Kuala Lumpur (Ignite Training)

This time last week, I was sitting at the airport in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – heading home from an intensive one week training course – covering SharePoint 2013 (Ignite Training).   There were approximately 65 people in the course, from many nations around Asia – and as far away as Romania and Turkey.

The course covered many (MANY) topics, which I’ll detail further on my SharePoint blog (www.sharepointroot.com).

I arrived in KL on the Sunday morning before the course – so I had a full day to do some sightseeing, and look around.

I’d actually been to KL once before, on my honeymoon – we’d stayed in Langkawi for 4 days (amazing 6-star resort !) – and then another 4 days in Penang (like the Gold Coast almost) – and 3 days in Kuala Lumpur.

So – I’d seen some of the sights – but still nice to have to time to explore.

To the hotel

I arrived about 6am on a Sunday morning – and quickly got through customs, grabbed my bag, and onto the KLIA Express train – which goes at 160 km/h into the city centre (KL Sentral).  I had to then get a taxi to the hotel – as the “Kommuter Train” wasn’t open until 8am.

Thankfully, I was able to check-in to my room at 7.30 am (!) – had been check-in time of 2pm – but they had a room available.   So – I had a quick shower, and grabbed a map – and walked out to see what I could find.

Explorer Bus

There was a hop-on / hop-off bus that meant I could see a lot of the city easily – was a ticket for only MR38.

My local currency is “ringgit” – pronounced RING-GIT.   It works out to be about 3-to-1 with Australian Dollars.   So – a tag of MR30 was about $10AUD.

I studied the map while waiting for the bus – and worked out a few spots to visit.   I was started at stop #4 – just near the convention centre.


There was a good commentary while the bus was underway – pointing out the houses & buildings around KL.   We rode through Bukit Bintang, and I noted to myself to come back another time (evenings).

I jumped off at ChinaTown (stop #8) – and thought I’d have a look around – and then wander over to Central Market. 

By now, it was 9.30am – and I’d been awake for 4-5 hours – it felt like lunchtime !

So – I grabbed some noodles – and a beer (LOL !) – it was hot & humid.    AMAZING dish of Char Kway Teow – and a beer for MR12 ($4 !)

ChinaTown Street


Busy Food Court – 9.30am noodles



After an awesome meal, I sat and ‘people watched’ for a few mins, and finished off my beer – and then headed out to see more of ChinaTown.

Being Sunday, lots of people were in+out of the temple – burning papers & incense – and lighting candles.   Amazing to see.

ChinaTown Temple – lots of incense & prayers



Central Market

I checked the bus map – and headed towards Central Market (+ Kasturi Walk) – figuring I’d jump on the next bus stop.

Markets are kinda interesting at first, but I’m not a big shopper – so I had a quick wander about, and kept going.



National Mosque

I was waiting at the bus stop (#9) – and was taking aaaages – I then realised I was close enough to jump across to the return section of the bus route (stop #16) – and check out the National Mosque.

This is an amazing building – I was lucky enough to make it there about 11.30 – tours to non-muslim’s are finished up at 12pm.

So – I dressed in a robe they provided, and removed my shoes, and had a look around.

Amazing architecture – hard to see from this photo


Outside the prayer room – non-muslims not allowed



Pillars of ‘bamboo’ – can hold 20,000 people or more



After a look around, I was waiting for the bus, and there was a street van selling drinks – so I grabbed a drink of KICKAPOO !   

It was actually a really nice citrus lemon/lime fizzy drink – great name – LOL !


Back to KLCC

From there, I just rode the bus back to the main shopping complex called Suria KLCC – this is at the base of the Petronas Towers – and amazing double tower skyscraper – truly remarkable architecture.

Lots more pics of Petrona Towers (to come)


Stopped for lunch at the Sushi Train


Suria KLCC – 6 floors – 500 shops



Back to the hotel

From there, I was pretty exhausted, and started to head back to the hotel for a breather – and to use Skype to call to Donna + the kids.

The room at the "Impiana KLCC” hotel was really nice – which was good, as it was home for a week.  


Bukit Kiara

I didn’t have time to rest up for too long (1.5 hours) – as I’d made some plans with a total stranger (!) to go Mountain Biking in the hills in a suburb of Kuala Lumpur.

I’d sent out about 4-5 emails to some websites I’d found, mentioning Mountain Biking in the area – and had a few back-and-forth emails from “Stan”.   He picked me up at the hotel at 4pm – and we went for a ride + dinner + beers.

My adventure ride in KL / Bukit Kiara will have to wait for another blog post – lots to tell.

Busy 15 hour day !

After getting back to the hotel around 9.30pm, I was pretty tired, and needed to get to bed – after an overnight flight, and a full day of sight-seeing – and mountain biking – and a full week of training ahead – phew !

Time for some zzzz’s – it didn’t take long to get to sleep.

** Next up – MTB’ing in KL…     And also some “evening tourist’ing”.


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