Busy year so far

Wow – amazing to see that we’re already into July – I’ve been enjoying telling people “it’s less than six months till Christmas” – LOL !

Has been a little quiet on the blogging from me – so here’s a quick run-down of what the year has comprised of (for me) :


  • Summer time fun with kids
  • Last gasps of Christmas + Holiday fun
  • Australia Day BBQ (1 2)
  • Mt Buller Downhill MTB’ing (Chairlift)
  • Work – SharePoint 2010 migration + develop Async DVWP



  • SoundWave – full-day heavy metal festival (1 2 3)
  • Started AusKick w/ Cameron – and Liam !
  • BRW Triathalon
  • SharePoint Conference (Australia) – prepare presentation
  • Work – SharePoint charting + reporting (+ 3 years at OBS)
  • Tough deadlines + AUSPC = only just made it through March (!)
  • Started re-watching BREAKING BAD (from Season 1)


  • Lots of riding – training for big MTB race
  • Low-key celebrations for my birthday (40th !)
  • Wombat 100 MTB race – 100 km !
  • 511 km of riding for April – a new record
  • Liam – boots-off party
  • Cameron completed New Super Mario Bros (Wii) – PROUD !
  • Work – Silverlight PivotViewer webpart


  • Focus back on family, after work/riding – remember me ??!
  • Weekend away with Donna
  • 40th birthday party with friends
  • Donna & Sean’s birthday
  • Late night (OR) early morning watching MTB DH World Cup
  • Planning / preparing for new kitchen – ripping up flooring
  • Work – InfoPath + Nintex (Moorabbin)


  • New kitchen !
  • Ripping up flooring
  • Moved out of home for floorboards polishing
  • Painted hallway, toilet, laundry, kitchen
  • Charlie turned THREE !
  • Work – InfoPath + Nintex (Moorabbin)

*phew*     Amazing to sum up SIX months – in a few paragraphs.  

Top 5

Lots of other crazy stuff happened of course, but my personal highlights (top 5) were :

  • Kid’s birthday parties
  • Wombat100 Mountain Bike race
  • MachineHead
  • Presenting at the Australian SharePoint Conference
  • …and a new kitchen !

Winter Blues

I always tend to get a little ‘flat’ during winter – has been some tough times getting through the kitchen renovations, and I’m not as enthused about work/career (and SharePoint) over the last few months – and user group, blogging, conferences, etc seems like a bit of a chore.

I blame WDS (winter depression syndrome) – well, that’s what *I* call it.

But – acknowledging that I’m in a bit of ‘rut’ is half the battle – so it’s (hopefully) onward-and-upward for the rest of the year – with some better project work – and SharePoint 15 learnings ahead.

New Year’s Resolutions

As someone who doesn’t believe in resolutions, but have “goals” to do, one of them was to cycle 100km/week – and aim for 5,000 km for the year – and ride to work “once a week (on average)”.   

Currently at just over 2,000 km for the year – so a little behind.   And have ridden to work 24 times, in 27 weeks.   Again – a little behind (during winter).

Here’s the month-by-month (from Strava) :


Ahead for 2012

Hard to predict what might happen of course – the best laid plans of mice & men – and all that stuff…

  • SharePoint Saturday – have chosen to NOT present this time, after being a speaker for the last 3-4 years
  • Liam turning 5 !   (and preparing for school next year – what the !?)
  • TechEd ?   Have submitted a session
  • SharePoint 15 – lots of learning ahead – get fired up !
  • SharePoint Conference in Vegas – NOT going this year – slightly bummed about that.
  • Biking – entered for the Around The Bay 210 km !
  • Another MTB race event ?

Winter time has taken hold – so it’s good to look back on the year, and think about what’s to come.  

Mid-winter is a bit crappy – but only another month of it…

Hope YOUR year is progressing nicely – and you’re having a blast…   

Let’s do lunch/coffee !



** This is one of my fave pic’s from the year so far – Queen’s Birthday ride to The Dandenongs…

Drinking in pint-loads of cold & fresh forest air. WYMTM


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