Turning 5

Every year, we have a GOOD reason to celebrate Valentine’s Day (14th) – as it’s Cameron’s birthday !   

We were never been big fans of the commercially generated & least-romantic day of the year – now we love it !

This year, Cameron is turning FIVE !    Still amazes me to think that I have a 5 year-old son (already) – so much has happening in the last five years – with him, and with our family extending into a ‘party of five’ – with Liam and Charlie also.

As I do for each birthday, I thought I’d capture some thoughts/observations on what he’s up to – and the sort of stuff he likes :


He’s always building a car, or house – and checking the junk mail for new Lego, and was super excited at the big Lego set he got for Christmas (and to help Dad with the Lego Star Wars kit)

Toy Story

Cameron is obsessed with Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story franchise – we recently went to see Toy Story 1 and 2 – in 3D

Toy Story Lego

To add fuel to the obsessions, you can now get Lego Toy Story – Cameron checks the junk mail to see what’s new – and “visits” the Lego at the local Toys-R-Us

Hog’s Breath

We’ve been there a few times in the last 6 months, and every now and then, he suggests “maybe we could go there for dinner !” – at least it’s better than McDonald’s !

Although, his 5th birthday party this year is being help at McD’s – as the doctor said when he was born : “looks like you’ll be spending Valentine’s Day in McDonald’s in the future” – yep, he was right !


Cameron loves his little brothers Liam and Charlie – he’s in the same bedroom as Liam now, and they’re thick as thieves – always doing stuff together, and not “too many” arguments.

I just love it when he tells me “you’re the best Dad EVER” – and that “I’m going to love you to infinity and beyond…”     Awww…    LOL !

Video Games

He’s discovered the XBox and Nintendo Wii – loves playing bowling on the Wii (Liam has just learnt how to do it as well) – but Cameron’s big love at the moment is Crash Bandicoot – he does amazingly well with moving, jumping and spinning – it’s one of MY favourite platform games.

Star Wars

He’s never actually seen much more than the Pod Race scene from Episode 1, and read some books – but he knows lots of the characters – loooves Darth Vader ! 

And, whenever he’s wearing a hooded jumper or jacket, he’s a “Jedi” !    (LOL !)    Recently, when driving in the car, and stopped at a traffic light, he’ll wave his hand and say “you will turn green” (like a Jedi Mind Trick – ha ha !!)


Cameron is getting sooo good at swimming now, he loves jumping in (of course) – but also can then swim about 5-10 metres unaided – he did the summer school holiday program and is progressing very well. 

He’s always doing “under the water” when we’re in the spa.


Still a big love, although has lessened a little.   He & Liam play cars and zoom around being Ferrari’s and Porsche’s – but it’s sometimes as a “train” – or was WALL-E the other day !

I usually try to grab the “car paper” for him to look at – from the Friday Herald Sun – it’s our Saturday and/or Sunday breakfast read’er.


Aside from TOY STORY, he loves WALL-E, and TINKERBELL (!) – and MONSTERS INC too – a bit fan of the PIXAR movies.


He’s into Chuggington, Fireman Sam, Postman Pat – and Bob The Builder – and looves Roary the Racing Car ! 

He’s not so keen on Thomas the Tank Engine though.


He’s begun telling some funny gags – his fave’s are :

  • Q.  What do you call a bull that sleeps a lot ??   
  • A.  A Bull Dozer !


  • Knock Knock
  • Who’s There ?
  • A tish.
  • A tish who ?   
  • BLESS YOU ! 


Have played a whole variety of stuff to him, from some SAVAGE GARDEN (Donna’s choice !) to old METALLICA to recent LAMB OF GOD – and lots in between.

He loves “Welcome To The Jungle” by Guns N Roses – and would listen to that on rotation if I let him.

He jumps around, doing “wahhh, wahh, wahhhrrrr !” (guitar solo). 

He was pretty amazed at the live video for METALLICA (from Nimes, France) – mainly the FireWorks !!  

And – he loves NINE INCH NAILS – he actually rang me to ask “what’s that song that has soft talking, and then boom-boom-boom ??”  

Turned out to be “Survivalism” from Year Zero – ha ha…


He now answers the phone, and I can have a full conversation without his Mum (Donna) being involved.

I rang to say hello from work one day – and he told me about their breakfast, and then said “someone here wants to say hello”…    and the next thing I heard was “to infinity – and beyond !”   (Buzz Lightyear) – LOL ! 

After a 5 minute chat, it turned out that Donna was in the shower – and he said to me “I can leave her a note – I now what to do next – I press the button with the phone picture – and a down arrow” – and then hung up on me !!


He’s been playing the “Purble Place” game on Windows 7 lately – and can do the “Cake Game” all on his own, it’s getting too easy for him actually.

And – I’ve just upp’ed the level in the “Tile Match” game – and he still gets them out – it’s like a memory match – does pretty well at it !


Not that we’ve been able to get out lately (too hot or too rainy !) – but he loves going along for a ride with me – we have a ‘trail-along’ 1/2 wheeler bike that bolts onto mine.  We’ve gone down some decent gravel hills (scary hill) – and along the EastLink path – and around Jell’s Park many times.  

He made me laugh when he was zooming down a hill, and called out “tooo infinity and beyond !!”    (there’s a trend emerging here, eh ?)

We’ve got him a new bike for his birthday – I’ll have to assemble it – that’s tonight’s job (Saturday night)


He just loves making drawings and cut-out stick-on pages for friends.  I have a few at work, and he always makes something if we have friends coming over.   He just comes up with an idea, and goes to it – might be a train, or a house – or just a person with long legs and big hands – love it !


Happy Birthday mate !

Thanks Cameron for all the laughs, and some trials and tribulations of being a kid !

Hope you have a great 5th birthday – love you lots mate !    x



8 thoughts on “Turning 5

  1. Alex February 13, 2010 / 4:35 pm

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow Cameron!!

    Alex, Rach, Abbie and Jack 🙂

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