Saturday in town

Had a great time with the family on the weekend with a big outing to “the city” – always exciting for the lads to go on the train…!

We trained in from Glen Waverley to Flinders St, with the kids staring out the window of course !


Next up, we loaded the pram for a walk over to ChinaTown – for Yum Cha.   Was fairly quiet about, lots of places still closed from the Christmas break. 

But – we ended up as one of TWO tables – in a nice place (Mao’s Cafe ?) with a very chatty restaurateur.

We asked if he could take a photo – and he proceeded to talk about TEN – from different angles – LOL !


We wandered up to the Melbourne Museum – which was nice and cool inside (34 or so outside !)   Was only $8 per adult – good value – and kids were free too.

Some highlights :

  • Dinosaur room – kids loved *roar*ing to the big dinosaurs – still amazes me how big they really were…
  • Arts & Crafts room – free activity for the kids – making a mask


  • “The Deep” – interesting to see the weird bulbous eyed fish, and strange sea creatures.   The deepest part of the ocean is 11 km down – deeper than Everest is high !
  • Bugs room – the huge Goliath Tarantula (bird-eating spider) was damn cool (and ALIVE !) – check out the VIDEO
  • Amazing display of so many types of moths & butterflies, scorpions and different bees & beetles.  


We probably only saw about 1/3 of the place – kids were knackered so we stopped for an Ice Cream (!)


Headed home again after that – was a nice way to spend the day with family, and some in-laws as well.   Thanks Donna, and Cameron, Liam & Charlie !    (Little Mr.0 barely made a peep !)

Cameron is already talking about going BACK to the Dinosaur Museum – I think it was a hit !


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