Kitchen Reno’s – Before & After

It’s over 6 weeks since we’ve completed our big renovation – we had our kitchen gutted & renovated – and floors polished – life has returned to normal – ie. chaos/mess/crazy !

I’ve been hoping to show off some before & after photos of the reno – and have had a few people ASK me – so here goes.


The original kitchen had wooden cupboard doors which we re-painted, and a new dishwasher – and replaced the pantry shelves.   The house is from the 60’s or 70’s – we’ve been here for ~12 years now.  

With a growing family needing more storage and bench space – and wanting to create a ‘brekky bar’ – we had some plans drawn up – and arm-wrestled the bank manager for more $$ – and got it sorted out !

Top on the list was a new corner pantry – and to move the sliding door near the toilet to create some “space” – the old kitchen cooker was about 2m from the toilet.    Also – to remove the old lino – and get the floorboard polished.

I didn’t think to take any BEFORE photos until we started pulling up the lino – and yes, a lot of kitchen ‘mess’ (life, as we known it)…

Pantry, fridge, old doorway to hallway (brown cupboard)


Bench area, and kitchen sink + cooker


Old rear wall to the house – window box turned into a ‘bar’



We had ripped up the lino flooring, and emptied out the cupboards and pantry – and set up a temporary kitchen in the main living area for about a month.   We got by with microwave & slow cooker meals – and a trestle table for a bench. 

The main parts of the kitchen were gutted & re-fitted in about 6 days – and then another WEEK for the floorboards to be done – we had to move out of home to escape the fumes (polish).

Old kitchen gutted – removed benching, sink, appliances


Building work underway, new doorframe construction


Plastering and main building work completed (door moved)


New brekky bar ‘box’ – dropped the old frame down and re-boxed



We now have an amazing kitchen

  • Much more bench space
  • Awesome corner pantry with a door-switch light
  • Self closing doors/drawers
  • Massive big cutlery drawer
  • Large brekky bar
  • Double sink
  • New cupboards in the back family room
  • Newly polished floorboards
  • New oven, cooker and rangehood
  • Glass splashback
  • New powerpoints and downlights installed


Here’s a few pics of the new kitchen – it’s like a display home now !

Polished floor extends into laundry + huuuuge bench space


Corner wine rack + cook books, pantry, fridge + other kitchen storage


Corner pantry with roller door appliance shelves


BIG kitchen drawers for glasses, plates & bowls – double sink – and cooker & fancy rangehood


Back family room now has a kitchen ‘brekky bar’ (and new glass door shelves)


Floor boards polished all through, and downlights


Soooo much bench space – and great shelving – and double sink (!)


This kitchen reno’ has been a long time coming, with many plans & ideas for the last few years – and we finally got sorted out with design, colours and $$ – and now it’s DONE !

It’s become a regular part of life already – although I still go to open the wrong drawer – or put rubbish in the bin where it was before – I just have to ask Donna ‘where is it ?’    (LOL)

I joked that my first payslip (after the reno) contained a photo of a “kitchen” – but the truth is that it will take more than FEW of the same payslips to pay for this lot !

But – we’re very happy with it – especially Donna…


5 thoughts on “Kitchen Reno’s – Before & After

  1. Andrew August 16, 2012 / 8:14 am

    Looks awesome Mr & Mrs Wookie!

  2. CT August 21, 2012 / 7:59 pm

    looks great!

  3. Mrs Ali December 31, 2020 / 2:58 am

    Great.. Can you please give me the dimensions of your pantry? Looks great

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