Sharepoint 2007 alerts – within Outlook 2007 / Exchange 2003

I’ve been having a problem with viewing “alerts” received from Sharepoint-2007 – with Outlook 2007 showing a blank preview pane, and a messagebox on double-click – simply stating “Cannot Open Item”.

It’s a Microsoft Exchange 2003 issue :

You have a mailbox on a server that is running Microsoft Exchange Server 2003.
You use Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 to send a notification message to the mailbox.
You try to open the SharePoint Server 2007 notification message in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007.
Outlook 2007 is running in Cached Exchange Mode.

In this scenario, you cannot open the notification message in Outlook 2007. 

There is a Microsoft hotfix – for Exchange Server 2003 >

You cannot open a SharePoint Server 2007 notification message in Outlook 2007 when your mailbox is on an Exchange 2003 server

Turning OFF “cached” mode for Exchange 2003 fixes the problem !    My laptop is configured for cached Exchange Mode – as the SDM Exchange Server is located in Adelaide (about 800 km away).

 There’s a great post from Kathy Hughes re: Cached Exchange Mode – which fixed my laptop, but made it run rather slow.  I think I’ll cope with the “cannot open item” message box – until the Exchange server hotfix has been applied.


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