Yes–I’m still here !

Is this thing on ?   It’s been a while since a post – over two months.  Was a fairly ‘tough’ first half of the year – we’re all doing great now – a little exhausted perhaps ?

Plus – I think I was feeling a little flat (depressed ?) after such a big high from TechEd – and METALLICA !!   And, then I got sick with a cold/flu – and only just getting past all of that now.

Anyways, I thought it might be time to do a ‘wrap-up’.

  • Back in July, I went to see KARNIVOOL – amazing live band, one of my favourites – they sold out THREE nights at the Hi-Fi bar, not bad from a band from Perth.  Compare this to ‘SOULFLY’ who couldn’t even sell out the same venue.
  • Have been Mountain Biking a few times – my new favourite place to be is the Lysterfield Lake Park area – I know the trails fairly well now – some great ‘names’ of the trails – Blair Witch, Buckle Trail, etc
  • Speaking of MTB’ing, I was soooo excited to watch the final few rounds of the MTB World Cup.  I’ve really been into it this year – was an awesome match-up – but it was Gee Atherton who won over Greg Minaar in the end.   I watched the final round from 5am on my couch, streaming over the internet – and saw Gee Atherton win it by only 0.37 seconds !    (after 6 rounds of competition)
  • TechEd !!   Was a huuuge highlight to the year – some great learning & networking – I was involved in the ask-the-experts panel, and a prezzo, two exams, some morning breakfasts, user group chats – and the SharePint drinks night – phew !    You can read more here and here….
  • Trivia night – organised by a friend’s kindergarten as a fund-raiser, always good fun – and some silly games like air guitar, and tops-n-tails, etc.  We got a bunch of questions right, and a few wrong, and finished up about 4th or 5th – but had a great night.
  • Mark & Mandy’s 40th – probably our closest friends, who happen to be Donna’s brother & his wife – they worked their butt off to get organised, and had a few bands play, and some Karaoke (which I sang “New York, New York” – ha ha !)
  • Rock Climbing – took Cameron to his first indoor rock-climbing – which he just loved !   I couldn’t believe how confident he was scrambling up the wall, little harness and shoes, etc.   And he was even laughing when he ‘fell’ and swinging on the long rope.   I’ll have to take him again some time.
  • Work – have been bouncing about a bit lately, with lots of different projects and a little hard to keep track.  A day or two here-and-there, as opposed to a ‘big’ project.  But working more closely with some other new people, including a good friend of mine from Uni days – who I was able to help recruit for OBS – and now we’re working together !   LOL !
  • Work fun – I was roped into dressing up as a Gorilla and doing a song+dance for one of the finance girls at OBS, lots of laughs – she had a great birthday (I think !).   Also, we had a Karaoke night, which I had to leave early in the night (sick kids), but not before I grabbed the microphone to sing “Black Betty” – not very well, but some laughs, and got a few people up there to BEAT me…!
  • *** NO, I’m not normally doing Karaoke every weekend, it just worked out that way !   (40th + OBS funsters night)
  • Cold-n-flu – the tail-end of winter caught out the O’Connor’s in a bad way – I was off work ‘sick as a dog’ for a few days – worse I’ve had in years.   And then the kids all got sick on the same week/weekend – temperatures, sniffles, tears & cuddles.   We spent one weekend indoors the whole time, just waiting for the day to be over.   Was a tough week or so.
  • METALLICA !   I’m still buzzing from the high of seeing one of my all-time favourite bands.   They played a great set of old and new songs – rocked hard – and got the crowd going.  I’ve now seen them SEVEN times – and keen to see them again (in November !)    ** Will do a separate post about the concert – and some ticket-related nightmares still being worked out.
  • Played some XBox on a friend’s new 50 inch LCD TV – very jealous !
  • Haven’t got out to play squash for aaaages – but doing OK on the health kick/weight loss.  I’m actually down to the same weight as when I was at University – 20 years ago.  
  • Family – lots of fun with my three lads (and Donna !) – they’re all great – too many laughs to count – they made me feel sooo great on Father’s Day.   Love you all.   ❤
  • Mum & Dad’s birthday – and wedding anniversary – Mum turned 70, and we arranged for a whale-watching trip for their visit to Byron Bay – Dad’s birthday was soon after – as well as their 40th wedding anniversary !
  • Christmas – only 3 months to go, we’re gearing up for a visit from some family in Denmark – will be great to see the cousins playing together.   And great for them to have a uniquely Australian summer Christmas – instead of a white Christmas !

As well as all of that, there is a bunch of the ‘usual’ stuff happening – kid’s swimming (Liam has graduated to be on-his-own !), and normal household chores, shopping and all the rest that life brings.

Plans for next few months

  • Exam – There’s one exam that I “didn’t pass” at Tech Ed, time to pull up my socks and re-do that exam
  • SharePoint Saturday – I’ll be doing a presentation about the Client Object Model – more to follow on that – but suffice to say, better get ‘ready’ !
  • Spring – get out into the garden, MORE mountain biking, and out for some family walks, etc
  • House renovations – we’re getting the roof re-done, and we’ll then need to paint gutters + eaves
  • Seattle – book trip/flights for the MVP Summit in Feb 2011 (!!)

Hope all is well in your world – hopefully it won’t be as long till the next post…



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