Charlie is turning ONE !

Hard to believe that it’s been a year since little Charlie Jacob joined our family. 

Arrived on June 28th 2009 – born 10 pounds 10 !




The youngest of three boys – we were wondering how the heck we’d manage !  

He’s definitely been a trial and a delight – large doses of both.  

Man on a mission :

He began commando’ing at 4.5 months – and took his first steps at 9.5 months !  

Took him two weeks to get it sorted out – and then he was off and walking – at 10 months…!

He’s now close to running – especially when we leave the gate open in the kitchen – he does this almost “Olympic Walker” style dash to get in the kitchen – LOL !

He’s started saying a few words or sounds – not just Mum & Dad – but he does this very funny “Goodie, Goodie, Goodie” sounds – or maybe it’s “Goonie, Goonie, Goonie” – I don’t think HE knows either – it makes us chuckle anyways !

And – he’s started clapping his hands together too – and swaying & jigging to the music when The Wiggles or Hi-5 is being played (fairly often in our house !)

Allergies :

Charlie had a bad reaction to some milk powder when he was about 4.5 months old.

He was vomiting and puffing up – and struggling to breathe – we called an ambulance to help – our hearts were racing that night (midnight) – will never forget that night !

By the time the ambulance arrived, he’d calmed down, and went to hospital for observation – all OK, just a big scare.

Click here for more : Charlie’s trip to hospital – all OK now

A week or so later, we had him checked for allergies – and he’s got Dairy allergies – Milk, Egg, Cheese, etc – and Wheat too – and dog hair.  Oh, and nuts. 

For the most part – the allergies will result in some exczma on his face – but he’s just on veges for now – until further tests.   Not taking any chances.

And right now, he’s got a bad cough/cold – and runny nose – and he’s teething too with 3-4 ready to bust through at any moment.   Poor lad – he’s suffering a touch right now.

Cheeky Little Monkey

Charlie is now getting his hands into anything and everything – very curious and explorative little dude – and fast now, too !  

He has a cheeky little laugh – very different from Cameron and Liam – and loves the chasing game – with me saying “I’m gonna GET CHA !”

And he’s taken to switching toys on/off – he knows the buttons to push – and even switches off our stereo subwoofer – to which I reply “damn little Bass monkeys” !

When I’m in the study, he AGAIN makes a bee-line to get in amongst it – and open drawers, and grab at the keyboard, etc – he’s just devastated & cries lots when I eventually have to kick him out and close the door.

Nappy change time has become wrestlemania time – he just hates having his creams put on, and clothes changed – if would take 1/2 the time though, if he didn’t struggle so much – aaarrrgggghhh !    

He’s into “buttons” as well – pressing noise buttons on toys, and has been switching off the TV (on the front) – and the baby monitor – as well as the sub woofer.

Family Life

Charlie has a great time with Cameron & Liam – the three of them are often playing together and hugging him – and Charlie is usually following the bigger lads WHEREVER they go…!

But – recently Liam has been starting to take things from Charlie, and saying “No, Charlie !” – I reckon those two will be the ones fighting it out before long !  

But Liam is also the one dishing out cuddles and kissing Charlie – he loves having a baby brother – we just gotta watch he doesn’t pick him up !

Cameron is enjoying being “the bigger brother” – and is the ring leader of the mischief.  Cameron always wants Charlie to play – or is checking on him – and today Cameron was just asking about any jobs to do around the house – so he can get pocket money – because he wants to buy a birthday present for Charlie – how nice !

We’ve had a few moments of insanity getting all three boys ready to go out somewhere (often !) – but we’re venturing out more and more now – with “family walks” – or a drive to the country – Ballarat or Castlemaine lately. 

Charlie has two sleeps during the day – often in the pram – or going 100 km/h on the freeway heading to/from some country destination.


Cameron is great with him in the car – he’s in the middle seat, with Charlie behind the driver, and Liam behind the passenger – a full car indeed !

Cameron is usually the one to put Charlie’s dummy back in, or do peek-a-boo if we’re needing to keep him awake – or just to say “it’s OK Charlie” when he’s crying – Cameron is such a great brother…

We’ve recently got a baby carrier backpack, and can get out for more “bushwalks” – as opposed to walking the suburban streets around Wantirna South.


Charlie did great on the plane trip to/from Noosa (QLD) – and was great when staying in a strange bed/bedroom – and different car to ride in – he was never fussed at all – although we had to bath him in the laundry sink.


He loved playing the sand and water at the beach in Noosa – and Australia Zoo !

image imageimage



The Look

It’s all about the look, so they say – who does he look like ? 

I can’t see much resemblance to Cameron or Liam – a bit more like Liam, but Charlie is still very much “looks like Charlie” – and no-one else.

Someone did say they could see ME in his face, I’ll have to dig out some old pictures of me as a baby – will have to ask my Mum.

He has lovely blue eyes now – like the other lads – and his blonde hair is most likely going to go mousey-brown, same as Cameron and Liam.




He has a funny laugh – and a very happy smiley face – so great to see !


Thanks Charlie – thanks for an amazing year of fun and laughter – and a few grey hairs along the way.

Here’s you you little man – Chazza, CharlieMan, “Small” (as in Small, Medium and Large – our three boys) – or Chazza-ma-zoo-kaah (thanks Auntie Mandy for that one !)

Whatever we call you – you’ll always be CAPTAIN AWESOME to me !


Love you lots little dude.

Dad.    X

We’re having a party for him today – Saturday – at a kid’s play centre near by. 

We have some special allergy free cakes for him to eat !   

And then we’ll do another Happy Birthday ‘on the day” – Monday.


8 thoughts on “Charlie is turning ONE !

  1. Emily June 26, 2010 / 2:29 pm

    Lovely post. Our baby turned one last week. She is our second and the year went so fast. I enjoy your updates on twitter too!

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