Charlie turns TWO !

Well, they say that the third child kinda gets forgotten in the crazy times of running a household – and that’s true (to a certain extent).

For each birthday, I do a blog post about the previous year – as a mark-in-time – for later reference – but this year, time has gotten the best of me.

June 28th marked the 2nd birthday of little Charlie Jacob O’Connor.   We had a big party with family – including his SEVEN cousins – yep !

Charlie has had a full-on 12 months – and is now starting to get into the ‘terrible two’s’ in fine form :

  • He has the most incredible laugh – and awesome sense-of-humour.  He is always laughing at his brother’s doing crazy stuff – or just getting into mischief.
  • We have always said “he’s been here before” – he really does have that canny knack to him – as if he knows what’s going on – and how to ‘work the system’.
  • He also has a great temper – and is becoming very stubborn – with an “on my terms” attitude.   For instance, we can serve him dinner, and he’ll push it away and cry/tantrum – we leave him alone, and 5 mins later, he’s eating away happily.
  • Dare-devil !   The number of times we’ve said “OMG !” as he launches himself off the trampoline, or jumps about on the couch – or attempts to ride his big brother’s bike.
  • His words have become even more – with Mum, Dad, and “Nummy” (dummy) and “thaaaank” (thanks).   He is going to be a chatterbox – just try and stop him !
  • He still has some allergies with food – dairy, egg, nuts, wheat – we make sure he doesn’t have any of these.   We’ll have him re-tested, now that’s he’s a TWO year old – but some of these will be here to stay for a little while longer (I would expect)
  • Charlie is so much like his brothers – and loves to hang out with them.  He follows around in their footsteps, and wants to be a part of the game-at-hand – usually Ben-10 – or something like that !
  • It’s amazing to think that we never would have allowed Cameron (at age 2) to watch Ben-10 – but Charlie just LOVES it.
  • And – his favourite TV show would have to be Chuggington – and Hi-5 too !
  • I caught him opening the DVD player the other day – and opened a DVD case, and took out the old DVD – and inserted the new DVD – and pressed the close button – WTF !?   He’s only TWO – and can work the DVD player – ha ha !
  • Oh yes – and he loooves playing Angry Birds on my iPhone – he hears the music and says “Ang Birdth” ?!    (LOL !)
  • We had a great birthday for Charlie – he sung the Happy Birthday to himself in his own little way – was very cool indeed.

Here’s a few pics from Charlie’s 2nd year on earth.








From Charlie’s 2nd Birthday Party :




Happy Birthday dude !

Don’t go changing the way you live, love & laugh – we love you just the way you are !



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