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Around The Bay In A Day

With a ‘decent’ road bike, I’m now participating (competing ?) in the ATBIAD event.   A bunch of us from OBS are heading down to Sorrento, to ride 100km to Melbourne.

Some training days & up-skilling ahead – but I thought I’d start off the ‘fund-raising’.

THE SMITH FAMILY assist disadvantaged children – with a goal of being “life changing” – as opposed to just providing welfare.

They’re really delivering change – more than simply ‘welfare’.   They had been finding that kids grew up, and then had children of their own.  And – poverty & life challenges would repeat – for a second and even third generation of welfare recipients.

THE SMITH FAMILY shut down their organisation in the mid-90s to re-evaluate – and determined to deliver change – provide education and jobs to kids/teens and young adults – and they have begun to see the first bunch of ‘graduates’ – after 15+ years.

Please help this GREAT cause – it’s all for the kids (srsly !)



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