Cameron is turning 6

Happy Birthday Cameron !   Our eldest lad is SIX !   Amazing to think back to 2005 when he was first born – he’s grown into an amazing little boy.

Over the last few years, I’ve tried to remember what has happened in the previous year – good to look back to his 5th, 4th, and 3rd birthdays (didn’t blog for his 1st or 2nd – doh !).

Right now, Cameron is having an incredible time – with his first days of school last week, and losing his first tooth (!) – and a big three-day party for his 6th birthday.  

Today was his Ben-10 themed party, with 7 kids over to play some games, jump on the trampoline (all of them at once !) – and party food – fairy bread !  

We’d made a pin-the-watch on the Ben-10 game – and had musical statues to METALLICA !   (he’d asked me for that – srsly !)

And tomorrow is the family+relatives party – with Aunties, Uncles, cousins and Grand Parents – he’s already asking “I wonder what presents will I get tomorrow ?”

And then – Monday is his actual birthday (14th Feb) – he’ll be tired after school (!) – but we’ll still have a nice dinner, and presents with our immediate family.  

*phew*   Three celebration in three days – great way to turn SIX !

Cameron is such an amazing dude – lots happened in the last year :

Rock Climbing

He’s always been a monkey, scooting up the climbing frame at the local playground.  I used to do indoor rock climbing every week, but hadn’t for ages – so I asked about how old to kids have to be – they can rock climb from TWO !  

Cameron and I headed to Nunawading on a Saturday, he roped up – and climbed !  

He got fairly high up too – and laughed when he fell, and swung on the rope.   Great to see him go, once he got a bit of confidence.  It’s been a while since we did it – have to give him another go.

Holiday to Noosa

Back in May, we had a family trip to Noosa, staying in an apartment.  Cameron loved the beach, and discovered Calamari (loved it !).  He’s travelled on a plane a few times before, and is really great when we ‘travel’ – he loves to see new places – he still talks about it – ‘remember our holiday when we stayed in Queensland’…

His highlight for the holiday was seeing Bindi Irwin when we were at Australia Zoo – jaw-dropped – and then a big grin !   We also got to hold a 10 foot python – amazing creature.

Bike riding

Cameron has recently graduated to dropping his training wheels, and can ride across the back yard unaided.  And, at the big footy oval nearby, he can go for ages – in a straight-line !    We’ll have to try him on a proper path soon – with some grass he can fall onto. 

He loves to go out on the 1/2 wheeler that I have, which connects under the seat pole on my bike – it’s like he’d riding a bike, but no front wheel – just a bracket onto my bike.   He pedals along, and calls out when going down hill, or through a tunnel – “To infinity and beyond !”.   He’s usually always ringing the bell when we pass pedestrians – but often AFTER we’ve passed them – just to say hello !    ha ha !


Cameron just loves the trampoline – he could do it for 3 hours if he was allowed to…!   He jumps pretty high, and can now do a front flip, landing on his bottom.  He’ll be doing full back flips before we know it. 

It’s a great energy burn – and lots of fun.  He and Liam are usually laughing & calling out – having a ball…    They even go on straight after dinner – I don’t know how they jump with a full stomach !

Ben 10

He’s had an obsession with Lego for quite a while now, but he has a new favourite. 

He’d seen Ben-10 a few years ago, and was a bit scared – and so was saying “It’s yucky !”.   But – he saw it again and was instantly hooked. 

Now he runs around the house with his home-made Omnitrix (watch) – and saying “pffshooww” – and turning into Spider Monkey, Jet Ray, Humungousaur, Big Chill, Echo Echo, Grey Matter, ChromaStone or one of the other aliens.   (yep – I’ve learnt most of them too !)

His 6th birthday party was a Ben 10 theme – with green+grey balloons, and Ben 10 table cloth, plates, napkins, lolly bags – and a home made pin-the-omnitrix on Ben 10 (thanks to Google Images !)


Of course, the Lego addiction isn’t going away – it’s probably stronger than ever.

There’s even Ben 10 Lego !   LOL !

Cameron makes some incredible cars & space ships “out of my imagination” – as well as following the build plans for some fairly complex pieces.   Even a box that was marked as “ages 7-12” was no trouble for him.

He’s gotten the Lego Buzz LightYear, Police Command Truck (Semi Trailer) – a few more than I can’t recall – and a few new ones for his birthday – including a helicopter, and a Lego Star Wars speeder bike.

He’s had a few build sessions with me, on the (slow-construction) Lego Death Star – he is a great help, to find the pieces.   And he built the Darth Vader TIE Fighter – which he loved.

We went along to the Lego Expo (Brickvention) – some great exhibits – although he was pretty keen to just touch/play with them. 

One of his favourite movies is the CLUTCH POWERS film – great family fun movie, with voices done by Captain Awesome – and Sarah – from TV show CHUCK.

And – he still reads the Lego catalog when he’s lying in bed – his last story of the night.

Lego Star Wars – Nintendo Wii

Combining both Lego AND Star Wars ?!   Not only is there the Lego Death Star that we’re building, there is also the Nintendo Wii game – which is Cameron’s favourite.

He’s really good at the game play, and is learning lots of the characters, and wanting to buy new people – he was excited to play as General Grievous – and Darth Maul – and loves Boba Fett.

Amazing to think how much he knows about the storyline – he hasn’t seen ANY of the films – until recently.

Star Wars Movie

I’ve been wanting to share the old school Star Wars film/s with him, beginning with the 1977 “A New Hope” chapter. 

I’d had a battle with the wife, that he was too young to see it – but starting school, he needs to know !    I’d hate for him to find out the truth about Luke Skywalker’s father, from another kids in the playground…!

We’ve just recently watched the first half of it – Cameron was amazing to see/hear what a light sabre really sounds like – he was glued to the screen.

We’re up to the part when the Millenium Falcon lands on the Death Star – so, about 1/2 way through.  

Can’t wait to watch the rest of that – and then ‘Empire Strikes Back’.

Games / Computer

He loves to play Angry Birds on my iPhone, I often lose it to him for 1/2 hour or so !  

And he laughs at a few other cool app’s that I have – I sometimes sit on the couch with all three boys in my lap, looking at the screen – might be time to get an iPad, eh ?

He also plays on the computer – he knows to click “the blue E” to open Internet Explorer – and then he types “L-E-G-O” into the search box.   And he flicks about on – and I usually catch him watching a Lego Star Wars video clip (advert).

Also, he loves to play with MS-PAINT – and makes some pretty cool pictures for Mum, or his cousins.  Usually a house, with some trees – amazing to see how he changes lines, colours and ‘fill’.  

Stone Game

Not a computer game, but a made-up game from back in Noosa.  It was raining, and the kids couldn’t run outside, so I took 2 sheets of A4 paper to the underground carpark – and a handful of big pebbles – and the lads picked up one rock from the paper, and ran to the end of the garage, and put it down on the other piece of paper.

Suffice to say – they were knackered !   (job well done, by me…)

Cameron (and Liam) run an alternative back at home – still called the “Stone Game” – I just invented it on the spot, and it’s “stuck” – ha ha !

In the family room (on rainy days – no trampoline time) – we set up a circuit with Duplo blocks, and a path that goes under a table, around the couch, and ends up at the Duplo bucket.

They run the lap 20 times or more (true !) – and then they sleep well at night.

We have young boys who are like Energizer bunnies – we need to run those batteries to FLAT, so that they’ll sleep at night.   Stone Game – thank-you very much…


A big milestone last week, with Cameron starting school !   He looks so amazing in his school uniform, and big school bag.  He’s attending Knox Gardens Primary School – not too far from our house.   Quite a few friends from his kinder are in the same year level, with his best buddies in the same class.  

He’s been enjoying the first few 1/2 day sessions – next week, on to full days (9am – 3.30pm) – we’re expecting that he’s going to be tired and cranky a few nights !

We’ve taken him out of swimming this term – expecting that he’ll start to enjoy the wonderous pleasure that is a “Saturday morning sleep-in”.

He’s loving school already – I’m sure he’s going to just eat it up – he’s so ready – will be great to see what he learns, and the challenges and pitfalls ahead – and the great new life experiences he has in store.

Lovely Lad

Cameron is so thoughtful, and responsible – he’s growing into a very “GOOD” kid – but he does have times that test our patience (a fair bit !) – but when he’s being loving, it’s amazing.  

He gives his Mum kisses on her arm, and makes lovely pictures and cards for us, and others – either on the computer, or a drawing.

He made a letter for Mum to say “hope you have a nice time at Yum Cha with us” – as he knew how much she loved it – and wanted her to enjoy it.    So thoughtful.

We have some great laughs together – one of my best friends – it’s so great to have a good father-son relationship – it’s everything I could have hoped it would be.

Happy Birthday

To our wonderful Cameron, hope you have an amazing birthday – and a great year ahead – you’re a great little dude, a great friend – and a very cool ‘big brother’.

We love you lots matey, love Mum & Dad.    X


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