Family holiday to Noosa

This time last week, the kids were playing sand castles on the beach, after lots of sun cream, and went for a paddle/swim as well.  

Back in Melbourne, the cold & rain has made me (nearly) forget about it all !

Was a great family holiday – first time we’d gotten away for close to two years – first time on a plane for Liam and Charlie – the whole “travelling with kids” really *IS* as tough as they say.  


We did lots on the trip – here’s a few bits & pieces (more for MY recollections in the future) :

  • We stayed at the Islander Resort, in a three bedroom apartment just next to the pool – was two-storey, meaning we needed to keep little Charlie away from the stairs.  Kinda tough with him walking EVERYWHERE now.   [p.s. Chopper Reed was also staying at the same resort !! ]
  • Had a rainy first day, ended up playing “the stone game” in the underground carpark, to wear out the kids.   Two bits of A4 paper, and 10 hand-sized stones from the garden bed.   Get the kids to take ONE stone, run to the other end and put it on the paper – and run back for the next.   15-20 mins later = knackered children.
  • Went for some family bushwalks in the rainforest – to Noosa Heads (where river meets the ocean) – and Noosa Headland (Dolphin Cove).  Charlie was in the pram, and “Little Legs Liam” did amazingly well.   All three kids slept pretty well each night !
  • Went Mountain Biking in the rainforest from the top of Mt. Tinbeerwah, down through the bush to the Noosaville State school (more to follow on the MTB trip).     Google Maps only shows the ‘driving’ route – but we rode ‘through’ the bush.
  • Took the family back to the Mt. Tinbeerwah lookout – amazing views – could even see some of the tall buildings in Brisbane.
  • Went to Australia Zoo – lots of amazing animals.  Tigers, Elephants, Crocodiles, Snakes – and sooo many more.   Cameron even saw & said hello to Bindi Irwin !   Kids had a pony ride, and we held a 10-foot Burmese Python which weighed 18 kg.
  • Played tennis on the resort tennis courts – was hilarious fun with Cameron trying to hit the ball, and Liam as the ‘ball boy’.
  • River cruise along Noosa River, and [more] beach time near Hastings St, and coffee & cake – and out for dinner/brunch a bunch of times.
  • Met up with a friend of Donna’s for lunch & kid-fun at local Play Centre – good to see Sarah & kids (one of whom we hadn’t met yet !)
  • Swam at the ‘river beach’ on the shore of the Noosa river – amazingly clear & fresh water – could even see fish swimming only a few feet away.
  • Went to the Noosa River Festival – bands & food stalls – and face painting.
  • Back to the airport via Eumundi market – basically a ‘hippie market’ – amazing food (popcorn !!) – and great artsy jewellery & such.

Lots of fun with the family – seems like we were away for longer than 9 days – which is the sign of a good holiday I guess !    [ even though it had taken us 3-4 days to unwind & relax – getting there is NOT half the fun ! ]

** Had some nerd time as well, when I connected to the LiveMeeting for the SharePoint ANZ Launch Party – which was a great success from what I hear.   I’d been involved in much of the organising, but was away for the actual event.

Back to work yesterday – hard to get up and go in the morning, and leave the family behind – but (luckily) I really like my job, and the people I work with – so I was almost looking forward to getting back to it.

Speaking of that – time to go delve into some more SharePoint action…


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