Image Resize in Windows 7

Like most people, I have a swag of digital photos and images – with fairly LARGE file sizes – a bit too big to email “a few of them” for example.

My quick-snap Canon PowerShot S2 digital camera takes JPG files in 2592×1944 size (~2 MB file size) – and my Canon EOS 450D has even larger file size – 4272×2848, about ~4MB file size.

When needing to email photos, or load onto my blog, I’ve often done the following :

  • Right-click within Windows Explorer
  • Open With > Paint (PaintBrush)
  • Click Resize
  • Enter 25 as the percentage (1/4 size scale)
  • File > Save As – choose new file name.
  • …. Rinse, Repeat with the next photo/s

Last night, I was needing to do this for ~12 photos – and thought “hey self, there must be an easier way”.

Yes – with Windows XP, there was a very cool “PowerToy” that added a context menu to Windows Explorer.

Image ResizerThis PowerToy enables you to resize one or many image files with a right-click.

BUT – this doesn’t work in Windows 7 – get the “this is not a compatible program” shown when installing.

So, what to do ??    Codeplex to the rescue…!

Image Resizer Powertoy Clone for Windows

This is a clone of the Image Resizer Powertoy for Windows XP — a PowerToy that allows you to right-click on one or more image files in Windows Explorer to resize them.

There is an x64 version for WIndows 7 – only 352K – quick install, and gave it a try.

So – let’s try the same as before, using the new ‘PowerToy’ :

  • Right-click within Windows Explorer
  • Click Resize Pictures


  • Pick the size of the destination picture – Small, Medium, Large, etc


  • Click OK
  • That’s it !     (it saves your choice from last time)

The file is created, and named with a suffix :

  • IMG_2857.JPG –> IMG_2857 (Medium).JPG

That’s great !   Just what I’ve been looking for.

And I checked the clicks – was 12 clicks for the “old” way – and had to type in the “percentage” – and enter a file name to save it.  

The “new” way is only 3 clicks – and zero typing !

**  There’s a 32-bit AND 64-bit version – and can download the Source Code too !

CodePlex FTW !!



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