Time to ride !

Well, not right now – but I’m finding it’s hard to get the TIME to RIDE – lately.

Have had a few setbacks & time pressures over the last few weeks – and ‘broken body’ problems.   

I’d planned to ride in the Castlemaine Rocky Riders event – a 6 hour race, on my new MTB.   But – I somehow twisted my back, and couldn’t end up riding.   Very annoyed.

And – then was off to Gold Coast for a conference (Microsoft’s TechEd) – which I’d spent many, MANY hours preparing session material & demo’s.

So – finally got a ‘green light’ to go for a ride – and I get the FLU !    Faarrccck.

Anyhoo – last weekend was the first outing on my Specialized Camber Comp (MTB) – for the first time in over a month or more.

Destination : Lysterfield (again)

The trails at Lysty have been (ahem) screwed for quite sometime – with lots of rain & drainage problems originating from the deluge back in March 2011.   Some sections were un-rideable – and almost inaccessible.

There has been a lot of work there recently – via working bees – and thanks to World Trail (Glen Jacob’s crew) – to repair the damage.

I rode the main trail last weekend – and it’s the best it’s been for aaaaages.   Barely any mud or water – and dry & dusty – and getting slippery in parts.

Instead of my usual trail, I rode the 18km circuit in REVERSE – although technically I’ve always ridden it in reverse – and was now riding it correctly.

Wow – such a difference to the flow of the ride.   Some sections which I recall pumping & struggling up-hill were now flowing downhill sections, with awesome little step-downs and jumps over tree roots.

Similarly, the camber of corners was changed – it was like riding the trails for the very first time – even though I’d ridden it 20x or more.

Steed : Specialized Camber Comp

I’d cleaned up my bike in preparation for the Castlemaine ride – so was in need of some dirt action. 

After having a hardtail for so long, it’s great to have a 5 inch duallie “trail” bike – it’s probably more suited to flowing down sections – but it’s decent when climbing also – or maybe that’s just *ME* that needs some work.

I’ve found myself going a little bit too quickly a few times – but the bike is sooo composed – can’t fault it.

If anything – the brakes are getting a little “shudder’y” – but I think the first service + tune will refine this.

Another comment is that I used to finish a ride feeling ‘sore’ in the back – and/or muscles in the legs – but don’t get anymore.   Well, maybe I haven’t ridden far enough.

The weather is clearing up for more riding – spring is on the way – here’s some of my plans for the next few months :

  • Buxton trail – rode there a while ago – awesome flowing trail
  • Beaconsfield – don’t think I’ll make the RockHop 2011 this weekend – doh !
  • Castlemaine to Bendigo – Leanganook trail
  • Mt.Buller – try out the new StoneFly and Copperhead trails – yess !

And – closer to home – re-do the CommGames circuit – where I nearly hit a kangaroo – LOL !

No, I’m not neglecting my ROAD bike too – with a recent ride to Sassafras in The Dandenongs (up the 1/20) – and there’s the 100km Around The Bay – in October.

P.S.  If you’re not using STRAVA – you should !   It’s an awesome trail/map application – for iPhone or Garmin’s – although my iPhone failed to record anything on last weekend’s ride – dammit !

If you’re up for a ride – Lysterfield especially – let me know !



One thought on “Time to ride !

  1. So you are back on riding, nice, and the camber is still working nice, i’m definitely buying a camber, i was considering a giant anthem, but im sticking with specialized, it will be my 3rd specialized, i’m planning on signing up for my city’s race circuit next season, i wanna use the camber and/or my hardrock (very fine frame, being upgrading it and it turned out to be a very good bike, beyond entry level) depending on the track, cant wait for december to come, so i can use money from my yearly bonus to buy it… anyways, I’m glad you are back riding, thanks for the insigth on the bike… Here’s my brothers tumblr page, its about riding bikes in Ensenada, our town in northwest Mexico, likeafishdog.tumblr.com

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