Liam has turned SEVEN

As with previous years, it’s taken me a few weeks to get this blog post sorted out – has been an action-packed few weeks.

Liam’s birthday weekend was particularly busy with his brother Cameron in a basketball Grand Final (they won !) – as well as Liam’s party with family – and then Donna and I went to the city for a wedding anniversary day out.  

Our anniversary is the same day at Liam’s birthday – Oct. 25th – we went for Yum Cha in the city – and then out to see LES MISERABLES.

Anyway – this is about Liam – Happy Birthday buddy !

Here’s the posts from his 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th birthdays…


Liam is now close to the end of Grade 1 at Knox Gardens – it’s a ‘composite’ prep+grade1 class – their teacher is Miss Hayes.

Heading off to the start of school – Charlie was excited + proud of his brothers !

 school2school4 school6 school9

His friends at school – as he’s just told me today – are :

  • Alex Lowe **
  • Daniel Wang **
  • Jerry
  • Dylan
  • Daniel Lee
  • Sachi – Liam has said he’s going to marry her one day – LOL !

** These two boys were Liam’s special invited friends for his 7th birthday party – they went to JUMP FACTORY together – and then home for food, drinks + XBox…

School Activities

Liam really loves going to school – his teacher Miss Hayes is lovely – and they’ve done some fantastic activities through out the year :

  • Excursion to ScienceWorks
  • Excursion to The Zoo
  • Spooky disco
  • Crazy hair day
  • Kids & Dad’s night
  • School sports day

Liam told me that he’s enjoying learning about space w/ Miss Hayes – and his favourite subjects at school are art, LOTE, music & reading.

His reading is amazing now – he’s currently reading “The 26 storey tree house”…

Student of the week award – Dad was proud !


Crazy Hair Day

chd4 chd3

Kids & Dads night – fun & games, creating some great memories together

 dadnight1 dadnight2 dadnight3

Sports & Activities – Karate

Liam has been continuing on with his Karate, and had gradings to become Blue, Red, and then Orange belt – and next weekend – will be going for his Green belt.

He’s amazing to watch, with his kicks & punches – and the way he stands, and concentrates to do the moves.  

karate k1 k2 k3 k4

Sports & Activities – AusKick

Liam and Charlie were both doing AusKick this year, but neither of them were super-excited about it – in the way that Cameron was.

It’s been enjoyable – and they have an understanding & appreciation of football – but I don’t know if they’ll do it next year.   Liam is already talking about trying SOCCER.

Liam won “The Golden Boot” – Charlie was proud + excited !


Graduation Day – they each received a trophy !


Family Fun – Camping

We had a great long weekend away with the LOWE’s when we went to the Big4 at Queenscliffe.   Liam’s best friend ALEX was there – along with his brother JACK – and Mum & Dad (Sean+Allison).

The park is great for kid’s – with pedal cars, and a jumping pillow – and we had some fun on the beach, with fish + chips – as well as some goofy family fun.

And, after the kids were in bed, it was Mum’s & Dad’s turn for fun – with a world-class battle of Yatzee – LOL !

Liam loved camping – and said that we should do it every year…!

Having fun in the pedal cars – even in drizzly rain…

camping1camping (2)

Fish & Chips – on the beach !

camping (3) camping (4)

Brekky while camping – great fun with the LOWE’s + Goofy Family shot…

camping (5)camping5

Family Fun – Werribee Zoo

Liam loved a family day out to Werribee Zoo – he got to see some Lion’s and Zebra’s – and his favourite – Giraffe’s.

And of course – an ice cream to finish off the day – great day with the family.

Hijinxs while waiting for the bus / Sitting next to Dad.

werrib (2)werrib (1)

Checking out the LIONS / Playing under the water in the hippo play park

werib (2)werib (3) 

Having an ice cream – sitting next to Dad (again)…

werib (1)

Family fun – Collingwood Family Zoo

Crazy family day out at the “other” zoo – FARM in the suburbs


Patting a goat – Liam was laughing lots at the goats…


Fun with the brothers

Liam is lucky to have a BIG brother and a LITTLE brother – which can be good and bad…    He clashes with Cameron a lot – they’re often yelling at each other, or come running up to say “He did thaaaat to me !!” (in a whiny voice).

But – they really do have a great time together – mostly !

Liam is closer in age to Charlie – and they play a lot of similar games together – such as the Wii / XBox – and on the trampoline or swings.

Sitting together playing, when there’s a whole couch to use !


“The dudes” on the train tracks at Avoca


Reading a story to Charlie, when he was sick (aaawww)


Christmas time – the best time of year for kids (and parents WITH kids) !

IMG_1424 IMG_1420

Riding to AusKick with Dad


At Cranbourne Botanical Gardens


Last playtime in the cubbyhouse, before we dismantled & removed it.


Father’s Day, fun with all the brothers


Family Holiday to Avoca

Nanna and GrandDad have a holiday house in the country, and we’ve been there TWICE this year – Liam loved the country life, with a campfire for marshmallows, building a bike track, riding bikes, ice creams at the shop, and a walk to the look out.

We’ll hopefully get there more & more, now that it’s easy to do so.

Playing board games together – Game Of Life / Connect 4 / Snakes & Ladders

avoca (2)avoca8 avoca9

Campfire – for toasting marshmallows

avoca (3)

New bike track – Geronimo Swing Dipper !

We all built a bike track on the grass at the AVOCA house – Liam helped with digging and cutting grass.

We even made a GoPro clip of him riding – you have to watch it, he gives a great commentary – LOL !

avoca avoca1 avoca5avoca2 avoca3  

Bike riding with Alex & Jackson – lovely sunny day in the country


Comparing eye colour with Mum – they’re identical !


Other fun times

Liam has mastered riding his bike – although he managed to have a decent crash when rolling downhill – with feet OFF the pedals !

Check out the video clip :


Liam and his bike – this is one of my recent fave’s :


Finishing the ending of SUPER MARIO GALAXY 2

Liam also loves playing MARIO KART, SKYLANDERS – and MINECRAFT !


Playing with Lego – cool MAZE that he created


Liam has the BIGGEST collection of soft toys…!


Stories with Nanna


Overnight’er at Auntie Kaths

After GrandDad’s 70th, Liam went home to Castlemaine with Kath, and stayed overnight.   He got an egg from the chook shed, and went to the coffee shop with her – they had a great day. 

I was racing MTB in Castlemaine, and they came to see me – and then I went home for dinner, and to pick him up.

He was pretty tired, and missing Mum – crying that he had been away from her for so long – and wanted to hold a picture of her while we drove home.  

Such a lovely adventure with Auntie Kath – and a lovely hug for Mum when he got home.

Drawing & writing in front of the fire


Richmond Supporter

We’ve had a few days out to the city to watch RICHMOND, to the ‘family day’ – as well as a game between Richmond v. Melbourne.   Liam got a little bored, but was more than happy to cheer + yell when Richmond kicked a goal !

(We got beaten that day – but was still lots of fun)

rfd3 RFD1 rfd2 footy footy (2) footy (3)

Fun with Dad

With a busy work life, and cycling on weekends – I make sure to have some one-on-one time with the lads.

Liam and I have been on a few coffee “dates” – and it was nice to just lay on rug and watch the clouds together.

 IMG_3535IMG_4357 IMG_2528

Face Painting

Liam is a BIG fan of getting his face painted – check out this master piece as “a snake” – with his eyes closed – and dinosaur mouth :


Happy Birthday !

Liam had a great time for his party – he chose a CHESS BOARD for a cake !

His favourite presents were the big LEGO kit/s he got – and also the WundaBubble – and he scored lots of ca$h in cards.  

He was excited to buy a new video game – SKYLANDERS TRAP TEAM.

I’m now SEVEN !


Playing with the WundaBubble


New Lego Kit – awesome !


Chess board cake


Love from Mum & Dad

Happy Birthday buddy, you’ve grown into an awesome little guy, who loves karate, and bike riding – and we’re so proud of how well you’re doing at school.

We love you mate – Happy Birthday !



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  1. Sulfen November 16, 2014 / 3:53 pm

    Happy Birthday to Liam. Also, I’m happy to hear that you’re a proud parent 🙂

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