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Wookie Cubs

For those who know me personally, and my family, the “GrumpyWookie” website often has a bunch of web-posts with photos and stories about life, love and laughter.

And – in case you didn’t know – baby/infant Wookie’s are called “Wookie Cubs”.

Each of these posts has a “tag” – so you can click below to see all those pages – and won’t see anything about SharePoint, K2, or any other such computer jargon (!!)

Click to view posts about :

There are also some other pages & websites you might want to have a look at :

  • FaceBook \ chris.oc – My FaceBook page + photos
  • Top Gear Kid – FaceBook group about Cameron + his addiction to cars
  • YouTube – videos of Cameron + Liam
  • Flickr – recent photos of family, friends, holidays, etc
  • TwitPic – photos sent from mobile phone (and to Twitter)

Note to self – have to change/update photos – and have ONE website “only” !

Thanks for taking a look !



One Response

  1. hi again still looking for help tracing family tree regard
    tina gregory

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