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SharePoint is my main area of work (daytime) – and a lot of testing+play (nighttime).

My specialty is with regard to SharePoint “publishing” sites, but have worked on and implemented many other solutions covering document management, collaboration and workflow, portals, team sites and so forth.

As such, I’ve pieced together a huge variety of posts relating to this topic.  This blog (GrumpyWookie) used to be the place to go to find these, but I’ve since established a SharePoint-only site – without any mountain biking, kids, or heavy metal…


Hopefully you’ll find something useful – everything from code snippets & examples – to re-posts from Microsoft, or other blogs – as well as some free utility bits & pieces.

And – for more information about where I work – the best workplace in Melbourne – true !


13 Responses

  1. […] Chris O’Connor has released a great little utility (SafeControl Adder) that makes deploying web parts to SharePoint environments a little easier. […]

  2. […] Chris O’Connor has released a great little utility (SafeControl Adder) that makes deploying web parts to SharePoint environments a little easier. "…When deploying, the developer is required to “add to Safe Controls” – a bit of a tedious approach, with checking Global Assembly Cache (GAC) for PublicKeyToken, and manually modifying the [web.config] file. […]

  3. the download link doesn’t work???

  4. Sorry about that – have updated the link.

  5. Hi Chris,

    Are there any plans to release the source code for this utility?


    Daniel Brown

  6. […] herramienta para utilizar al momento de hacer el Deploy de componentes para SharePoint es SAFEControl Adder, la cual, afortunadamente es […]

  7. I have a question about Feature element manifests. Is there any information on Elements.xml schema. I’m not sure which tags are needed or what each one is for. Could you clarify on the structure of Elements.xml? Thanks.

  8. hi,

    Thank you to provide this tool.
    Can I obtain the source code of this tool to modify it for some other purpose.


  9. Hi,
    I’m getting a lot of “Page not found” errors when browsing your posts, for example:



  10. Many Thanks Chris,

    Interesting article thanks. I’m now off to look at the PortalSiteMapProvider to try and create a navigation view that meets my designers layout.


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