I’m a SharePoint MVP !!

I received an email early on Friday morning (overnight) to notify me that I’d been awarded as a Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP).

This came as a bit of a surprise, not that I didn’t know that it might be coming – as Microsoft had emailed me to ask for home address, as part of the gathering of details for the review process.

I was more surprised and a little stunned – my initial reaction was “really ?  me ?!!?”    

I guess the Grumpy Wookie was being a Humble Wookie – I’ve never been one to blow-my-own-trumpet – and just go about my work, doing what I know and love.

As my wife said, they wouldn’t have given it to you, if they didn’t think you deserved it !

This is the blurb about MVP from the Microsoft site :

The MVP Award recognizes exceptional technical community leaders from around the world who voluntarily share their deep, real-world knowledge about Microsoft technologies with others.


When I reflect on it some more, it makes more sense (from the last year or so) :

  • Presented at SharePoint Saturday in Melbourne
  • Runner-up presenter of the year for MOSSIG (2009)
  • Board member for MOSSIG (local SharePoint user group)
  • Key organiser for the recent SharePoint Launch Party (over 500+ people attending – in 10 different venues across Australia/New Zealand).
  • Lots of blog posts, initially at Grumpy Wookie – and now a dedicated SharePoint site over at SharePointRoot.

I missed out on attending the recent SharePoint conference in Sydney – but made my presence known regardless – via Twitter.   One of first questions answering by Arpan Shah and the “ask the experts panel” was from my Twitter question.

The SharePoint community is one of the most vocal and “sharing” of any I’ve been a part of – and I look forward to working closely with other industry experts and MVP’s – including other new recruits Jeremy Thake (congrats !!) – and Elaine van Bergen (congrats too !)

As well as folk like Brian Farnhill and Alex Burton – who may have had a hand in nominating me in the first place – thanks ! 

And I have received many emails, tweets & FB updates from people offering congratulations and so forth – thanks to all that contacted me.

And, the MVP award for Elaine and I was mentioned on the OBS website too : Microsoft awards OBS employees MVP Status.

Last of all, I have to thank my amazing wife & kids – who made a big congratulations banner – and have always been a great support to me & my career – sometimes difficult to juggle family, house and career !


Grumpy Wookie MVP – love from Donna, Cameron, Liam + Charlie.


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