It’s nice to be nice

A few weeks ago, I went along to the MachineHead concert in Melbourne – one of my favourite bands since 1994 or so – their first album BURN MY EYES was a masterpiece – and they have had 4-5 killer albums since.

This show was the last leg of a 3 year tour for THE BLACKENING – which some have hailed as “Album of the Decade” – a big call, it *IS* a incredible album.

Anyway, I went along to the concert on my own (for a change !) – and was wandering around in the “post-mosh” area after BLEEDING THROUGH had played – just before HATEBREED started.

I spotted something on the ground, and thought it was a battery from a mobile phone – but it was actually an iPod Shuffle (!) – like this (without headphones)

I picked it up, thinking it would be trashed and one step from destroyed – but after the concert, I plugged in into my car stereo – and it was working !  

Amazing – and testament to Apple – that it survived being pummelled by a moshpit at a metal show.

I thought I’d do the right thing – and put a message on the FaceBook page for the touring company – SoundWave touring.

I didn’t end up getting any replies – except for ONE – which was actually FROM the touring company – thanking me for my honesty.

AND – that they would like to send me an autographed MachineHead CD !   w00t !!


It’s just arrived today – and it’s actually the 3-disc special edition of the new MachineHead album – autographed by ALL FOUR band members :

  • Disc 2 – Rarities & B-Sides – including covers of Nirvana, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and even an Ice T song (“Colours”) !
  • Disc 3 – Live & music videos – 14 tracks in total


Awesome, eh ?  

So – there ya go – it’s nice to be nice,eh ?



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