Happy New Year – it’s a James Bond Year !

2007 – it’s 01/01/007 – it has to be called ‘007 – get it, James Bond ?!? *sheesh*

We had a great New Years Eve – with original plans to head into the city, to the kids entertainment areas at Fed Square, and Alexandra Gardens.

But, the weather was looking threatening, and didn’t want to be stuck in the middle of 100,000 people, all seeking shelter, and us with a pram, etc.

So – we didn’t end up going into the city – but the rain didn’t eventuate ! *doh*

Anyway, we spent the evening with another couple, and their little boy Sebastian – who’s 3 days younger than Cameron. Donna and Kat met through the Mum’s Group – and I’ve become good mates with her husband Andy.

Donna and I got stuck into the drinks, and ended up leaving the car at their house, and walking home with Cameron in the pusher – at nearly 2 am ! We probably had some funny looks from cars passing by – was only a 10 minute walk – and nice night to be out.

The whole six degress of separation was evident during the chat’s over beers with Kat & Andy. I first found out that Andy and I went to the same high school – he was 2 years behind me.

And then worked out we went to the same primary school – and remembered some of the same teachers. He couldn’t remember my sister though – who would’ve been in the same year level – I’ll have to ask her.

The funniest though – was his good mate & best man at his wedding – actually lived across the street from my house as a kid (we moved to a new house when I was 12).

And I can remember the guy he was talking about – and his sister also – from nearly 25 years ago ! (yep – getting old, I know – going to be 35 this year)

Amazing to consider that we have lots in common – music especially – and similar “history” – and that we’ve become friends via our kids (Cameron and Sebastian being the same age).

Was a great night with some new friends – lots of laughs and good conversation – we coulda stayed till 4 am I reckon !

Happy New Year to all readers – have a great 2007 – may it be filled with love, laughter & happiness – and be successful & prosperous in your work-life.


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