Cameron –> Mr.4

With all the preparations and thoughts about having baby #3, the fact that Cameron was about to turn FOUR has kinda crept up on us – it was his birthday yesterday (Valentine’s Day).

He was kinda sad & upset when he awoke yesterday – he looked at his legs, and said “I’m not bigger !?!”   He was thinking he’d grow bigger overnight !

But – he really *IS* becoming a big boy now – as he keeps telling us ! 

“I am a BIG boy" !

But – he still has lots of tantrums as most kids his age will still do.   But – he comes out with some great comments from time-to-time, always has us laughing.   He’s become a great friend for his little brother Liam – the clown prince + entertainment factory.

Cameron & I share our love of cars via Top Gear and playing with his Hot Wheels cars – and off to the Motor Show again soon (March 1st, look out booth babes !) – as well as sitting on the back of my bike for a spin around Jell’s Park.

He’s been loving “Wall-E” lately, and just got a birthday DVD of “Roary the Racing Car” – another favourite.

We try to make special games time for him when Liam is asleep – either Snakes & Ladders, or Ker-Plunk – or Lego.  

It’s amazing to see him grasping the concept of the computer, and keyboard, mouse, etc – and he knows about Google, YouTube, eBay and even asked if I could put the picture from Go-Karting onto TwitPic (“you know Dad, that ClipPic thing with Twitter ?” – I knew what he meant !)

And, when he says stuff like “Dad, you’re my best friend” – I just melt, and forget the tantrums and craziness of other days.

Another few things he loves & have been fun to share with “Mr.3” :

  • Nintendo Wii – Bowling
  • Trampoline in the back yard – bounces for aaages, even straight after a big meal (!)
  • Darth Vader – has dressed up a few times as Darth Vader.   Even though he’s never seen any Star Wars films – I reckon he’ll be a bit sad/upset when he realises “the truth” about Darth Vader !
  • Swimming – Saturday mornings with Dad
  • Top Gear Kid – new FaceBook group for Cameron’s photos/videos
  • Camping in Back Yard
  • Trips to Bunnings – have been with my brother-in-law a lot lately, so Cameron and his cousin Milly have a great time
  • Music + Dancing – he loves Nine Inch Nails + “Slash” from Guns N Roses – and especially “Welcome To The Jungle”

We had a special activity for his birthday – last year we had a family day-out on Puffing Billy (looking a lot younger, eh ?) :

IMG_4424 - Copy

This year we took him GO KARTING.  He loved it, but was a bit scared once or twice. 

Admittedly, I *WAS* pushing pretty hard at first, and driving really fast into corners.  At one point, and he leaned over and tapped my arm to slow down (!)

But – he was soon saying “FASTER Dad !” – and had a great big smile at the end.  

IMG_6706 - Copy 

IMG_6709 - Copy

After Go-Karting, we had a party at our house – with cousins, aunties, uncles and a special mate from playgroup/kinder (they’re only 4 days apart in age – been best mates since birth).

We had a “dress-up” party, and was great to see some of the outfits.  Cameron dressed up as Darth Vader (and changed later into Speed Racer/The Stig).

Liam was dressed as a little Jedi – and there was even a Princess Leia – very cute !    And *NO* it wasn’t a STAR WARS theme party – just ended up that way !

IMG_6724 - Copy IMG_6725 - Copy

There was a Mr.Incredible, Batman and Cinderella – and a Tinkerbelle who ended up as Darth Vader (Darth Tinker ?)

IMG_6721 - Copy IMG_6763 - Copy

IMG_6752 - Copy 

IMG_6729 - Copy

Was great fun with all the cousins – and the usual party games like pass-the-parcel and pin-the-tail – and lots of party food, and an ice cream cake too :

IMG_6777 - Copy

Was a great party – lots of fun had by all.


Happy Birthday Cameron – can’t believe you’re already FOUR !

Thanks for being such a cool dude – and my best friend…

Lots of love, from Dad.   x x



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