Liam is now two !

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[ Family nostalgia warning….    For my future nostalgia to be more precise…. ]

With all the recent craziness, I hadn’t taken time out to write up a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our lovely Liam – also known as Lee’s, Flea-man or Lee-Lee.

We’d arranged to have a birthday party on the day (Oct 25th – also our wedding anniversary) – and had the family over for a BBQ & games.

Liam was excitedly opening his presents – with an “Oh Wow !” with every one, and getting MORE amazed with each opening.   Ohhh WOOOWW !!   

One of the games we played was musical statues – dancing to the Wiggles, and then everyone stops when the music stops.  I asked Liam if he wanted a different song (expecting Hi-5, or similar) – and he says “Swash !   Jungle !” 

Yep – he was asking for Slash, and “Welcome To The Jungle”.  I put it on, and he squealed in delight, and began moshing around with Cameron doing air guitar !   (very proud Dad here)

He’s such an amazing little boy – he is always laughing, and has some amazing facial expressions.  So hard to remember all the stuff he’s doing every day :

* He does this funny little “ooohh !” noise, with an in-breath sound (can’t describe in typing) – even when looking at picture books, and turning a page.

* Does a little karate chop move saying “Eee, haaw” – it doubles as a Cowboy “yerr-harr” – and whatever else

* Loves his brother Charlie, always giving him kisses on the forehead

* Words are more and more forthcoming – he was saying “Thank” until recently – only just realised the word is ‘plural’. 

* HIs favourite bed time toy is Baxter – a Myer Christmas bear.  Cameron also has the one from his first Christmas (Henry) – we’ll get one for Charlie this year too.  Baxter is doing fairly well – lots of squeeze & hugs – Liam calls him “Bagger”

* He knows all of our families names, Femron for Cameron, and Charwee for Charlie – and Chrowee for Chloe.  He even lists all his Aunties & Uncles, and cousins – and has 99% nailed counting to ten !

* He just loooves Buzz Lightyear, pointing at every page in the Toy Story book – and saying “ooohhh ! Buzz !”  He carries around a little action figure toy – holding him up and saying “BUZZ !!” 

* If he’s wanting to play a game, he’s known to say “Dad, Dad !” and snap his fingers to get my attention – and then “C’m here” (beckoning me to him)

* He got a little plastic bowling pin set for his birthday – which he loves to play.  It took a while to realise that “Muup” was actually “Set ‘Em Up” – ha ha.

* He’s a ‘routine’ kid – he needs to have his placemat to be square – even putting down his fork to move the placemat to be straight

* When doing teeth, the step stools in the bathroom have to be in the right place – one for each lad, blue & white.  He’ll swap them if they’re wrong.

* Even when putting him in the bath once – he was kicking and yelling “No, Nudie”, and I realised he wanted to do the standard nudie run – before happily getting in the bath.

* Says “Do It !” when he wants to do something, like feeding or playing (meaning “I want to do it”)

* Bounces lots on the trampoline with his brother Cameron – actually, he pretty much follows him everywhere – partners in crime, that’s for sure.

* Liam has to have the worst ever bed hair – just a hilarious birds nest most mornings.

* Has a cheeky grin and laugh, and loves doing a deep sounding “hoo hoo” laugh for fun, accompanied with an “arrr” like a pirate – complete with another type of karate chop.

* He’s still wearing his boots to bed, it has never troubled him – he puts them on without a fuss every time – truly.  Of course, there is often is a giggle game where I put one foot in, and he pulls is out again and laughs.  He’ll continue to wear the boots until he’s four – currently a day sleep, and overnight.


Liam is  two already – can’t believe he’s growing up so fast.  Thankfully, we haven’t seen any sign of impending “terrible two’s” (yet ?)   

I’m sure there will be – but the fun & games – and conversations – will only get better too.


Happy Birthday little dude, thanks for a fun two years !  

Love Dad.  x


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