Liam is now 3 !

It’s just over a week ago now, we have such a busy family that I haven’t stopped to take some notes about our ‘middle child’ turning THREE !

Liam had a big party with the family on Sunday 24th – lots of cool presents, and some party games – which he actually WON two of – for pass-the-parcel and pin-the-nose-on-the-clown.   (LOL !   It wasn’t rigged – honestly !)

We also took the whole family to the zoo – on the day of his birthday (25th).  Liam was excited to see the giraffes – and the seals – he missed out on the penguins (not on show) – but he really enjoyed the monkeys, and the butterfly+spider house – and roared at the lions (- but was a bit scared of the tigers (?)   He & Cameron had lots of fun chasing the seagulls while we were having a lunch break.

Anyway, just to cast eyes back a little, here’s Liam on his FIRST birthday :


And – from around 18 months old :


And – about TWO years old :


And – more recently – BEFORE and AFTER a haircut !




With each of the lads, I’ve tried to write a blog post for their birthday – as a kind of time machine – great to look back in years ahead.

Here’s the posts from his 1st and 2nd birthdays.


So – with out any further ado – here goes :

Fun & Games :

Liam is an action-packed kid, he seems to always be running – usually running ahead of – or chasing – his big brother Cameron !   

He follows along with much of Cameron’s games very happily most of the time. They love going on the trampoline – they can sometime play there for an hour

Liam loves being outside in the backyard – digging in the sandpit, playing in the cubby house – and making mud pies or cups-of-tea.   He laughs hysterically when I “taste” them – and then go “eeewwwww !!’”

He loves to play ‘blocks’ – to make a tower, and then smash it down.  And – plays Star Wars with Cameron – they run around with the light sabers, and ‘save the galaxy’.

“Call Captain Liam !” – he sometimes dresses up and pretend he’s ‘Captain Mack’ – from a TV show they love.

He’s also into Chuggington, Roary the Racing Car, Bob The Builder, Play School, Bananas-in-Pyjama’s, Hi-5 – and can’t get enough of the ‘Tinkerbell’ movies (LOL !) – and he love to sing along to all the Justine Clarke songs.

Lovely Little Boy :

Liam is a very affectionate little boy – he’s really something special indeed.   He’s “so loving” as Donna says.   He sometimes touches/strokes your face when talking to you – and lots of kisses & hugs

When Dad (me) arrives home from work, he yells out “It’s MY DAD !!   MY DAD is here !!” – and them comes up and says “Hello my Dad” – and a big hug.

AND – he often says “Best Friend” – or “Best Dad” (in the whole wide world) – Mum gets the same too – and another hug.  

Bed times :

He’s still wearing his ‘boots and bar’ – into the last year !   He is still so good with them, not a problem to put them on for bed, but wants them off first thing in the morning – it can be hard if he wants them off before the 12 hours are up – but usually just watches TV for half-hour or so.

When off to bed, he has a bunch of soft toys to sleep with.  He has his favourite teddy Baxter (Myer Christmas Bear) – and Mr Murphy – his 2nd favourite – a monkey who looks just like Mr Murphy from the TV show ‘Poko’. 

And also Zoe (orange muppet baby) – and – the book we’ve just finished reading from bedtime stories.

Growing up :

Liam is “Mr Independence” – he has to do things himself – if he doesn’t get to do so, he’ll have a mini-tantrum until he gets to do it himself – ie. If you help him in the car, he will get out again – and have to do it himself.

I guess he kinda skipped the terrible 2’s – and he’ll do the terrible 3’s instead – as his independence grows, the frustration is growing.

His language has developed fairly rapidly lately, he can have a real conversation, and I often mistake him for Cameron on the phone.   He knows a lot about what is going on – and can ask for certain things.  His manners are a step behind – we often have to say “pardon ?” – to which he replies “PLLEEEAAASSEEE may I have a glass of water” – with a super high-pitched ‘PLEASE’ – soooo funny.

He was eating dinner the other day, and had a carrot on his fork, and it fell off.  He started looking under his chair and said “I had a carrot, and now it’s disappeared !”  (kinda funny to hear a nearly 3 y/o say ‘disappeared’ – in context and correct)

But – for some reason – he still calls his older brother “Pemron” – instead of “Cameron”.   It’s very cute, and we don’t correct him – but he says stuff like “I was just playing with Pemron, and…..”

Activities :

He loves swimming, he’s now in the pool on his own – was almost a sad day to not be in the pool with him (Father+son)

Mainly Music – he loves doing this, it is his special activity. Half an hour of music and movement, morning tea, then half an hour free play (palydough, duplo, cars etc)

AND – he has a Wednesday morning at Nanna and GrandDad’s house – this was a Cameron-thing until he was off to kinder – now, Liam gets to have some one-on-one time – he’s a different child without his brother around !

Bowling – he’s getting pretty good playing on the Wii.  We went ten-pin bowling last weekend, he thought it was fantastic.   It was a social outing organised by our financial advisor firm – and Liam actually had the highest score of all the kids – he even beat MY score (he got 108 !)

Lots of laughs :

In the car – when stopped at traffic lights – he will wave his hand and say ’you will turn green’ – like a Jedi !    He will keep saying it over-and-over – until it eventually does turn green, then cheer “I did it” !!   The love of Star Wars will continue in this family. 

He dances around to lots of music – will be interesting to see if he takes up an instrument – drums or guitar – as he can’t SING !    LOL !

I play a bunch of different music for him/them – I’d put on SLIPKNOT one morning – which is particularly heavy – heavy metal indeed (for those who don’t know it) – and he said “ooooh !   dat’s good heavy – I like dis…!”

On the day of his birthday, he was instructing me during the pass-the-parcel game – whenever the parcel landed in his lap, he asked “can you hit pause now ?”   He was serious too – not just having fun – he actually wanted me to STOP the music ! 

When mucking about outside, Liam loves to wear pink gumboots – we’d got them with the intention of giving to Millie (his cousin), but Liam just loved them, and claimed them as his own.   [she ended up choosing army camouflage boot !]

It looks so funny, when he is all filthy – mud everywhere – and in boy clothes and pink gumboots.   ha ha !

With the recent AFL Grand Final – I asked what football team he liked, after explaining about the different animals – cats, tigers, hawks, eagles, kangaroos etc.    He said ‘uuum, I will go for the elephants’ – maybe that will be the name for the new ‘West Sydney’ team !


It has definitely been a lot of fun with Liam over the last three years – lots of love and laughter – he’s a good natured, fun-packed & happy little boy. 

Thanks Liam for all the great times – HAPPY BIRTHDAY matey !    X



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