40 X 40

I’ve just noticed that today’s date is 18th October – and that means it’s SIX months until I turn 40.   Wow !

When it comes to ‘age’, it’s interesting how people approach it.

Some people get a bit funny about their age : “I don’t want to get old” (about themselves) – or I’ve had other people joke “it’s all downhill from here”, and that “40 is mid-life, time for a crisis”…


I joked on FaceBook/Twitter that “I’m going to be 40, what have I done with my life !??!”

Well, I’m here to say that I’m actually looking forward to turning 40.

In fact, I’m thinking about the stuff I’ve done – and there’s another “Wow”.

And – rather than have a ‘bucket list’ of stuff that I’d like to do before I turn 40 (it’s too late for that ?!) – instead, I’m going to write up/blog about all the stuff I’ve done in 40 years.

Hence – the 40 X 40 list

I’ve added a bunch of topics – and I’ll (hopefully) blog over the next few months – and yes, the list will probably change.

This is mainly for *ME* – so I don’t really mind if you don’t read it or not – that’s entirely up to you, I guess…

Onward to 40…!


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