Cameron has turned 9

It seems like we have ANOTHER birthday in our house every few months – this time, it’s Cameron’s turn to go +1…    

Amazing that he’s now NINE !

You can see Cameron’s previous blog posts : 8th, 7th, 6th, 5th, 4th, and 3rd birthdays (none for 1st or 2nd – doh !).

Cameron is an awesome little guy, determined and energetic – which often causes some clashes – mainly with his Mum – and often with his brothers.

But – at the core of his heart & soul, is a very thoughtful and caring “big boy” – he just wants to test the boundaries – and do what he wants (who doesn’t, eh ?)

He’s grown just over SIX centimetres this year…!


Last year (2013), he started off with Grade 2, he’s just recently started Grade 3.   We’ll have to start looking at high schools before long – eek…

His best friends at school are (still) Jett, Matthew, Liam (Ishy) – and Luke & Josh Smith.  

They had a great time at his recent 9th birthday party – playing MineCraft, and basketball – they’re all good kids – he’s got some great mates.

Official school photo


Dressed up for the school concert – Aussie Sports


One of the songs was “Up there Cazaly !”


Face painted, for the Father/Son evening – lots of cool games + jumping castle


Sleep over at school – in the grade 2 class room – cool !



Through the last year, Cameron has been involved in AusKick on Saturday mornings – and Karate on Tuesday and Thursday evenings – AND – plays Tennis on Sunday mornings, with his Grandpa coaching all the grandkids.


He’s actually ‘graduated’ from AusKick now – after a fun season in the ‘senior’ group – after three years, he also got his own (named) sports bag !

The other big (AMAZING) thing was getting to play *ON* the MCG – as part of a pre-game match. 

His group from Knox Gardens split into RED’s and BLACK’s – and had a game on the hallowed turf – proud Mum & Dad that day…

Cold mornings, but lovely blue skies – was great Father/Son time.


Charlie will get to start at AusKick this year (2014)


Liam has been doing AusKick too – this was ‘team jumper’ day


Finished up at AusKick – and has a “Cameron” bag – nice !


Geared up for playing on the ‘G


There he is !    Playing footy on the MCG !


And, with a greater interest in footy, we’ve been to see a few games – Cameron is a keen ‘Richmond Tigers’ supporter now !

Awesome view of the ground for a night match


Great to hang out with Dad – love the face stripes !


Richmond just scored a goal – screaming in delight – YEAH !!



Cameron has completed a number of gradings, and progressed to new coloured belts.   He was having a great time of the various movements and sequences – but has lost interest a little.

He’s actually completing the term – and will then finish up – and go off to try BASKETBALL for a change.  

A bit of a shame, but he might come back to Karate one day – he was just getting a bit bored with it I think, and would enjoy playing a ‘team’ sport, methinks.

With his favourite teacher, Sensei Lindal


Ready for action, another grading day



Cameron’s Grandpa is a professional tennis coach, and has been teaching Cameron, and his brothers and cousins – but it’s actually Donna who has been more involved in tennis – and Cameron just has a ‘hit’.  

He often wants to play on the playground with his cousins instead !

Grandpa says “this kid could be good at any sport !” (he’s biased, admittedly)…

Taken his class teddy bear Clyde for tennis lessons with Grandpa


Action shot, Cameron is getting pretty darn good


Video Games

Of course, Cameron STILL loves his video games – his obsession these days are in two flavours – MINECRAFT, and SKYLANDERS.

He plays MineCraft on the iPad, PC and XBox 360 – and would do so *ALL* day if we let him.   He often watches YouTube clips (StampyLongNose) – and then heads back to the couch with a new idea, or plan of something to create.

His recent birthday was a MineCraft themed party – including the cake – and lolly bags and so forth – nice work Donna !

His favourite Stampy Cat – made in MineCraft !


Playing another favourite – Plants vs Zombies


Some SkyLanders fun with Clyde



One of Cameron’s most enduring passions (STILL a favourite) is LEGO.  

He does some amazing creations – and there’s always the themes of NINJAGO and CHIMA at play – and there’s a whole bunch of TV shows now too.  

Charlie is the main CHIMA crazy dude – but Cameron loves NINJAGO.

An afternoon of Lego, including “CAM” for his bedroom door


Awesome house on stilts


Great space ship – symmetrical design – always the same left/right


Racing car, every super hero needs one, right !?


Making up the BIG plane he got for Christmas


Brothers in arms

Of course, Cameron has two brothers to play with – and fight with – and so on.

The three lads are (usually) good together – playing basketball, trampoline, or MineCraft – or Lego – but often doing their own thing.

Cameron is now in a bedroom on his own, and can have a place of his own – he’s been needing a space for himself – to play a game, or listen to music.

Charlie & Cameron have a great bond – I’m sure Charlie looks up to his BIG brother, and thinks “I wanna be just like Cameron”.

Cameron is definitely the ‘ring leader’ and the one to organise activities – often with a dose of ‘my way or the highway’ – ha ha !

Playing footy at the park


Playground after tennis


Liam’s birthday party – goofy fun with Charlie


Heading over to the MCG for the AusKick game (happy + proud Liam)


Cousins in arms ?

Cameron has a great bond with his cousin Millie – they’re always playing together, along with Micheal (similar age also).

When Cameron lost a tooth, his first reaction was “I have to tell Millie !”

We often swap kids for a sleep-over, so Cameron & Millie get to stay together, and have brekky together – as well as Liam/Jasmine.

Awesome face/reaction – Millie dresses up as a pirate (aaarrrr !)


Talking on the phone to Millie – lying on BOTH office chairs


Some people have asked if they’re brother & sister – you can see why !


Fun with Dad

I’m more than happy to take the kids out bike riding, Cameron has graduated to a big size BMX – and we’ve been out for a few bike path rides together.

Bike ride over to Jells Park


Happy bloke, out for some fun with Dad


Cafe for an ice cream – well deserved


Thumbs up for Dad !


Fiji !

We had an awesome family holiday to Fiji in late October.  

Cameron had a blast, with swimming in the pool every day – and jumping into the deep end – as well as some kayakking and bike riding.

Cameron was keen to take a kayak on his own, and copped a wave wash – and was knocked overboard !   It was low-tide, and he was able to just stand up – and he also had a life-jacket – but it gave Donna a big fright – and Cameron too !

Cameron and I found some hermit crabs on the beach – very cool little guys.

He loved the buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner – and would take off and go serve himself whichever he wanted.  

Hopefully we go back to Fiji one day – was a great holiday !

First day on the beach, and already looking relaxed….


Cool hair beads !


 Enjoying the buffet breakfast


Goofy face – what d’ya mean I can’t go swimming !??!    (LOL !)


Exhausted after a big day of action


Cameron had to get a passport to go to Fiji – nice pic !


Hospital trip !

Just after Christmas, Cameron had a free ride in an ambulance after falling out of a tree.  He’d been playing at his cousin Micheal’s house, climbing a tree, and a branch snapped – and he fell down.

He was dazed & confused, and was suspected of a concussion, so an ambulance was called, just in case. The ambo’s noticed that his pupils were dilated, and he couldn’t remember having dinner – or what had happened.

So – off to hospital for a check – and strapped into a board.   He was X-rayed, and checked by doctors, and kept for observation – and was all OK by midnight – and came home.

He was sore for a few days – and had to be kept quiet / rest – it was quite an adventure – for all concerned !

Hopefully, it’s the last hospital trip for him (but I’m not counting on that, just yet).


More fun

Cameron had a great time at NEW YEARS EVE – staying up to 12.30am – with a great party at home.  

He was pretty knackered the next day though !

Sparklers on New Years Eve


Tired monkey on 1st Jan, lazing on the couch with (hungover) Dad


And – always lots of goofy faces.  

Cameron has worked out that the iPhone can take photos even if it’s LOCKED.   We’ve had many MANY wierd face photos !   

And a recent video of his brother Liam doing a FART while kneeling on the bed.   Much laughter & giggles from all of the lads.

Ninja boy – amazing blue eyes


Out for coffee, and a pirate activity book – LOL !



Dear Cameron,

You’re growing into an amazing “big” boy – with some great friends – and doing amazing at school.  

We’re very proud of who you’ve become – and love to see your likes & dislikes – and the crazy sense of humour you have.

Thanks for making us laugh till it hurts – we love you, buddy !

Mum & Dad    x

Thumb up, good buddy !



8 thoughts on “Cameron has turned 9

  1. Grace Chen January 28, 2015 / 5:41 pm

    Cameron! I’m Fiona!I saw your picture on google when I typed ‘stampy bedroom’ for some reason there was a picture of you!

    • Grace Chen January 28, 2015 / 5:43 pm

      i used mum’s name

      • Grace Chen January 28, 2015 / 7:37 pm

        aaaa minecraft zombies skeletons spiders endermen

    • Chris O'Connor January 28, 2015 / 7:43 pm

      Thanks Fiona – Cameron said he’ll talk to you at school – hope you had a great holiday… (Cameron’s Dad)

  2. Grace Chen January 28, 2015 / 7:38 pm

    nearly got shot to death

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