SoundWave part II – Faith No More

This is a follow-on post from here (SoundWave 2010)

After an amazing 8-hour day at SoundWave, it was time to find a spot towards the fron of the main stage/s for Faith No More. 

The crowd was packing up and getting “full” – lots of people, and lots of drunk people – a few obnoxious and annoying guys & girls (was one girl in particular – PFOAD !)

I was pretty excited to see Faith No More – had first seen them back in 1990, on The Real Thing tour – at The Palace in Melbourne.  Was a tiny venue – around 1000 people, but it was packed.  I remember the support band was “The Cosmic Pyschos” – classic local band.

FNM didn’t start playing until 1.30 am !   It was a nightclub venue, but they were still rather “late” – much to the annoyance of the crowd on the floor. 

There was a curtain around the stage, and that ended up being ripped off the tracks by the guys in the front mosh pit, and it ended up hanging down over the sides of the stage.   Mike Patton wrapped himself up in the curtain and sang a few songs from inside the curtain – LOL !

I was on the balcony with my girlfriend, neither of us wanted to be squashed on the floor – and I was looking down at the mosh thinking "look at those crazy guys jumping everywhere” – was one of my first big over-18’s show – and I was a little nervous, and thought “you’ll never catch ME doing that !”   

Only a year or so later, I was standing on that same stage, and ran around the lead singer to stage-dive + crowd-surf (at a show for “L7”).

The next time I saw FNM was on the Angel Dust tour – at Monash Uni in Caulfield (1993) – on a double basketball court !   

It was like being in the video clip for Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” – I still have the hand-written (scribble) setlist from that show – I’ll have to dig around in the garage and find my setlists collection (scrap book).

I skipped their show in ~1996 – was the same night at HELMET played at The Metro.

Flash forward to today – 2010 – and Faith No More have reformed, and been touring the European summer festivals – there’s an awesome video from the Download Festival in UK (July 2009) – check the torrents and/or YouTube.

When I say ‘reformed’ – it’s not the original line-up (Mike Patton wasn’t even the original vocalist, if you want to get picky) – but it was the last touring line-up from when they finished up (about 1998).   And the same guys who recorded the “Album Of The Year” album.

It would’ve been amazing to see Jim Martin (guitar) in the band – but the usual suspects are still there :

  • Mike Patton – vocals
  • Bill Gould – bass
  • Roddy Bottum – keyboards
  • Jon Hudson – guitar
  • Mike Bordin – drums

The stage setup for FNM was great – with a big red velvet looking curtain around the stage.  Minimalist, but effective – very cool.

The band came on wearing suits and ties – like they were a wedding band or feature orchestra…!    Mike Patton was in a bright red shirt, pants & jacket – and hair slicked back.

They started the show with a cover – like they’ve done on other shows – but not “Re-united” like other shows – tonight they did a Crowded House song instead (“Don’t Dream It’s Over” !   

Looks like the only Australian show they did that for – being a Melbourne crowd – and Crowded House being a home town band…

Then, into a bunch of oldie & goodie songs – and a few more covers along the way – here’s the setlist from the show.

  • Don’t Dream It’s Over
  • From Out Of Nowhere
  • Don’t Dream It’s Over (Crowded House cover)
  • From Out of Nowhere
  • Land of Sunshine
  • Be Aggressive
  • Evidence
  • The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
  • Chinese Arithmetic
  • Last Cup of Sorrow
  • Cuckoo for Caca
  • Easy (The Commodores cover)
  • Ashes to Ashes
  • Midlife Crisis
  • I Started a Joke (Bee Gees cover)
  • Digging the Grave
  • King for a Day
  • Epic
  • Just a Man
  • This Town Ain’t Big Enough for Both of Us (Sparks cover)
  • We Care a Lot

Thanks to for the list of songs – check out the site for LOTS of setlists & concert info – awesome site !

I knew most of the songs – except for the “Sparks” song in the encore – and not so familiar with the Bee Gees song (are you really surprised at that ?!)

The crowd sang along to most songs – there was a good mix of the slower and hard/heavy songs – “Digging the Grave” and “Land Of Sunshine” were great.

And same for “Midlife Crisis” and “Evidence” – and “Epic” was a BIG crowd pleaser !

The encore was a little odd though – good to hear “We Care A Lot”, but didn’t know the other song.

… it woulda been awesome if they’d added something like “Surprise, You’re Dead !”

Aside from the great songs, FNM did something cool on stage to make it a little fun, by having a live stream feed to ChatRoulette.   This is one of those new internet phenomenon’s in which you connect via webcam to a totally random person, anywhere in the world.

FNM had a laptop set-up on stage, pointing out toward the crowd – so the view via webcam would’ve been similar to what the drummer saw – if you were looking from his “foot pedal” level.

They had the video of the ‘partner’ person on the main video screen, and was amazing to see the reaction of people’s face when they realised what they were witnessing !   Mike Patton would often lean into the camera, and got the crowd to wave and cheer.

They hit a few “questionable” webcams – would have fallen into in the ‘adult category’ – with some bloke effectively showing his ‘package’ to 20,000 people – ha ha !   

Was a bit of a gimmick for the the show, but damn cool – something fun and memorable anyway…

Back to the show – FNM are all such great muso’s – Billy Gould was belting his bass, he had a great mix/sound from on-stage, especially for an outdoor festival show.

And Mike Bordin’s dreadlocks flying around – although his goatee has a few grey hairs now – still an amazing drummer – everything from metal to jazz.

Mike Patton is a caged animal let-loose-on-stage – he had a mini-tantrum after walking out to check out the big screen showing the ChatRoulette stuff.  When walking back, his microphone cord got tangled, and he was yanking and pulling on it – and was then handed a new microphone that squealed with feedback – and he flung it at the roadie – which hit him in the back, as he was running & ducking for cover.

I admire his attitude in some respects, a perfectionist who wants to have everything working the way it should be – it certainly didn’t detract from his “performance” – if anything, it was a red flag to a bull – and he went even WILDER on stage.

He sung a few lines from Lady Gaga’s “Pokerface” – at the start of “Chinese Arithmetic” – and also sung the chorus to one song in Spanish – just for a laugh !

All-in-all – Faith No More were brilliant – I kinda regret NOT going to one of the side-shows at Festival Hall – but we saw a brilliant show – so, it’s not like I missed anything.

Certainly, I was very satisfied at the end-of-the-day & had lots of happy thoughts at the end of the night – even when wandering through the packed crowd, and queueing in the car park getting home !  

…but not quite like the post-euphoria-haze that I had after last year’s Nine Inch Nails headline slot – but that’s something else altogether !

Can read the 2009 SoundWave reviews here and here

Thanks Faith No More – and hope to see you back again – although I’m not counting on it.   

This was billed as “The Second Coming” tour – but (unfortunately) I reckon it’s the last time we’ll see them in Australia.



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