Happy 40th – pls. RT for the Wookie !

Today – is my birthday…    I was born on April 18, 1972.

So – I’ve just turned 40 – the big-4-0 – wow…!

As a special birthday ‘request’ – I’m calling out for some Twitter “fun”.

I’d love to get a “Happy Birthday” from as many Twitter people as possible – it would be amazing if it even gets to be a “Trending Topic”…??   

Is that too much to ask ??    (LOL !)

So – if you’re a Twitter’er – please tweet or re-tweet this. 

Happy 40th to @GrumpyWookie !!    #Wookie40th    Pls. RT this for him – it’s not wise to upset a wookie…   LOL !    http://bit.ly/Hwv4Ob

We’ll see how it goes – I’m hoping for a few MORE than the 30-40 people I already know on Twitter.

Maybe I’ll even collect a few ‘celebrity’ mentions – maybe ?!   

I’d love to try for some celebrity call-outs like these :

Anyway – get tweeting – and HAPPY BIRTHDAY – to me !!

….. if you’re not on Twitter – maybe just leave a comment below – thanks !


If you want to keep track of the tweets – click here – I’ll re-blog later and let you know what happened – or how many “Happy Birthdays” I got…


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