Turned up to ELEVEN – Cameron, that is…

Well, as usual, I’m late with my annual ‘birthday blog’ posts – was a very busy weekend for Cameron’s 11th birthday – and then we were off to Wodonga for a 40th the following weekend.   Anyway – here we go !

You can see Cameron’s previous blog posts : 10th, 9th, 8th, 7th, 6th, 5th, 4th, and 3rd birthdays (not for his 1st or 2nd – doh !).

It’s sometimes amazing to remember back to when Cameron was first born – we were looking at birth photos – 11 years ago – he’s been with us for 1/4 of our lives (Donna and I).   


He’s now into Grade 5 – we’re realising that it won’t be long until we have to look at HIGH schools – most likely to be planning on sending him to HighVale, in Glen Waverley – but that’s only a hunch, we need to check out a few schools.

This year, he chose to run for sporting vice-captain, and did a class speech – but was convinced he would get thrashed, and didn’t want to go ahead with the speech.  We worked on it together – and he enjoyed it – but still got beaten.

He also missed out on environmental monitor – but ended up as being PA-assistant, helping to set up for school assembly and such.   He’ll enjoy this – technical ‘roadie’ job – but doesn’t need to get up and do speeches, etc.

We hear a lot about school – often troubles, and his bad-days – but he really does love school – and doing great at maths !    And his reading too.

Last year (grade 4) he had some wonderful help from a school chaplain, after some friendship troubles and arguing, and coping with his concerns about his Auntie Kath (who had cancer during 2015 – more in a sec).

One of the biggest highlights for the year was his “Camp Wurrabinda” – which was a few days away in a bush retreat.  They did nature walks, and fire making, and camp cooking, and flying fox – we heard soooo much about it in the 2-3 weeks after.  It was a great experience for him – the best for the year, for sure.

He had another school camp to Philip Island, with the entire class (Wurrabinda was a smaller group, and kids from other schools).   He enjoyed the 2nd camp also, but with different friends, and more fun+play, than learning+experiences.

Starting Grade 5 (2016)


School concert


Off to School Camp


Crazy Hat Day


School sports day




Selfie with a buddy on camp



Cameron is progressing well at basketball – he’s into U12D – and is a great team member.  Very keen at training, and works hard – and also practice+shooting in the backyard at home.   He’s able to get amongst the crowd, and plays some basketball at school too.  

It’s funny, I found an only basketball pennant from my first season – in U12D as well – in 1985.

Scored a GATORADE for the basketball final (I ended up buying one for the whole team in the end – when they made the Grand Final)


Runners-up – was an awesome achievement to make the Grand Final !


Action shots from the game





Lachlan R, Lachlan J, Hayden, Sebastian, Gavin, Cameron & Daniel


Bike Riding

He loves riding his bike – it’s the normal mode for school each morning now – and especially since he got a cool new MTB for his 11th birthday.   I’ve taken him out to Lysterfield once already – when he had his BMX – and he loved it.  We’ll go out there on his MTB in the next few weeks (hopefully !)

For his new MTB, I even signed him up to Strava – it won’t be long before he’s as fast as me (or faster !) – and we can go riding LOTS together.

Off to school, BMX’ing


First ever ride at Lysterfield – we only did about 8km


On the skate park in Avoca – Christmas morning !




Park riding with the brothers


New mountain bike – first GEARS bike – Trek Marlin 5



If you asked Cameron what he MOST wants to do, it would be video games.   He just loves his TERRARIA and MINECRAFT games, and can lose hours upon hours.   And even when NOT playing, he’ll be talking about it – or doing games on the trampoline about something related.

He’s gotten into PLANTS vs ZOMBIES GARDEN WARFARE too – and then only the bigger action games like CALL OF DUTY and has even started playing through TOMB RAIDER.    We recently got an XBoxOne, and so he’s enjoyed some action with STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT.

Suffice to say – he’s a gamer – and loves it !

Another great passion is HARRY POTTER.   Passion is probably not enough – it’s more of an obsession – LOL !

He can now recite sections of the movies – and has seen all EIGHT films a number of times through.   He has some great costumes, and makes wands out of sticks.

I sat and watched the last three movies with him recently, after much pestering, he’d actually seen them, but wanted ME to see them (with him).

For his birthday, he had a ‘Deathly Hallows’ theme – and opened a present with a necklace of the triangle symbol – and just said “oh, I love you” to Donna.   AND – he got an elder wand too !

Dressed up as Harry Potter – disco night, Halloween, ANY occasion !



Used a ‘temporary tattoo’ from SPECIALIZED as a lightning bolt – LOL !


With regard to other movies, he was very excited to go see “Jurassic World” with me (Dad), and sat on the edge of his seat for most of the movie.   We got to the end, and his ice cream had melted, he forgot to eat it !!

But – nothing was as great as taking him to see the new STAR WARS movie in December – we had a special Gold Class surprise, along with his friend Matt.   It was all a big secret – which made it even more amazing.

We went as the whole family not long after – but was a great “special treat” for him.



We had some good and bad times over 2015 – the worst of which was his Auntie Kath having cancer.   It was hard to tell the kids about her – I even had a pamphlet entitled “talking to kids about cancer”.

The simple message was (which was the truth) that “she’s had an operation, and now chemo for six months”.   Cameron was worried at first, mainly unsure of what it all meant – and his words of “I’m worried about you Dad, as she’s your sister, and I’d be worried if it was my brother”…    (that was amazing to hear).

We spoke to her lots, and the kids drew her letters & cards – and Kath sent photos from chemo, and we saw her a few times too.   In the end, he was OK with it all, but spoke with a counsellor, just to avoid any further upsetting times.

Otherwise, we had a great year as a family – including some camping trips, and a great getaway to Avoca, and hiking in The Grampians.

He loves it at Avoca – and asked if he might be able to take his kids there one day.   We have open fires, and dig + ride bikes – and just enjoy the peace & quiet.

Grubby but happy – making food parcels for the fire


Grampians – Cameron sprained his ankle, but kept going



Top of “The Pinnacles”



Back in Avoca – chess alfresco


Doing laps – Geronimo SwingDipper or Express – counting laps !


Ice cream with Dad (beer for Dad – after a day of digging)


A few months later – Christmas time in Avoca


Other trips + family outings/activities

Hanging Rock


Cold walk in Warburton – warm hugs from Mum


Thumbs up with Dad…


And – a peace symbol too…


Go-karting – excited, much !?!


Superhero day (Rowville)


New reading glasses, during 2015


Ice cream with Dad – after a bike ride


Ice cream with Charlie too !


Goofy Camo

We always end up with some wild/crazy pictures – when he’s not driving us loopy, he’s making us laugh – loads of fun !

And – this is only 1/2 the ones – and not forgetting the video clips – and some wacky SMS messages I get from time to time.

Say CHEESE !   With the penguins, at the penguins


Too cool for photos – crazy smile


Riding a seal at the zoo – WTF !?!


Goofy selfie – in the car (?)


Clapping along at the basketball (NBL)


Found this selfie on my iPhone – nice one !


Zombie ??    I dunno WHAT this is – LOL !


Looking ahead

It’s going to be a tough year I’m sure, with hormonal changes, and clashes with Mum, and brothers (and Dad !), but Cameron is on a good path – just testing the edges, and working it out.

We have all realised that he suffers from “the hangries” (hungry+angry) – and we need to make sure he’s well fed, or risk the wrath/angst…

He had a great birthday party – with his good friends Cooper, Matt and Emma – we took them indoor rock climbing (TunzaFun), and then home for MineCraft, and Pizza – that was his choice for a party !

Happy Birthday Cameron – we love you SO much – never forget that – we’ll help you get through this crazy time (together).

Love from Mum+Dad.    X

Family portraits


Such a cool dude


What an awesome little guy…   




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