Birthday fun for Cameron

With our lives so busy with a new born (Liam), it’s amazing that another year has passed for our other special little guy. 

Cameron is now THREE years old !   His birthday is on Valentine’s Day (Feb 14).  

We started the day with Pancakes at home – and some presents :

IMG_4380 - Copy

This year, we had a special treat for him – family outing to Puffing Billy.  




Puffing Billy runs from Belgrave, stopping at Emerald, and continues all the way to Gembrook – winding through the Dandenong Ranges.

Was a great fun day out, Cameron was a little nervous of the train noise at first (“too loud”) – but was soon waving his flag – and toot-toot’ing.


Cameron has grown into an amazing little boy – I can’t believe that he’s 3 years old already. 

His favourite thing of all (like lots of little boys) is cars – like nothing else.

Including spotting different cars in the street or carpark, watching Top Gear, and racing around the house pretending to be a Ferrari, or Porsche – or his favourite Pagani Zonda.

Here’s one especially for you, matey.  

Pagani Zonda

He’s just walked in, while I’m blogging – and pointed to the picture as said “oooh, red Pagani Zonda”.

Here’s a short video clip, with Cameron showing off his cars :

Hot Wheels Cars

He makes me laugh on a daily basis – always something kooky or silly that he’s up to.   He also makes me/us frustrated (almost daily also !) with tantrums, and wanting things from cupboard or fridge.

He was sent to his room on the weekend, and proceeded to trash it, like a rock star’s hotel.   We were sitting in the lounge room almost chuckling, hearing the crash & bang from behind closed doors.   

The good thing, is that he knows what he wants – very determined child.   And he’s now learning either (1) how to get it – or (2) cries & tantrums when he CAN’T have it.

And – Cameron has some great tastes in music !   He now asks for us to play Nine Inch Nails – and “want swash” means he’d like Guns N Roses (w/ Slash)

And, he loves his Dad (me).   So much fun, so many new life experiences – and soooo busy !!  

It all comes back to “the meaning of life”.    NEW life…!

Here’s to you matey – Happy Birthday !


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