XBMC + Office 2010 strangeness (?)

Unlike most other folk I know, I don’t have an XBox 360 – instead, I’m still loving my original black & chunky XBox. 

This is purely for XBox Media Centre (XBMC) – we watch all our TV shows & other media including pictures & MP3’s.

Works nicely with Windows 7 – I have a file share on my PC in the study – and the XBox (XBMC) has a config for the file share :


This connects using SAMBA, a fairly ancient file share protocol – one of the original and best.   Was essential for UNIX file shares, back in the early 90’s – which I did a fair bit of, before the Windows revolution.

Anyway – Windows 7 just accepts these user connections via “Windows File Sharing” – and all is well.  

Until – Office 2010….  What the ?

Wanting to check out the new features, I installed Office 2010 x64, and was loving the new Outlook, Word and Excel programs.

BUT – when I went to view a TV show from XBMC – it kept prompting me for login and password.  

There had been a power outage – so I re-booted my PC, router & all – to make sure all was OK.  Still no joy.

Checked cables, login accounts, passwords, cables – and via my laptop – and all seemed well.   *ggrrr*

In a “scratch-the-head” moment, I wondered about Office 2010 – uninstalled it & re-booted – and then XBMC could connect to the PC again…!   

Go figure !

I thought I’d prove it again – and installed Office 2010 once more – this time, choosing specific options. 

And – the XBMC setup was fine this time.   *shrug* 

Phew – mission accomplished – I was running out of ideas…

Sorry – but I can’t really remember what options I removed – we only use the home PC for Word, Excel and Outlook – and OneNote.

I ditched Access, InfoPath, SharePoint Workspace – and the DEV bits & pieces.  I’ve got my work laptop for those ones…

So – if you’re like me, and in the dark ages with a trusty on XBox 1, and having troubles with XBMC – might be an Office 2010 Beta issue…(?)

Or – could simply be the Curse Of The Wookie (COTW) at play.



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