SharePoint Launch Party (AUNZ)

If you’re using SharePoint, and you haven’t heard about SharePoint 2010, then you must have been living in a CAVE !


For those who do you know, you should also be aware that it’s finished – has gone RTM !  No longer BETA !    w00t !

Much of the “partner” community folk has access to install it via MSDN or TechNet, but it’s not ready for “customers” (as such).

There is an official launch party & release date – Thursday May 13th – with a virtual launch (webcast) from Redmond (Seattle).  

Unfortunately, this is at 4am Melbourne time.

So – the MOSSIG user group has spear-headed an Aussie & Kiwi launch party !

For folk in Melbourne – you can attend a user group session at Microsoft in FreshWater place, behind SouthBank.  Here’s a map of the location…

The same party will be happening simultaneously in (take a deep breath) : Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin and Perth !    *phew*

Each of these cities has a user group that has scheduled their regular meeting to be on the same night – this coming Thursday May 13th.

We’ll get to say hello to each city via webcam – and follow the party from New Zealand, to East Coast Australia – and then Central + West Coast.

Each city has an XBox 360 to give away !!    And a ticket to the SharePoint Conference in June – but you must RSVP to be in the running (and be there on the night).

And – there will be a Twitter tag application tracking the evening – click here to see more about it.   Thanks to @BrianFarnhill for the clever skills with SharePoint + Silverlight + Bing Maps – he’ll show the application and some other SharePoint 2010 bits & pieces via LiveMeeting – streamed live from Canberra.

The following website tells more about the event :

For the Melbourne attendee’s – there are to be FOUR session – each 15 minutes.   These sessions will cover Office, SharePoint, Project – and a bunch of other great information to get you going on your “2010 journey”.

It’s shaping up to be a great night – and there’s even commemorative stickers – in limited supply !    Grab one – and slap it on your laptop !

Hope you can make it – did I mention there’s free food too – and beer !


** After all THAT has been said, I’m not actually able to attend the launch party myself !  

After plans had been underway for a while, I suddenly realised that our family holiday had been booked for the same time !  

So – I’ll be kicking back in Noosa – and will (hopefully) dial-in for the Live Meeting – see you online !


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