Windows 2008 R2 – configure Wireless (WiFi)

When installing Windows Server 2008 R2 on a laptop, it’s often useful to make use of the Wireless networking – usually quickly picked up by Windows 7 – but needing some config to get it working for Windows Server 2008.

It makes sense I guess, you wouldn’t normally have a SERVER that requires a wireless connection – hence, it’s OFF by default.

Wireless LAN Service

To kick-start the WiFi in Windows Server 2008, just follow these steps :

  • Open the Features list
  • Scroll to the bottom, and choose Wireless LAN Service

 wireless lan

After this has been installed, you (may) also need to start the service :

  • Open Administrative Tools > Services
  • Location the WLAN AutoConfig service
  • Make sure it’s set to automatically start
  • ….and start it up, if not already running

 wireless lan2

You should then be able to add a Windows Network connection, and you’ll be online in no time.  

This is essential for grabbing updates, and some web surfing – although there are always a multitude of prompts & message boxes – sometimes can be a hassle.

That’s it – too easy, eh ?!?



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