UCI MTB World Cup – add to Outlook

With 2011 underway, I’m already looking forward to the new Mountain Biking World Cup season – click here to see the official UCI calendar.

Will be a great season – with the usual suspects battling out :

  • Gee Atherton – defending World Cup winner
  • Sam Hill – current World Champion
  • Greg Minnaar – 2nd for the season to Gee Atherton by 2.47 seconds !
  • Brendan Fairclough
  • Steve Peat
  • Bryn Atkinson
  • Aaron Gwin
  • Sam Blenkinsop
  • Troy Brosnan – Aussie whiz kid, current junior world champion
  • Mick Hannah
  • …and many others…   

Not to forget Rachel Atherton – back from injury – and Dan Atherton, after nearly breaking his neck in a stunts jump in August/September 2010…

The events don’t start until April – with the first round in South Africa – home ground advantage to Greg Minnaar perhaps ??

Last year, I’d added each World Cup event to my “calendar” in Microsoft Outlook – and so I thought I’d do the same again this year.

If you want to add these to YOUR calendar – just click below – and choose “Open” (.ICS format)

Of course, there’s a bunch of pre-season training underway (no doubt) – with the European winter making for fun & games in the snow.

The Atherton’s are training in Los Angeles at the moment – with a trip to New Zealand after that – some of the best trails in the world – many of which are deserving of a World Cup round event – perhaps in 2012 ?


Speaking of training, I’m starting to get ready for my 1st ever Mountain Biking Cross Country event – one of my 2011 New Year’s plans.

The Nemesis Marathon Challenge is being held in Avoca, in April.

I’m planning to ride in the 45km event – with a goal of “under 4 hours”.   


** Training will include some rides to/from work – for endurance and cardio – as well as many more laps of my favourite Lysterfield Lake circuit.

Also – will be hitting up the Granite Trail at Lake Mountain for a try-out – as well as some biking in Seattle – when I visit America for the 2011 MVP Summit – w00t !



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