Let’s call a TRUCE !! (White Flag)

Have had some interesting back-and-forth tweet’s with some buddies today – mainly with regard to the following fact :

I have an iPhone – but – I diss the iPhone (a lot).

I champion the cause of the Windows Phone (Windows Mobile)

WHY !!?!


I’ve thought a fair bit about it – and there’s some merit to that comment (above).

To explain myself in some manner :

PC vs Mac

I’m a Microsoft person – as a developer/coder – it’s my bread-and-butter, and have been for ~15 years.    This means I have a deep love of all things “PC” (Windows) and not much knowledge or love of “MAC”.

This is only through usage, and hyperbole – I haven’t really used a Mac enough to know if I would like it or not.    

Visual Studio, SharePoint, SQL Server – all Microsoft products/platforms.

This has made me (some would say) a Microsoft FanBoi.


I have had a Windows Mobile device, which I really liked – I really did !       (~2008/2009)

This was a work-provided phone – until such time as I left the company.

And – I still remember seeing my first Apple iPhone – and being amazed – I wanted it !   (Tech Ed 2007)

When I changed jobs to OBS – I had to get a new phone – and so I got an iPhone 3GS (March 2009) – and soon fell in love with the apps, apps, apps !!

Confused Wookie (?)

With the iPhone, I was loving apps, games and the music player – all while being a little confounded by iTunes – and being a “Microsoft FanBoi”.

I was awarded a Microsoft MVP – and yet I still had an Apple iPhone…(!)

I’ve heard some Microsoft people refer to some of those devices as “FruitPhones” – Apple, Blackberry, etc.


And then – I got an Apple TV –  two of them !    I run XBMC as my media centre.  

I also have an XBox-360 – but the Apple TV is my media hub.

New Phone Dilemma

As a consumer, I’m one of those people who “gets a phone for two years and then renews the contract and gets a new handset”.

So – it’s a TWO-YEAR decision for me – or there abouts.     Yes – lots of people buy a new handset outright – I see that as a bit of a waste of $$ – each to their own choice.

About a year ago – I was up for renewal – and wanted a new iPhone 4S.

What about Windows Mobile 7 (at the time) ?!?     The first Nokia Windows phones were just coming out.   From my initial looks at these handsets – and Windows 8 on the way – and being a Microsoft FanBoi (for the most part) – I was interested…

BUT – this is the clincher – there was ONE app that wasn’t available at the time – and was the final tipper for me to go with the iPhone.

The killer app.   STRAVA.

As the time, I was doing more and more cycling, and didn’t yet have a GARMIN device – so I was recording my rides on my iPhone.

If I got a new Windows Phone – I couldn’t do that.

So – I bought an iPhone 4S.    

Contract renewal – two years, etc.

(and Santa ended up buying me a Garmin Edge 500 GPS – for Strava)

And now to here

The landscape right now is very confusing – and I find myself as a ‘swinging voter’.

My background/love of all things Microsoft – mixed in with some history & uncertainty about Windows Mobile – and the new platform, along with Windows 8 in the mix – and YES, the fact that I have an iPhone.

Part of me sees Apple as a monopoly (tall poppy style) – and wants to barrack for the underdog – Microsoft.

AND – there’s the tablet war too – I don’t have an iPad OR Surface – neither…

But – I really actually *DO* like my iPhone – my wife & kids find it easy to use – and I really LOVE the camera in it.   Barely ever use another camera actually.

What about the truce ?

So yes, I find myself LOL’ing about the new iOS 6.0 debacle, and some ‘underwhelm’ with the iPhone 5 – and the Apple Maps muck-ups.  

And – lots of tech-talk + nerd-chat – often for some iPhone bashing from time-to-time – and throw in a few barbs, to fire up some Twitter debate & hilarity.

I’m not a person that I needs/wants everything Apple – and hate everything Microsoft.   Far from it – I’m more aligned to Microsoft – but have an iPhone.

Confused yet ?    Me too !

What phone ?   What ever !!

To follow on from my Twitter thrashings about iPhones (lately) – I’m pledging to say “WHATEVER !!” with regard to phone wars – it’s all down to the consumer, in the end.

And – to be honest – for me, it’s really only an issue when I’m changing mobile phone contract – so it’s irrelevant for me to comment on devices – either good, bad or otherwise – as I’m not about to change regardless (phone contract/plan).

The good bit is the ‘debate’ – and the fact that we’re spoilt for choice now-a-days – iPhone 5 is a nice unit (Hardware) – and the new Nokia Lumia 920 looks great too (Windows Mobile).

Oh yes – and I haven’t even mentioned the Samsung Galaxy – which is a major player in the market – more so that the Microsoft devices.

In closing

Good luck to you – and your device choice – I hope it has the app’s you require, and you can make phone calls too.

I look forward to reading this post in a year or two from now – after I enter a NEW contract – and see which handset I have chosen at the time.



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