Marching on…

It’s Easter Sunday – and my head is spinning – no, not from the chocolate, but the fact that we’re into APRIL already – over 1/4 of the way through 2012.

The month of MARCH was a whirlwind for me – and I wanted to just capture a few highlights….>



Life in April has calmed down a little – I have even left my laptop at work a few times.

I’ve made time to play some XBox (!) – have finished off Call-Of-Duty : Black Ops, and just bought Modern-Warfare-3.    And re-watching Breaking Bad (season 1).

Later this month – I have another big race event – with the Wombat 100 MTB race – so I need to ‘up’ my riding – and get geared up for that – TWO weeks today !

Oh yes – and I’m turning 40 before then – eek…

Life is busy in my world – I wouldn’t have it any other way !

P.S.  I don’t get to update this blog very often – but there’s always lots happening on my Twitter and FaceBook pages – and of course, my riding profile on Strava – ha ha !



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