Another first

Well, this time it’s a 1st birthday – our little lad Liam Alexander is turning ONE tomorrow !    Amazing to think that it’s a year since he was born.

He’s turning into an adventurous (and cheeky !) little lad.   He’s very mobile, crawling everywhere – with his favourite destination being into the laundry to splash in the dog’s water bowl (if the door is ajar).

He loves removing books from the bookshelf, and been known to remove PAGES from those books !   

He and Cameron are best of mates – so lovely to see Cameron give him a hug, or Liam to crawl up the hall to Cameron’s room, and play with the Hot Wheels cars on the floor.   Yep – he’s gonna be a car nut too !

He’s barely ONE, but he already loves to grab a big jeep and moves it back and forward – I just know he’s thinking “rrrmmm, rrrmmm”.

He’s had a few challenges in the short time he’s been with us – when he was born, he had a “squished ankle” – that turned out to be “Club Foot”.

This meant some plaster casts – re-applied once a week – and then an operation to cut his Achilles’ Heel (*ouch*).   More plaster while it healed – and then he was “cured”.

It was then up to us to put him in a set of boots & bar – sorta like a mini-snowboard – which he’s graduated to just at night (bed).  The routine is now PJ’s, boots, book, bottle and bed.  

There must be nights that he gets frustrated and can’t roll over in bed – can YOU imagine having your feet bolted together – like standing with feet at shoulders wide apart.  And teething – doesn’t help the sleeping (some nights).

And – he’s also been back and forth to the allergist – with bad eczema and skin troubles.  But – he’s still as “Happy as Larry” (whoever THAT is).

He’s getting more and more engaging, with lots of laughter and fun together as a family – he’s got a great chuckle, and his entire toothless face lights up – with Cameron constantly being the “court jester” to entertain him.

And is now saying “mmuuh=wah !” when he kisses.  Very cute…

Tomorrow – for his birthday – we’re having a BIG shin-dig with family & friends – sorry if you’re reading this and weren’t invited.  But – had to cut DOWN the invite list – and there’s still about 70 people coming – 40 adults and 30 kids – thankfully (?) there were a bunch of folk that couldn’t make it – could been close to 100 !

Weather looking nice (30 degrees) – so we’re having a sausage sizzle, some salads – and a bunch of chips, dips & so forth.   And more than a few beers, I’m sure.  

The cake is looking great – Donna’s got a special knack for cake decorating – done 12 or more wedding cakes – and now does kid’s birthday cakes (for nieces and nephews mainly).   Don’t want to spoil the surprise – but might blog some pics.

Anyway – got some special words for Liam now…

Here’s to you little buddy – thanks for all that you are, and all that you do – and for making us a happy family. 

Hope you have a great birthday – just hope you don’t sleep through the best bits ! 


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