The years of change – the “10” years

Each year, I’ve wanted to do a 10-year retrospective blog post, but that never eventuates – last year, I had plans of 1979, 1989 and 1999 – just to remember where I was in life, and more from a journal perspective for my kids over time.

With this year being 2010 – aka a “10” year – the retrospective look incorporates my biggest life-change years – new direction, new activities – entirely co-incidental.

Some of these tangents were just life ‘playing out’ – some happened entirely by surprise – or via environment (aka – the friends & people I was with).

1980 – aged 7, turned 8

– not 100% sure on the specifics – might have to check with my parents

– had returned from England – lived there for 6 months

– living at 33 Samada St, Notting Hill

– school – Monash Primary School – we could just walk there – up the street

– main activity – being a kid.

** ahead in this decade – off to high school, get a Commodore 64, discover “metal”

1990 – aged 17, turned 18

– big life change – completed high school – and began University

– 1st internet access, for email, telnet, FTP, news

– started driving (April) – and got my 1st car

– lots of bands, gigs, concerts

– new friends, new girlfriends, out to pubs, drinking, partying, etc

– main activity – being a teen

** ahead in this decade – 1st job, move to Cairns, travel to USA + Indonesia

2000 – aged 27, turned 28

– big life change – started new job, after 4 years at previous place

– massive (!) New Years Eve party to mark the new millennium

– went on a P&O cruise with some friends – awesome holiday

– with my new SLR camera (from P&O trip) – go to a photography course (Box Hill)

– met Donna, who was to become my wife & mother of my children (!)

– bought a house – moved in July 2000

– renovations, plastering, painting, gardening

– happy with my place in life, and had definitely found out “who I was”

– main activity – enjoying “who I had become”

** ahead in this decade – changed jobs (a few times), get married, have 3 kids


So, there you have it – some big life ‘tangents’ in each of the ‘10’ years.   Not sure what’s in store for 2010 – will have to wait and see.  

I’m tipping (hoping ?) there’s nothing that is significantly monumental – maybe we’ll consider moving house, but that’s as big as I can foresee.  

** Each of these “time zones” should probably be an entire blog post on their own – I’m not promising anything though – time will tell…!


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