Charlie turned FIVE (*a month ago)

First off, sorry Charlie for taking so long to do a blog post !  

I’m writing this while on a plane home from New Zealand – July (and June) have been incredibly busy months.   

Work has been busy – big work days + evenings, and ‘prezzo-prep’ for the SharePoint conference in Sydney (last week) – and then Auckland conference THIS week – and then three days of mountain biking !     

Phew !

In case you’re interested, take a quick look back – Charlie’s blog posts from age ONE, TWO, THREE and FOUR.

Charlie had an awesome 5th birthday (his birthday was on June 28th) – including a party at home, and a McDonalds party with his special friends, and then a family party combined with his cousin Nicholas.   

This year, he received a LOT of Lego, which he has been assembling at a great rate of knots – kits that are for age 7 and up – he has no trouble with !

The last year

Every time I sit down to do a blog post about Charlie or his brothers, I look back at all the photos through out the year – and the crazy & fun things we’ve done together.

The first pic I found was from his ‘passport photo’ – with plans for a trip to Fiji.  

He had to sit still for this photo, and sat bolt upright, rigid, and a stern facial expression – I had to turn away to stifle a laugh (!)


Amazing personality

Like all our lads, Charlie has an amazing little brain & heart – often making us laugh in delight & pride – as well as frustration at his stubborness (it has to be HIS way !)

When it’s time for a kiss good night & tuck-in, Charlie will often (less recently) want to have a tuck-in from Mum, but not from me (Dad).    Or – he’ll say “no, Mum do it !”

You can’t argue/reason with a tired 4 year old – but it’s silly & annoying sometimes !

And then – he’ll have days when we go to the shops, and he only wants to hold Dad’s hand – and has to sit next to Dad – and sits on Dad’s lap when we watch TV.

Only last week when I had a work trip to Sydney, I got home late and the kids were all in bed.  The following morning, Charlie was the first awake, and he ran to give me a hug and said “Daddy !   I very missed you” (aaawww).

He has some pearls-of-wisdom too – and I love the way his brain works.   On the same Sydney trip recently, I was using FaceTime to show Donna & kids the view from my room, on the 28th floor.   As I was pointing it out the window, I heard Charlie say “Careful Dad, don’t drop your phone !”    (good advice !)


Charlie has been continuing with his weekly swimming lessons, and he just loooves it.   I’ve been a few times, and it’s like watching a smiling, floating head.   He always has a hug grin on his face, and loves the jump-in-the-deep-end at the end of class.

When we went to Fiji, he spent most of the day (every day) in the pool – jumping in, and getting out – and jumping in again.   He had a float-belt – but otherwise – he was self-sufficient – very strong/confident in the water.

Loving his swim time


Crazy face OMG !


Jumping in – this is jump number SIX, Dad.


He’s also a speed demon on his balance bike, as you can see in these short clips from Instagram.  

image image

He’s had a ride on a proper pedal bike, and mastered that too – but he can’t go as quickly on that (yet)…!    He actually had his first up/down the driveway on a pedal bike on Father’s Day (September) – that was a nice gift to Dad !

Charlie has started playing AusKick, he’s just starting to work out what to do – he gets a little frustrated at NOT being able to kick, but he’s learning !

He sees his big brother Cameron, and wants to play like him – we’ve taken him to a few footy games – and he loves “Tigers” (as if he had a choice, eh ?)

IMG_0210 IMG_2006

Watching his brothers do AusKick, Charlie found a puddle (can I go in there ?)


Such a happy kid – and no, he didn’t fall over, just sloshed up / back.


Big brothers

Charlie adores his two older brothers, they’re always playing XBox, Wii, or a Lego game – or some make believe alien vs robot game.  

Charlie loves the sword play, partly from the Ninjago episodes – and also Star Wars (I think).  He got a lightsaber for his birthday – as he was un-wrapping it, he was saying many “Oh Mi God, Oh Mi God”’s…!

Liam and Charlie are closer in age, but there’s a special bond between Charlie and Cameron – I’m sure Charlie adores his BIG brother, and wants to be just like him.  Similarly, Cameron looks after Charlie, and helps him get dressed, and shoes on, etc.

Next year will be interesting, when Charlie is at school – and I’m sure Cameron’s protective instincts will come alive even more.

Three cheeky lads at the playground


Hanging out in the car, waiting for Mum in the shops (?)


Lots of thumbs-up – in fact, often TWO THUMBS UP (#TTU)


Liam & Cameron off to school concert – proud little brother


Cameron & Charlie in Fiji – best bud’s


Christmas fun – love the Santa hats !


And – playing a video game while the dog wants a pat – so he used his foot !


Activity Group + Kindergarten

Charlie has been thriving through his first year at “Activity Group” (2013) – and now into Kindergarten/Pre-School (2014).   His confidence & enjoyment has grown tenfold, and he has some great friends – his favourite is Ashy – she is the younger sister of Cameron’s friend Matthew – and we’ve become great friends with the whole family.

Charlie & Ashy talk away to each other, walking to the car after school pick-up (holding hands usually) – and at the footy, or McDonalds after Cameron’s basketball.

When it was time to choose people for his birthday party, his response was “well, Ashy of course, and then ummmm” (and began to think of people).

I hope they continue to be friends at school – they both start prep in 2015.

NH Haynes Activity Group (2013 calendar year)


Christmas + graduation from NG Haynes 



Certification of achievemnet from NG Haynes


Official photographer pics from NH Haynes – having a great time !




Starting “big boy” kinder – Knox Gardens Pre School (2014)



With his best friend Ashy – at her birthday party – PRINCESS + SPIDERMAN !


Photos : thumbs up – or tongues out

Charlie will always be our ‘cheeky monkey’ – no matter what nickname we drop on him – he gets called McGubbins, Chazza, Charz – he usually answers to all of the above – but sometimes he replies “NO, I’m Charlie !”

And so – when a camera is pointed at him – it’s hard to avoid a thumbs-up, or a goofy tongue hanging out – so funny – the twinkle in his eye, and the giggly laugh he makes.

At Australia Zoo – getting a sneaky kiss from Mum


Waiting for the safari bus – crazy family photo – love it !


Christmas time at Mark & Mandy’s – tongue out


Getting a haircut – tongue out !


One of the MANY photos I found on my phone– kids taking SELFIES !

Look Dad – marshmallows !


Family holiday – Bellarine – thumbs up from Charlie !


Pull a crazy face !    (I think Cameron just got sand in his eye – doh !)


Hanging out with Dad

Charlie and I have a great friendship – it’s hard with such a busy household to make time for 1-on-1 with each of the lads – but we always have a great time.

When I’m attempting to get the kids to bed, Charlie asks me to do the ‘teeth-and-bed’ dance which is hard to describe, but always hilarious.    It’s a made-up song (of course) with a goofy dance – and me singing “teeth and bed, teeth and bed, teeth and beeeed” (to the tune of “here we go, here we go, here we go”)…

And, when we finally get Charlie into bed, it’s time for a ‘story cuddle’ – which consists of me lying down with Charlie – and his head under my arm – as I read a story to him.   Such a nice way to go off to bed – we BOTH look forward to a ‘story cuddle’ !

When I give him a kiss on the cheek, I expect the usual “you need a shade” (meaning ‘shave’) when I have prickles after a day or two without a shave.   So – he loves to give me a kiss on the cheek after I’ve shaved – a soft little peck – so cute.

Brekky together on a Sunday morning (judging by the hair)


Tired lad, watching TV – with our lovely dog Chloe as well.


Another tired Charlie – at a friend’s 40th – this was about 10pm !


Goofy selfie fun – LOL !    Lovely little smile.


Happy face out the window, with Dad working at home.


Dad’s birthday – having out with the lads


More awesome photos

I’m sure I could overload the internet with the many MANY awesome photos of Charlie – I’ll close out with a few great pics, from the last year with Charlie.

He’s become such an amazing little dude – I can’t wait to see what NEXT year brings – when he starts school (!!)

Gotta love his awesome sunnies – we got these for our family trip to Fiji


 Charlie made a car for his buddy MR MURPHY


Playing Lego – making a new Ninjago kit


Sparkers on New Years Eve


Playing video games with Liam – I don’t think he realised there’s a whole COUCH !


Cool dude on Australia Day


Dressed up as a pirate for a birthday party


Happy boy, with a happy smile


Happy Birthday Charlie

Congratulations little guy on becoming a big boy – and for giving up the dummy in bed – that was a great achievement !    (yes – he got a Lego reward, for the dummies being thrown in the bin).

Charlie – you make me laugh so much, and I adore your little cuddles – you’re too awesome for words – and we love you very much !


On the beach in Fiji – one of my favourite photos of Charlie



Happy Birthday Charlie

Dear Chazza, thanks for being such an incredible

– we love you (so much !)


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