Dad – The Ride

Our kids can bring us large doses of frustration, anger and (sometimes) sleeplessness – but then – they go off and do something that just melts your heart.  

(Happy & proud “Dad story” ahead – feel free to skip…)

I’ve been getting more and more into cycling lately – either MTB’ing on a weekend – or a road ride to/from work – and I guess our kids have ‘noticed’.

I arrived home from work the other day – and Mr.6 had made a ‘drawing booklet’ – just two pieces of A4 paper, that Mum had folded and stapled – becoming an eight-page booklet.


Anyway – without being too much of a ‘gushy story’ – I thought I’d scan the pages – and post here on my blog. 

Just for myself – for future reference – and to say THANKS to my awesome little dude Cameron (and yes – I do like bike riding…)

NB.  He’s just learning to spell and write – so his Mum has ‘ticked’ his work, just like with his school work (teacher).


Front Cover :



Illustrated by Cameron O’Connor.  

The Ride.



The Ride.

Once upon a time, there was a person called Chris.



He was about to go on his bike but he heard something !!

** Hand to the ear – listening…     (LOL !)



It was his bike crackling.

** I don’t think this has ever happened – dunno where he got this from (!!)



He needed to oil his bike.

** He’s seen me do this, after a clean-off following MTB ride (using the Gerni)



But he wanted to go out but he needed….

** Sad Dad face !   (ha ha !)




to wash his bike.  So the whole outing ended.

** OH NO !!   You mean I didn’t get to go riding in the end ?!

Sad smile


Back Cover :



I’m sure this won’t be the LAST of Cameron’s ‘story books’ – he’s been hiding some pictures – and calling out “NOO DAD – DON’T LOOK !” as I walk in the room.

So – we’ll have to wait and see what he’s up to.

Hopefully – the ‘sequel’ will include an actual RIDE…! 


Thanks again Cameron – truly awesome.    x



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