First time at the movies

Today I took Cameron to see the re-released “double feature” 3D version of Toy Story AND Toy Story 2.   Donna will take him along to see Toy Story 3 in a few months from now.

Cameron & I had been over to Knox on Saturday arvo to grab tickets, he was super excited when he was heading off to bed, and woke up today with a happy grin.

He’s seen both movies a dozen times each (on DVD), but he’s never been to the cinema – we grabbed popcorn, and our 3D glasses – and grabbed our seat.  

He couldn’t get over the size of the screen – and the speakers along the wall.

Seeing a 3D movie for the first outing is kinda special I guess – I’m hoping it will be a lasting memory – the trip to the cinema has become fairly expensive these days – but it’s still one of the those simple pleasures in life.  

Big screen picture – and awesome sound – and now 3D for lots of films. I reckon it’s a fairly safe bet that lots (majority ?) of movies in a few years time will be 3D – there’s even talk of a re-do for the original Star Wars movie in 3D.

Thanks Cameron – was fun to share another “life first” today – glad you enjoyed it !


I can still remember my first outing to the cinema – and yes, it was STAR WARS – back in 1977.   I was petrified (shit-scared !) of Darth Vader !


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