects to take to work – he just made Donna a “sun hat” with a tube & flat circle piece – dunno where he gets the ideas from !

Donna has been amazing too, running on empty for a long time now – she deserves more credit and thanks than I give her – I am in “awe” of how she does it some days.   X

Family is what it’s all about these days – and there’s now FIVE of us – or SIX if you count the dog too ! 

So – yes, there will be lots more work / action – but a lot more fun & joy as well.   



So – what’s next ?   What’s in store for 2010 ?

Who knows !    If 2009 has taught me anything, it’s that ANYTHING can happen…

As far as some thoughts/plans :

  • Family / House
    • Holiday – family to QLD
    • Finish off the spa (completely) – and stop the big $$ outlays !
    • Birthdays – Cameron turning 5, Liam turning 3, and Charlie will be 1
    • Outing as a family to Werribee Zoo, Aquarium, Jells Park
  • Work
    • SharePoint 2010 – will be lots in 2010 (and Office)
    • MOSSIG – board member
  • Personal
    • Get to know Donna again – not much time for “us” in the last 6 months
    • Enjoy some reading – and biking (if/when time permits)
    • Spend some time with friends
    • Watch as much of the WINTER OLYMPICS as I can (!)
    • Blogging – lots more posts
    • New (final) season of LOST !
    • …and a ’secret project’ – if I ever get time to bring ideas to light….

We’ll wait and see what transpires, eh ?

Hope you all had a great Christmas & Silly Season – and all the best for the New Year – hope the hangover is not TOO bad !    

Have a great 2010 – see you soon !



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