Liam has turned SIX !

It’s a few weeks ago now – nearly three weeks (sorry Liam) – and time for my annual blog post to mark another birthday.

Our awesome little guy has now turned SIX years old….!

Here’s the posts from his 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th birthdays.

Such a huuuge year for Liam – where to begin ?

Starting School

Obviously, the biggest milestone in a child’s life is starting school.  Liam began prep at the start of 2013, at Knox Gardens – same school as Cameron (who started grade 2).

In the weeks before starting, Liam was saying that he was looking forward to learning how to read – he wanted to be just like Cameron !

I remember thinking how little he looked, when he was all loaded up with a big school bag – with a big smile – excited to go to school with his big brother…

1 2

IMG_6324 (1024x768)

Liam’s teacher is Mrs.Marletta – she’s an amazing prep teacher – we couldn’t have asked for a better start to school for him.

You can see the growth and change, in only a few months – these next photos are from the “Parent-Teacher” night – which was in late-June…

4 3

School has meant a great number of activities – not just learning to read and write – which he’s doing amazing with – but also days like “crazy hair day” and the school “disco” – and participating in the school concert.  

They sang “Crocodile Rock” – and “Old Man Emu” – and “Kookaburra Sits In The Old Gum Tree” (and different verses with “Kookaburra Sits On The Electric Wire !”).


And – you gotta love the official school photo…

Liam-1 (737x1024)

Riding His Bike

Another great development has been moving onto a proper bike – without training wheels.  Liam actually learnt to ride on a ‘balance bike’ – which he could sit on, and zoom around everywhere. 

He was so confident that we tried him on a normal bike (with training wheels) – he actually did WORSE.     So – we took off the training wheels – and showed him how to pedal – and he was away…

** This is the only time he rode with training wheels (!)

IMG_4215 (768x1024)

** Five minutes after these photos, I was putting the camera away, and heard a cry out from the driveway – and he’d face-planted in the driveway – ouch !

IMG_6641 (683x1024) IMG_6648 (683x1024)


Along with Cameron, Liam participated in AusKick this year – he’s 1/2 interested, but says that he has a good time.  He enjoys kicking – and getting much better at it – but happy to just run around with his friends. 

Next year, *HE* will be the big one at AusKick – as Cameron has graduated – and Charlie might also come along too.

One of Liam’s greatest memories of AusKick was getting an ‘award’ – once for the AMF Bowling – and another for a Pancake Parlour treat.  I took him as a “Dad+son date” – and had an awesome time – yummy dessert, and colouring in for aaages.

** Liam’s coach Scottie + trophy – AND – an ice cream treat (happy boy !)

IMG_0348 (1024x768) IMG_0135 (1024x768) 


Again, following along with Cameron, Liam started to do Karate during term 2 this year.  He’s now done TWO gradings – and just graduated to a ‘red/white’ belt.

We’ve very proud of him – he’s getting great at his technique – and really DOES enjoy it – he’s in a separate class to Cameron – along with a buddy Ryan.

** Just before his first grading – and then congrats !

IMG_0382 (1024x768) IMG_0390 (1024x768)


Despite the fact that he’s following along with Cameron for school & other activities, he’s no longer in Cameron’s shadow – and really has an identity of his own.

He has a great number of friends at school – with Alex Lowe being his best buddy.  When Donna picks up Liam from school, he & Alex walk along to the car, chatting away – they just love hanging out together.

Liam has been invited to MANY birthday parties – he’s a hit with the girls too – sometimes being the only boy that was invited !    He’s been to a build-a-bear party, and dance-party, and gymnastics – and even a tae-kwon-do party…

Recently, when it was Liam’s birthday, we had fun at the playground at “Daisey’s” in Ringwood.  Liam invited a bunch of his friends from school – Alex, Tammy, Eliza, Adam, Micheal and Alex P.

Favourite Things

By far, Liam’s favourite thing is “Peppa Pig”.  He had a themed birthday party, including invitations, and cake – and his presents included a stuffed beanie toy Peppa Pig – and Peppa Pig beach towel.   Of course, he loves watching the TV show whenever he catches it on ABC2.

He’s also greatly into playing video games – Mario Brothers, Minecraft, Lego Batman, SkyLanders – he’s mastered them all.   He usually plays along with his brothers, but sometimes on his own – and of course, the iPad games get a workout.

He even plays video games with his teddy !

IMG_0753 (1024x1024)

The kids have worked out the camera on the iPhone too – so we often find photos of their silly faces – or little video’s of poking tongues accompanied by a Liam-giggle…

100_2293 (1024x760)

Another treat for his birthday was a ‘membership’ for Club Penguin (  He can now create his own “puffle” and decorate his igloo – LOL !  

He also loves the educational games, like Reading Eggs and CoolMaths4Kids.


Liam is an awesome brother – he has a BIG brother and a LITTLE brother – one of each !   They all play so well together (usually) – often with wrestles & goofing around – or some Lego fiddling & creating new machines.

IMG_6458 (1024x768) IMG_6589 (1024x683)

IMG_0612 (1024x1024) 

He loves his cousins too – especially Jasmine – they’re always playing together if/when we have a family get together.

IMG_5080 (768x1024) 

And of course, lots of fun with Dad – including stories, and piggy back rides – and always lots of hugs & kisses at bedtime – and of course, “can I have a drink of water” (his habitual question before lights-out).

IMG_0009 (640x480) IMG_4395 (480x640)

And of course, with our lovely dog Chloe.

IMG_6293 (1024x768) 

Birthday in Fiji

Liam’s birthday happens to coincide with our wedding anniversary – the doctor laughed and said that we’d be spending the next 10 anniversaries at Macca’s…!

For our 10 year wedding anniversary, we had a family holiday to Fiji – which meant that Liam had a birthday party *IN* Fiji !

He was pretty excited, and was telling customs officials that he was going to Fiji for his birthday – LOL !

On the day, we had some present-opening with the family – and he played some Lego – and was sung to by the roving guitarist in the lunch buffet restaurant.

And at night, we went to a fire-dancing display, and they called his name, and he was on stage with the Fiji warriors who also sang him Happy Birthday – and THEN – he received a birthday card from Nanna+GrandDad – all the way from Glen Waverley.

Suffice to say, he had a GREAT birthday.

** New Peppa Pig + Happy 6th Birthday Cupcake !

IMG_6897 (683x1024) IMG_0897 (576x768)

** And the resort (Shangri-La) even brought him a cake to our room – nice !

IMG_0923 (576x768)

** Doing some drawing with Mum

IMG_6872 (1024x683)


Goofy faces + laughter

Whenever the camera is pointed at Liam, he seems to either look away – or do a goofy face – he’s just hilarious (and frustrating at the same time – LOL !)

 IMG_0591 (1024x768) IMG_0593 (1024x768) IMG_6725 (640x480) IMG_4248 (768x1024)IMG_5057 (768x1024) IMG_0715 (1024x768)

IMG_0883 (768x1024) GOPR0024 (1024x768)

IMG_0127 (1024x768)IMG_0617 (1024x1024)

Such a great kid

And then – you get the photos that show him for the amazing little kid that he is – he REALLY is just awesome…

IMG_6454 (1024x768)

IMG_4416 (768x1024)

IMG_6602 (683x1024) IMG_6654 (683x1024)

IMG_6926 (683x1024)

IMG_0041 (1024x1024)  

Happy Birthday

So – after all that – we want to wish you an amazing birthday – to our darling little Liam – we love you very much !!



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