Cameron has turned 12, a few months ago

Yep – well, this is my most OVERDUE birthday blog post ever, it’s late-May – I guess 3 months late is better than never.   I was worried it would be after Charlie’s birthday in June – LOL !

Suffice to say, it’s been a crazy busy household, now that Donna has started back at work – and – my work has taken over a number of evenings, but, I always intended to get to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Cameron.

We’ve talked as a family – and this might be his LAST birthday blog post – next year, he’ll be a teenager, and he can write his OWN blog post perhaps !

You can see the previous birthday blogs for Cameron : 11th, 10th, 9th, 8th, 7th, 6th, 5th, 4th, and 3rd birthdays (not for his 1st or 2nd – doh !).


Cameron was in grade 5 last year (2016), and now in grade 6 with Mr.Grimwade. 

He’s been enjoying the garden club, and is the “PA monitor” to set up the speakers & microphones for assembly.

His year in grade 5 was awesome – he’s advanced a lot with his Maths, and enjoyed preparing speeches for school – including a “be a famous person” speech in which he chose ELON MUSK and spoke about PayPal, SpaceX, Tesla and so forth – awesome !

Cameron also did a speech for school captain, and put a lot of himself into – but was voted into 2nd place, a blessing in disguise, but still a bit emotional let-down after it all.

There’s been a big change in all the kids, as they’re starting grade 6.  The teachers give them more responsibility, and self-management – and fun stuff that “only” the grade 6’s get to do – like dress up day.

He’s had some great fun at school camps with a three-day stay in grade 5 (Sovereign Hill, Ballarat) – and then grade 6 was a full week in Coonawarra, near Sale.

We’ve signed Cameron up for “Wantirna Secondary College” for 2018.   We did a tour recently, and he really enjoyed it – and looking forward to it.  He’ll be attending with his good buddy Callum (“my best friend”) – and Josh + Luke too.





Homemade board game – gold rush theme


Off to school camp, on the gold bus !



It’s been amazing to see Cameron’s skill level improve over the last year or so – his coach Kat has been wonderful, and got them to a Grand Final, and a premiership !   An amazing dream-season, with a great bunch of kids.   His next season with her was harder, with some changed players, and they didn’t make the finals. 

But, Cameron was the 2nd highest goal scorer for the grade – amazing !

He’s now into U/14’s – and had his first game today – and it’s a much higher grade of gameplay & skill – it will do him well to push the level…   #NextLevel !

Backyard practice – the home court gets a lot of use !


Great team of kids – they won a flag !



After party at Macca’s – good friends…


His cousin Michael also won a flag, on the same day !



For his 11th birthday, Cameron got a “gears bike” and has been able to ride further, and faster, and we’ve been mountain biking a few times already.   He entered the club race too, on a Friday night at Lysterfield (FFLL).   He’s been regularly riding to school, and is a great ‘shop-rider’ in case we need a loaf of bread, etc.

Ready for his first ride at Lysterfield


First RACE at Lysterfield







Computer Stuff

Cameron’s greatest past time over the last year has involved a screen in one or more ways.   Either playing XBox, or PC games (Terraria, MineCraft) – or using the iPad to create an iMovie – or his new birthday gift of an iPod Touch (he was super excited).

He began recording his own gameplay videos, and uploading to YouTube – we bought Camtasia, and he’s now a master of video editing – so much so, that he’s keen to look into this further at high school – and perhaps as a career path.  

I’m assuming he’ll move into something ‘tech-related’ – he just loves it.


After recording his clips, and editing, he uploads to YouTube.   He has 30 videos, as of today.  

His channel is “LegendBuilding” – this is his ‘intro’ :

Video games are just great, aren’t they?
Join me and my friends with action packed adventurous content such as pvp on Minecraft or boss battling on Terraria. So go on click or tap on one of my videos and well sit back, relax and enjoy!  


He has a few ‘subscribers’ – mainly friends at school – and excitedly tells us about other YouTuber’s like DanTDM – especially if someone responds to a comment of his.  

He had a few friends doing videos also – but one kid “unsubscribed” to his channel, and Cameron was devastated.   I guess it’s the beginning of the ‘cyber’ stuff – we had to explain that video editing was for HIM, not others – and to not worry what people think or say.   He’s recently made a few videos for the “fun of editing” as opposed to wanting subscribers, or comments.

Video Games

Of course, Cameron still loves MineCraft – but it’s the extension packs that he loves these days – such as “EggWars” – and “PixelMon”.   Most of these are run-around-and-shoot-each-other games, and so I introduced him to HALO, and STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT.   He played some TOMB RAIDER too – which was great fun.

And – Santa brought him OVERWATCH – but, he didn’t really get into it very much.   

However, he has been bitten hard by the CALL OF DUTY bug.   This is his favourite game – by far – although, we have had to restrict him a little.   He’s very good at it, I can’t actually keep up with him these days – I recently had a hissy fit after he wiped the floor with me – I could barely get a kill !    

Family Holiday

Last September, we had a great time as a family unit, with a trip to Queensland.   We’ had some days at theme parks, before a more relaxing stay in Noosa.

I’d assumed Cameron would be the daredevil on roller coasters, but he got scared on the first one (Scooby Doo Coaster) – which went backwards, in the dark – and he didn’t want to go on anymore !    We had a blast at Wet-N-Wild – he loved the waterslides.

And – he went on the JetSki ride at SeaWorld – we all had a great time…

Heading off to Queensland



Family selfie (felfie) at MovieWorld


Waiting for the parade at MovieWorld


Another family pic – SeaWorld this time


Goofy fun with Dora – LOL !


Sandbed – he looked so comfortable !    (Surfers Paradise beach)



Rainforest walk in Noosa


With Dad

It’s been great to get out for some more bike rides together, and have some 1:1 chats together.  As he grows into a young man, his Dad is an important part of a boys life – and I’m making sure to keep in check with him, we have a great relationship.

There are a heap of fun gags & jokes that only a Dad+son can enjoy – often something gross, or related to farts, most likely – LOL !

We’ve been to see some great movies together – JURASSIC WORLD, GHOST IN THE SHELL, and I sat with him and watched THE MATRIX – which he loved (no surprise !)




After a bike ride – 7-11 slurpee


And – to Jells Park for an ice cream


Heading off to the Glen Waverley swimming pool – goon face !


Out for his 12th birthday – I’d got his T-Shirt on my trip to NZ


Christmas photo shoot – nice one of Cam & I


With Mum

Of course every kid needs his Mum – and while Cameron and Donna ‘clash’, they have a great friendship.  She has taken him on a few ‘dates’ including the surprise movie to see the final HARRY POTTER movie – he was overjoyed !

It’s amazing to see/read some of the cards he’s done for her recently – including a home made ‘massage voucher’ which he gave her for Mothers Day.

Before-The-Movie selfie with Mum


Christmas Photo with Donna + Cameron



Cameron is an amazing big brother to Liam & Charlie, but he can sometimes get very frustrated and annoyed.  Especially if he’s getting hangry, and needing to eat.   Again, getting older, he needs some space, and often retreats to his bedroom, or the computer, and enjoys some chill out time on his own.

But – we’re a wonderful family – we have a lot to be thankful for, and it all started with our first-bubba Cameron.

He loves to talk with Auntie Kath – and also has a lovely soft way with Nanna, and understands that she likes to talk slowly & just hear about his life.  

The recent ‘family fun’ has been to play Nanna’s favourite – Scrabble !

O’Connor Family Christmas


Goofing at Pancake Parlour


Saying goodbye to our Holden Commodore – Cameron was 6 mths old when we got it


New car !   Kia Sorento – they love riding in the back seat


Playing in the pool at Uncle Marks – with Millie & Micheal


Out to see the basketball (NBL)


Another Macca’s lunch – just me & the lads


Other Random Fun

There’s never a dull moment with Cameron around, he has a great sense of humour, and loves to do goofy faces & noises – he’s a delight to hang out with.

Cameron had a comment from “HEX” after my Instagram photo of him reading their new book


Demolishing a “fan feed box” at Macca’s


Yummy bliss with a chocolate sundae


Groucho Marx, with a KitKat cigar


Sparklers on New Years Eve


Turned 12, compared to the day he was born


Sticky-tape and foam – being a goon (again !)



Cardboard cutouts – some of these are hilarious !




Happy Birthday

Dear Cameron – you’re growing into an amazing young man, we’re very proud of you.  

I love to hear about your day – good, bad or otherwise – and to discuss/support you – especially as the next year brings newer & bigger challenges.   

You’re becoming a basketball star, it’s so awesome to watch you play – and hopefully we get out for some more bike rides soon !

Thanks for all the LOL’s, LMFAO’s, FAIL’s, TROLL’s, and OMG’s.   We love you !

Mum + Dad…     x



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