Charlie’s trip to hospital – all OK now

Our little boy Charlie is 4 months now, and has been having lots of bad eczema & skin rashes.  We’ve been giving him antibotics to get it under control, and some glycerine cream on his skin. 

But, wasn’t really helping – and he was looking a bit red in the eyes at dinner time on Saturday (6pm).

Then he had an episode late Saturday night with an allergic reaction of some kind.

His face had all puffed up, could barely see out of his eyes – red and closed – and was rubbing his face lots – he looked like his face was sunburnt.

He started to have trouble breathing – sounding congested, and we were terrified that his throat was constricted – and THEN he did a big vomit. 

So – we called the ambulance, and explained what was happening.

Donna was freaking out; I was ‘stunned’ & frantically organised a bag to take.  

Paramedics arrived and checked him out – by then he’d started crying (good !), and was breathing better – his heart rate was OK, and temperature too. 

Even though he’d stabilised, they suggested taking him to hospital for some checks & observation (which we were only too keen to do – we wanted him to be OK !)

I stayed home, was close to 1am, and the other two boys were asleep.  Had a few SMS’es to Donna, and the news was that he was doing alright – and had even fed OK.

Was nearly 3 am by then, so I went to get some sleep, with the ‘morning shift’ only a few hours away.  

Cameron, Liam and I had brekky, and then down to the hospital, and was there with Donna when speaking to the paediatrician. 

They had the suspicion that it was the cream we’d been given that was causing the reaction – and wanted to put a small amount on his skin, and keep him there to observe.

So, the lads and I left to get lunch, and home for Liam to have a day sleep.  I needed some zzz’s too, so Cameron and I sat down to watch some old Top Gear, and I watched & snored.

Back to the hospital about 3pm, to pick up Donna and Charlie – they were discharged, and were waiting by the front entrance.

He was looking sooo much better – barely any red at all – and happy & smiling.  


We have a referral to an allergist, which Donna was thinking about doing even before this all occurred.

Time kinda stood still overnight – one of the scariest moments of my adult life – thank goodness all is OK.

..and I hope that we actually find out what caused it – and that it doesn’t happen again.

Thanks to all the well-wishes via FaceBook & Twitter – and a few phone calls too. 


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