Cameron is now Mr.8 !

Last week, our awesome lad Cameron turned 8 !   We celebrated his birthday on the day (Valentine’s Day !) – and then he had a Mario Disco party (Friday night) with ~14 of his buddies from school.   This was then followed with a family party (Saturday arvo) – so it’s been a busy week !

Every birthday, I like to write up a blog post to celebrate the birthday of our lads – you can see Cameron’s previous blog posts : 7th, 6th, 5th, 4th, and 3rd birthdays (none for 1st or 2nd – doh !).

Cameron is now in Grade 2 at Knox Gardens – and has a great bunch of friends.   He’s doing amazing with his Maths & Reading – and loves doing “LOTE” – and often sings Happy Birthday in Chinese.

He’s an action packed kid, and loves the trampoline, biking, running, dancing and climbing trees – a typical young boy then !


Last year, he was loving to play AFL, with his AusKick class on Saturday mornings – even during winter.   He’s re-considering playing this year – I hope he does, as he was getting right into it.

Ready to play – always good fun playing kick-to-kick

Auskick (1) 

With his good friend Emma, when she won the Golden Boot

Auskick (3)

Ready for the team meeting – great bunch of people

Auskick (4)

Grandparents Day – with GrandDad, Nanna & Grandpa

Auskick (2) 

Bike Riding

Cameron graduated to a full size BMX, and we’ve been going for longer bike rides – over to Knox & back was the most recent outing.  

Afterwards, Cameron said that “my legs are a bit sore, but it feels good at the same time”.    (NICE !)

He loves to zoom around the driveway too – on his scooter – or his big BMX.

Cameron’s old bike – has been passed on to Liam

bike (4)

New BMX – thanks KMart !    *some assembly required

bike (1)

First outing on the new BMX – slightly too big, but he’s growing quickly

bike (2)

Out for a ride with his brothers – great to see them biking !

bike (3)

Cameron was zooming down a hill, and his leg slipped off the pedal, and he bashed the rear axle with his ankle – screamed out in pain !    (ouch !)

bike (5)

He made me an awesome card when I finished the “Around The Bay” – thanks Cam !



Cameron has also joined up the local Karate school – initially to do the same class as a buddy of his – but he’s now doing it, and his buddy quit – LOL !

I’m amazed at the discipline & concentration he has – and he had a recent grading, and scored a new belt.    He was ecstatic with his effort – very proud moment.

After the grading, now a purple belt

karate (4)

karate (1)


Cameron’s Grandpa is a tennis coach, so he’s started teaching the GrandKids to play tennis – Sunday morning lessons.    Cameron is taking to it well – it will be great to see how he progresses.



Cameron’s favourite thing is to play games on the Wii / XBox – he’d play all day on the weekend if let him…!

He’s amazing at NEW SUPER MARIO BROS – it was great to see him beat the final boss level – after a lot of failures – and some tantrums and “aaarrrggghhh – I hate this game !!”

After completing the game, he/they now re-play levels over again – and they’re soooo good !    Cameron even had a Mario Brothers themed birthday + cake.

He’s just been getting into Skylanders – and has a bunch of the figurines – and has been playing the new game – it’s the new fave.

First game he ever completed – very VERY proud of him for that !

videogames (3)

Playing MARIO KART with his brothers & Dad

videogames (1)

Hooked up the ye olde PlayStation – great fun with old OLD games

videogames (5)

Completed another game – SUPER MARIO GALAXY 2

videogames (2)

Concentrating on playing Wii – love the facial expressions

videogames (4)

Hardcore gaming dudes !



Being the eldest boy in the family – he’s a great source of entertainment to his brothers – and the ‘lynchpin’ in our family.  

He also loves to spend time with his cousins – especially Millie – we’ve had her over for a sleep-over – they’re like brother & sister.

In the pool – Millie, Dad, Cameron & Charlie


First day back at school – Cameron in Grade 2, Liam in Prep


Goofy fun with the brothers

family (1)

Mothers Day run – great photo of Donna & her lads

family (2)

Mothers Day with Nanna

family (3)

Out for Yum Cha – a family favourite !

family (4)

Fun Activities with Cameron

We’ve had some great fun over the last 12 months – we went away camping – and Cameron had a try at fishing.   Didn’t catch anything – but fun to try.

Fishing for the first time


Some great Lego creations – Cameron will disappear & fiddle for hours


Snow day at Lake Mountain


Climbing a tree in the back yard


Watching Star Wars – 2nd time for Cameron – he’s seen IV, V, VI – and I.


Mobile zoo at a friend’s party – very cool !


Day out at the Werribee Open Range Zoo


Chalk drawing at Grandma’s


Goofy Faces

I really love Cameron’s sense of humour – and the stuff that he finds funny.   With modern phones, we can take a quick snap, and have a look – and he usually laughs his head off.

Here’s a few classic shots – destined to make it to the 21st wall too !

Bottom tooth loose – looking like a country yokel – LOL !


Doing the rock hands – heavy metal !


Hair spiked up for the school disco


Crazy wig + classes from Auntie Kath – love it !


Face painted as Harry Potter…


Crazy morning hair


Rocking out with a metal spoon (?)


Just after his tooth dropped out


Growing up

Cameron is growing so fast – he grew 6.5 cm in the last year – that’s 1/2cm a month !

He’s got a great attitude & understanding about people and their feelings – compassion & empathy – and an amazing laugh.

And – some very fantastic blue eyes – and freckles !




Happy Birthday !

Dear Cameron – hope you had a great 8th birthday, it’s amazing to see the way you approach life – with great energy & enthusiasm – and a barrel of laughs.   But – also, always a nice thought about other people’s feelings – especially your brothers.

We love you so very much – thanks for being such an awesome little guy !

Love from Mum & Dad.     




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