Nice comment

Was checking emails on my iPhone, and had a notification that there was a comment left on my Grumpy Wookie blog. 

The article was about installing Visual Studio 2008 on Windows 7 x64 – from over two years ago.

I get a few SPAM comments – or “that’s wrong” comments – but this was (by far) the nicest comment I’ve had in the 4-5 years I’ve been running the blog.

It is thoughtful, intelligent people like yourself that helps keep the PC world alive, cause without your article, I would have been in sh:t street, not knowing where to turn to.

Chris I would like to say thanks very much for being so thoughtful with sharing your experience/knowledge, it was so kind & thoughtful for you to do so.

Can I just finish by saying once again thanks, you’ve saved my life, (if you know what I mean) and all the best for the future especially if it is connected to the world of computing, and keep writing those concise articles, that’s what we all need.

So nice to know that a trouble *I* had – and blogged about – was also of use to other people…    Click here to read the whole comment.

Thanks Dominic – that’s made my day …!



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