Winter Blues

As much as I enjoy blogging about the fun stuff in life, I thought I’d take a second to have a whinge-blog.  

Been feeling a little flat/miserable this week – probably attributed to :

Lost my SharePoint MVP.

  • Kinda knew that was to occurr – just haven’t done enough in the previous year
  • Despite some SharePoint Saturday prezzo’s, TechEd, SharePoint conference, MVP Summit, SharePointRoot blog – and running MOSSIG.
  • Some great people have been renewed and a few NEW people added to the ranks
  • I’m just a little bummed out by it, I guess

Working on-site for a few months

  • As much as I love the company I work for, sometimes you have to ‘go where you’re told’.  
  • At the moment, I’m onsite with one other person – about 30 km from ‘the office’. 
  • With a busy home life, the only people I get to see regularly (friends) are people I work with – and so I’m missing out some ‘fun’.

Kids are sick/tired

  • Enough said on that

Bad weather = no bike riding

  • Haven’t had time, motivation or weather to get out bike riding – and it’s not good
  • As much as a lot of people are probably getting sick of my constant “MTB this” – and “MTB that” – I kinda need to get out there from time to time.

Woe is me, eh ?    I’m a little pathetic, eh ?

Yep – if that’s the ONLY stuff that’s troubling me, I’ve got it easy…

OK – time for the self-pity and whinging to stop – gotta pull my finger out – and go get some exercise and fresh air – that will help I think.

Winter – gotta love it, eh….?


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