Rebuilding my gadget treasure-trove

After last weeks woes re: technology, it was time to “lick-my-wounds” and re-commence some gadgetry, starting with (1) a new MP3 player !

After looking about at many on-line reviews, of various non-Apple “hard-drive” products, I decided on the Toshiba Gigabeat S30 – which is a 30GB Windows Media Center (Windows Mobile).

It only works with Windows-XP (and Vista of course) – but that’s OK with me.

Integration with Windows Media Player 11 on Vista was very easy – just plug-in, and click “sync”.

Plays video – good quality video – and lots of pictures, etc.   Haven’t had much chance to listen to much as yet – although this morning was great to be able to select “Metallica” – and then select SHUFFLE.   About 16 hours worth !

Next (2) the XBox is getting open-heart surgery, and a new hard drive.   Should be ready next weekend !


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